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Cynthia dollCynthia - Favorite plastic doll with blonde hairdo and red-striped dress on the cartoon series RUGRATS/NIK/1991-2004.

The proud owner of the Cynthia doll is Angelica Pickles, a pushy three-year-old who is so enamored with her Barbie-like fashion doll that she buys her clothes from the Cynthia Store Fashion Catalogue.

Cynthia is prominently featured on the episode “Ransom of Cynthia” (when Angelica fakes Cynthia’s kidnapping to get more candy); and “The Seven Voyages of Cynthia“ (Chucky and Tommy lose Cynthia down a sewer). Cynthia the doll premiered on the episode “Graham Canyon.”

The Cynthia doll had a number of accessories. and products including Queen of the World Cynthia, Hot Tub Cynthia, Beautiful Cynthia, Camaro Cynthia, Wedding Bells for Cynthia and Musical Cynthia and her own TV Christmas special “A Very Cynthia Christmas” (when Cynthia appears in live-action form)

TRIVIA NOTE: Angelica’s friend Tommy Pickles has a favorite Teddy Bear he calls Herman (his mother Didi constantly called the bear “Henry”). It is featured prominently in the episode “Rebel Without a Teddy Bear” when Tommy acts like a brat to force his parents not to throw away his favorite Teddy Bear.

Angelica plays with Cynthia

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