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Witness to the Execution - The Made-for TV movie Witness to the Execution (1994) spoofed the media and its audience addiction to blood and vengeance.

Witness to the Execution starring Tim Daly

The movie starred Sean Young as an ambitious TV executive who proposes the first ever TV execution. Tim Daly appeared as the unlucky convicted criminal who gets fried in an electric chair to the soulful strains of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) attacked the film saying "too much murder, too much mayhem, too much violence."

TRIVIA NOTE: Probably the tackiest contest ever held on television occurred in 1978 when the syndicated satire AMERICA 2-NIGHT program sponsored the contest called "I would like to throw the switch because...contest."

Barth Gimble (Martin Hull), the host of this late night talk show debacle urged the viewing residents of the fictional town of Alta Coma to become involved in the festivities of "Electrocution Night '78," a local happening where a convict was to be executed "live" on stage. Oh boy, pass the popcorn!

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