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Fang 'Agent K-13'Fang - Lethargic, mangy dog on the spy spoof GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70. Fang worked for the spy organization CONTROL. His code names was K-13; his under cover name was Morris. Fang frequently helped bumbling secret agent, Maxwell Smart (Don Adams). When Fang retired, the Chief of Control (Ed Platt) assigned him to burying evidence.

The dog who played Fang was eventually written out of the show because of his inability to take commands. Consequently, the dog's undisciplined behavior caused the director to do multiple takes and run up the cost of each production.

Barbara Feldon who played Agent 99 on the series related a small anecdote about Fang in the book "The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart" by Donna McCrowan:

"I was in a rowboat, and he had to untie my bonds. At first he (Fang) wouldn't jump into the boat, and he wouldn't do what he as supposed to do with the ropes. Finally, someone had to stand off camera and throw Fang into the boat. But still he wouldn't go for my wrists, not until we put meat between them, This time we couldn't keep Fang off camera long enough. And then, he didn't stop at nibbling the meat from my wrists. He began to search me. He was thinking, 'You never know where else there might be meat. So I had to fend off Fang."

"Red" the dog who played the role of Fang was owned by Rudd and Frank Weatherwax (of The Studio Dog Training School) but trained by their brother Bill Weatherwax.

Red also played the role of Jasper in the TV series BACHELOR FATHER replacing the older dog, Tramp, who first played the role of Jasper. Red's breed has been reported to be part briard as well as a Labradoodle (a cross between a Labrador and a poodle).

Fang appeared with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon on the front cover of TV Guide (August 27, 1966).

Fang with The Chief
Agent K-13 ("Fang") with the Chief

TRIVIA NOTE: Fang was also the name of the basset hound of police detective Lt. Columbo on the police drama COLUMBO/NBC/ABC/1971-91.

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