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Courage - Loyal but timid cartoon canine featured on the animated series COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG/CAR/1999-2002.  Abandoned as a puppy, Coward (Marty Grabstein) now lives in Nowhere, Kansas with his adopted owners Muriel Bagg, a kindly elderly Scottish woman (Thea White) and her retired bickering farmer husband, Eustace (Lionel Wilson).

While Muriel, who likes to watch television from the comfort of her rocking chair, adores Courage, her constantly hungry husband Eustace who sits in his favorite red chair, dislikes the family dog and but likes to frighten the perpetually nervous Courage by wearing a giant green mask and screaming, "Ooga! Booga! Booga!" Muriel defends her little pup, however, by cracking Eustace over the head with a rolling pin every time he upsets Courage (to which Eustace replies, "What did I do?" ).

Although their Kansas community is located in the middle of "nowhere," Courage and his clan are constantly threatened by an assortment of aliens, monsters and ghosts. And each time, Courage always finds the needed courage to defend his homestead from the unwanted paranormal forces.

Their most common enemies included Katz, a smooth talking cat; LeQuack, a French criminal mastermind duck; Snowman, an animated pile of snow; and an alien called The Chicken from Other Space.

Other villains to appear include The Banana, a black market racketeering piece of fruit; Cajun Fox who like to eat old ladies; Doctor Gerbil who experiments with humans; Doctor Gerhard Von Orbison who has a creepy house, Schwick, a New York cockroach villain; Dr. Zalost who makes "unhappy" bombs, and The General and The Lieutenant, two demented military men.

When Courage needs pertinent information to help him solve his various dilemmas, he uses a desktop computer that he found in the attic. The computer communicates with a British accent and often insults Courage with such sarcastic insults like "you twit."

Courage's catchphrase is "On no!" Eustace calls Courage that "Stoopid Dog" and Muriel likes to say, "Oh My!"

Produced by the Cartoon Network, COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG is based on "The Chicken from Outer Space," an award-winning animated short by John R. Dilworth.

Muriel, Courage and Eustace at Home - COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG
Muriel, Courage and Eustace at Home

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