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The Dancing Bandit  - Criminal nickname of Laurie Bey (Marlee Matlin), a self-proclaimed modern day Robin Hood with a hearing disability seen on the drama PICKET FENCES/CBS/1992-95.

Marlee Matlin as Laurie Bey, the Dancing Bandit - PICKET FENCES

Outraged at the government's pork barrel spending, Laurie went on a four-year crime spree robbing banks and redistributing the funds to people who really needed them-in one case, victims of a flood disaster.

Bold in her endeavors, she ended each of her capers with a little dance performance in an attempt to humanize her deed and create a positive folklore in case she was arrested.

On the March 3, 1995 episode, Laurie was captured and put on trial. She so endeared the jury that they delivered a verdict of "not" guilty at which the judge outraged at their "putrid" decision-based on sentiment rather than fact-gave Laurie Bey 3000 hours of community service. She was later elected Mayor of Rome, Wisconsin.

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