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In the 1990s, I went to a Sci-Fi Convention and I happened to meet a TV personality from one of my favorite shows. But, the encounter was bitter sweet. Although it was great seeing a celebrity in person, the ravages of age on his face and body were very apparent. You see, every time I saw him on my favorite show he was young and agile and full of wit.

That brief encounter at the Sci-Fi Convention so many years ago, boldly enlightened me to the difference between real-life and fantasy-life. And, as much as I wanted to deny it, I realized that for us mere mortals, death is inevitable, but for TV stars, they are rewarded with immortality of a sort. They get to stay as they were, fixed into a time and place where they can never grow old and where they stay young forever.

The following web pages provide a summary list of the many late actors, actresses and other notable Hollywood celebrities who contributed to the TV industry over the years.

Each entry contains the person's name, death date, a "Remembered For" entry and the cause of their death. See also "Suicide"

Marshall: Wh-wh-what do you mean wh-when you say - 'dead'?
Jose: I mean 'offed'
Dash X: 'snuffed'
Jose: 'kicked the bucket'
Dash X: 'pushing up daisies'
Jose: 'bought the farm'

Dash X:

Did I mention 'rigor mortis'?  [chuckle]

  --  Eerie Indiana



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