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Santa's Little HelperSanta's Little Helper - Santa's Little Helper - Brown greyhound dog (with an .89 cents dog collar) on the animated situation comedy THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1989+.

Santa's Little Helper was adopted by the Simpson family on Christmas Eve when his original owner chased it away from the Springfield Downs dog track after losing too many races. Homer Simpson had gone to the dog track to place a bet on a "sure thing" but at the last minute placed a bet on a soon-to-lose "long shot" (a.k.a. "Santa's Little Helper"). Having lost all his money at the track and having no Christmas bonus to buy toys for his family, Homer brought the dog home as a present and the family loved the dog. They named it Santa's Little Helper.

Santa's Little Helper fits right into the family because "He's a loser. He's pathetic. He's a Simpson."

Bart Simpson, their bratty little son was especially fond of this friendly but stupid dog who likes to tear up the family furniture, eat from the dining room table, chew on shoes (like Homer's $125 Slippers), the Bouvier family quilt (but not Marge's pillows) and bury things in the backyard.

Santa's Helper later fathered 25 babies (with "She's the Fastest") who were taken by Mr. Burns, the operator of the local nuclear power plant. He intended to skin the little puppies and make himself a coat (a la Disney's 101 Dalmatians). Bart & Lisa Simpson intervened and his plans failed, however.

For a time, Santa's Little Helper took the back seat in the devotion department when the Simpsons replaced their faithful family canine with a better-bred dog named Laddie that Bart bought from a catalog with a credit card issued to "Santos L. Halper." But Bart soon grew tired of the "perfect" dog and gave it away to Police Chief Wiggums.

Bart later tracked down his dog (SLH) at the residence of a marijuana-smoking blind man who had been using Santa's Little Helper as a seeing eye dog.

When the Police busted the man for possession of narcotics, Bart happily took his dog home. Besides being abandoned by Bart for a time, Santa's Little Helper has had his legs broken by Mr. Burns, and has suffered with stomach problems (twisted intestines).

On the bright side, Santa's Little Helper earned a certificate of merit from Miss Emiley Winthrop's Obedience School for finally comprehending the basic commands. Bottom line: Bart and the Simpson family love their dog, and, in the end, that's all that really matters. See also CATS - "Snowball I"

The Names of SLH's 25 Puppies

Blitzen Donner Jay Rex
Branford Dopey Jay II Rex II 
Branford II Fido King Rover
Cleo Fido II Paul Rover II
Dave Grumpy Paul II Sleepy
Dave II  Grumpy II Queenie Spot 
 & Prince - The puppy formerly known as Prince

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