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Suicide - TV Actors
Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Adams, Nick 02/07/1968 The Rebel   Overdose of  paraldehyde and promazine
Bergman, Mary Kay 11/11/1999 South Park (Female voices - Stan's, Kenny's, & Cartman's Mothers, Wendy Testaburger, Mayor McDaniels, Ms. Crabtree, Principal Victoria, Stan's sister Shelly & Nurse Gollum). Fairly OddParents (Original voice of Timmy Turner) Gunshot to head
Benet, Brenda 08/07/1982 Days of Our Lives .38 caliber gun in the mouth
Brandis, Jonathan 11/12/2003 SeaQuest Hanged (Depressed over a failed relationship)
Combs, Ray 06/02/1996 Family Feud Hanged himself at Glendale Adventist Hospital
Cornelius, Don 02/01/2012 Soul Train (Host) Self-inflicted gunshot. Suffers from Dementia
Duel, Peter 12/31/1971  Alias Smith & Jones  .38 Caliber
To the Head
Dunn, Michael 08/29/1973 The Wild Wild West Dwarfism / Suicide(?)
Flanders, Ed 02/22/1986 St. Elsewhere Gunshot
Garroway, Dave 07/21/1982 The Today Show  Shotgun to Head
Gilden, Michael 12/05/2006 NCIS, Charmed, CSI and Family Law Suicide by Hanging
Hall, Jon 12/13/1979 Ramar of the Jungle Gunshot (had bladder cancer)
Hamer, Rusty 01/18/1990 Make Room for Daddy  Gunshot
.357 Magnum
Hendrickson, Paul 07/09/2006 As the World Turns Gunshot to Head
Jason, Rick 10/16/2000 Combat! Suicide (Soon after publishing his book "Scrapbooks of My Mind: A Hollywood Autobiography" in July of that year)
Jeni, Richard
03/10/2007 Stand-up Comedian
Platypus Man
Gunshot to Head)
Keith, Brian 06/24/1997 Family Affair  Gunshot (had Emphysema)
Koenig, Andrew 02/??/2010 Growing Pains ("Boner") Suicide (Found in a Vancouver Park)
Loeb, Philip 09/01/1955 The Goldbergs  Suicide (Blacklisted during Communist scare in the 1950s)
O'Connor, Hugh 03/28/1995  In the Heat of the Night  Gunshot to head (Cocaine Psychosis)
Prinze, Freddie 01/29/1977 Chico and the Man  Gunshot to Head
Rappaport, David 05/02/1990 The Wizard Gunshot
Reeves, George 06/16/1959  Adventures of Superman Suicide (?)
.30 Luger to Head
Rocket, Charles 10/07/2005 Saturday Night Live Cut Throat
Salmi, Albert 04/23/1990 TV Character Actor Gunshot (Murder-suicide with wife, Roberta)
Sanders, George 04/25/1972  Batman (Mr. Freeze) Suicide in Spain (Barbiturate overdose - bored with his life)
Slezak, Walter 04/21/1983   Sunday Mystery Hour  Suicide
Stevens, Inger 04/30/1970 The Farmer's Daughter Overdose of Tedral
Strickland, David 03/22/1999 Suddenly Susan  Hanged
Tong, Sammee 10/27/1964 Bachelor Father  Gunshot (Gambler, heavily into debt)
Villechaize, Herve 09/04/1993  Fantasy Island  (Tattoo) Gunshot
Weaver, Doodles 01/17/1983 Club Oasis  &
Doodles Weaver 
Webb, Richard 06/10/1993 Captain Midnight Suicide (Had respiratory illness)
Winona, Kim 06/1978 Brave Eagle (played Morning Star) Suicide (Gun shot to head)
Young, Gig 10/19/1978   Gibbsville & The Rogues    Killed his wife then committed suicide

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