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Celebrity DeathmatchCelebrity Deathmatch - In 1998m the MTV cable channel carried on the mayhem visited upon Mr. Bill, a beset upon clay puppet from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with its animated series CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH/MTV/1998-2002 (first seen on Super Bowl Sunday).

The program featured Claymation figures of famous celebrities battling it out to the death in a sports arena (Hanson vs. The Spice Girls; gothic rocker Marilyn Manson vs. accused murderer Charles Manson; and BAYWATCH's Pamela Anderson vs. cross-dresser RuPaul).

The Announcers Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond offered commentary and play-by-play coverage. Mills Lane presided over the Celebrity Deathmatch Ring as referee.

In a TV Guide interview (8/15/1998 p.3) Mr. Bill mentioned he would be willing to battle The Pillsbury Dough Boy if asked to fight in the Deathmatch.

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