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Dancin' HomerDancin' Homer -Nickname of Homer Simpson, a 239-pound nuclear power plant inspector on the cartoon sitcom THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1990+ used in episode #28 "Dancin' Homer" that aired   November 13, 1993.

To lend support to the local baseball team, The Isotopes, (a.k.a. "the Topes") Homer donned a cape and costume to become "Dancin' Homer," the team mascot.

Performing to the music of `Baby Elephant Walk', Homer got the crowd to do the 'Wave' and danced about the ball field (doing the Moon walk among others moves). All the while he urged the team and its fans onto victory.

Homer's on field antics earned him a job in the big leagues filling in for the Capital City Goofball a couple innings a night. And so he packed up his family and left Springfield.

When Homer got to Capital City, the following dialog occurred:

Goof: What exactly do you have planned for us?
Homer: Well, I get up and dance, and I spell out the name of the city, all to the tune of `Baby Elephant Walk'.
Goof: Ah, Mancini. The mascot's best friend.

Unfortunately, Homer bombed in Capital City and returned to Springfield. As he told his tale of woe to his buddies at Moe's tavern, Homer pondered, "I wonder why stories of degradation and humiliation make you more popular.'' Moe the bartender answers, "I dunno. They just do.''

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