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Dimitri the Sheep - Stuffed sheep doll owned by Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot), a naive immigrant from the Isle of Mypos who came to America to live with his cousin Larry (Mark Linn-Baker) on the sitcom PERFECT STRANGERS/ABC/1986-93.

Dimitri the Sheep

Dimitri the sheep doll had a fleecy wool body, black nose and red tongue. According to Balki, his sheep doll preferred to sleep on his left side and be scratched behind the ear.

When newspaper comic character Kangaroo Cowboy was dropped from the Chicago Chronicle, Balki was approached by the paper's editor to pen a kid's cartoon strip called "Dimitri's World" featuring the fleecy adventures of Balki's doll, Dimitri. Consequently, Dimitri was held for a ransom of ten thousand dollars. .

Some Balki Thoughts
  • "If everyone knew how to herd sheep, there would be no one left to write poetry."
  • "I love to sing. I sing for friends, for family, for the occasional sheep."
  •  "I can train him. I'm good at that. I'm a sheepherder. Of course, you can't train a sheep, they're dumb as a rock."
  • "Why on Mypos I used to sell my sheep at the stock market."

                        -- Balki Bartokomous


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