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OH MY GOD! They killed Kenny!South Park's Kenny - The animated cartoon SOUTH PARK/COM/1997+ featured the adventures of four foul-mouthed third graders (Kyle Broslofski, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick) who attended South Park Elementary School. Kenny is the little boy in an orange parka and hood who mumbles under the cover of his winter clothes.

Unfortunately, during nearly every episode, the viewers hear the catchphrase "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" accompanied by "You Bastards!" Kenny officially dies on episode No. 71 "Kenny Dies" (12/05/2001) when he dies of a terminal illness.

On Episode No. 91 "A Ladder to Heaven" (11/06/2002) Kenny's friends find out that his parent's cremated him and placed his ashes in an urn. The boys sneak into their house, steal the urn, and dump out the ashes while looking for a winning ticket stub that Kenny was holding for them. Then thinking the ashes in the urn are really powdered chocolate, Cartman mixes the remains with milk and drinks Kenny. "OH MY GOD! He drank Kenny!" The ashes were replaced with kitty litter. Despite his official death, Kenny returned to the show later in the series.

TRIVIA NOTE: When asked why they keep killing off this little kid, the series co-creator Matt Stone remarked "We just like to kill him....And we really like the line 'Oh, my God, they killed Kenny!'" To make Kenny's blood for his death scenes, animators use an ink dot from a Sharpie red marker that they scan into the computer. The killing theme in the cartoon stems from a film short made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone at the University of Colorado at Boulder about four little boys trying to stop a snowman on a killing spree. This later inspired their The Spirit of Christmas cartoon short which spawned the SOUTH PARK craze.

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