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Jenny JonesJenny Jones Talk Show Murder - The March 6, 1995 segment of THE JENNY JONES SHOW featured the topic "revealing same-sex secret crushes." One of the guests on the program, namely Jonathan Schmitz, was told that he was going to be introduced to someone who had a crush on him (Schmitz expected a woman). When Schmitz discovered that the person in question was actually a male homosexual named Scott B. Amedure, he reportedly was extremely embarrassed for being publicly humiliated on nationwide television.

After the taping, Schmitz received an anonymous love letter and on March 9, 1995 he traveled Amedure's home and shot him twice in the chest with a shotgun. Schmitz then called a 911 dispatcher and confessed his actions to the police.

Schmitz was later charged with first degree murder and THE JENNY JONES SHOW became the focus of all sorts of allegations concerning the murder and the way the program participants were allegedly mislead and "set up."

At the November, 1996 trial, (Michigan v. Schmitz) defense attorneys claimed that Schmitz snapped under the pressure of public embarrassment and because of mental illness ("diminished capacity") due to complications from depression, and a thyroid problem linked to Grave's disease.

Schmitz was convicted of second degree murder but the charge was overturned due to jury selection technicality and scheduled for retrial.

In March of 1999, the family of Scott Amedure brought civil suit against THE JENNY JONES SHOW for $50 million damages believing the show was responsible for igniting the spark which caused Schmitz deadly outburst.

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