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BewitchedWitch Diseases - On the occult situation comedy BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72 witch doctor Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox) tended to the medical needs of a beautiful blonde witch called Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) who suffered a variety of strange illnesses. Whenever Sam needed help, she cried "Calling Dr. Bombay, Calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency! Emergency! Come Right Away!" or just "Paging Dr. Bombay, Paging Dr. Bombay." Here is a list of some of Sam's maladies:
  • Episode No. 158 "Samantha the Bard" (1-30-69) Sam finds herself speaking in rhyme from a disease called Primary Vocabularyitis (not to be confused with Venetian Verbal Virus or Secondary Vocabularyitis). As she said "I hate to burst your bubble, but I think I am in trouble."
  • Episode No. 186 "Samantha's Lost Weekend" (1-8-70) Sam contracts the witch-disease Voracious Ravenousitis when she can't stop eating because she drank a glass of enchanted milk hexed by Esmeralda.
  •  Episode No.42 "Take Two Aspirin and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk" (10-21-65) Samantha gets Square Green Spots Disease caused by touching a black Peruvian rose;
  • Episode No. 221 "Mixed Doubles" (3-4-71) Metaphysical Molecular Disturbance caused by dream inversion as Samantha finds herself in bed with her husband's boss because she thinks he is her husband
  • Episode No. 244 "Samantha Is Earthbound" (1-15-72) Gravititis Inflammitis causes Sam to weigh 518 pounds (her cure backfires and makes her lighter than air)
  • Episode No. 253 (Remake of No. 42) "Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse" (3-18-72) Sam breaks out with bright red stripes criss-crossing her face after she swallows an exotic drink at a Chinese Restaurant. She is cured with the tail feather of a Dodo bird.

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