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GI Joe DollGI Joe - Called an "Action-Figure" and "America's Moveable Fighting Man" (but never just a doll), the twelve-inch tall plastic male counter part of the Barbie Doll sold millions of units to the boys of America since its introduction in 1964 by the Hassenfeld Bros. (later to be Hasbro Toys).

Sporting a rugged scar on his right cheek and equipped with an assortment of fighting accessories (uniforms, weapons, etc.) GI Joe's fully-jointed body (twenty-one moving parts) battled the enemies of democracy.

Over the years, the GI Joe figure has decreased in size and spun-off additional soldier characters such as a black GI Joe, a Green Beret GI Joe, a talking GI Joe, and an adaptation called Atomic Man (a.k.a. "Mike Powers") with Kung Fu grip.

GI Joe also inspired a cartoon series (actually just a half-hour commercial for a line of action-figures) called GI JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO/SYN/1985; 1990-92 with not one but five specialized soldiers who joined into a fighting force that battled the evil organization known as Cobra.

(Cartoon Series)

Yo Joe!

He'll fight for freedom
Wherever there is trouble,
G. I. Joe is there!

G. I. Joe.
A real American hero
G. I. Joe is there.

Its G. I. Joe against Cobra and Destro,
Fighting to save the day.
He never gives up, he's always there,
Fighting for freedom over land and air.

G. I. Joe
A real American hero
G. I. Joe is there.

(Narrator:) "G. I. Joe is the codename for America's daring,
highly trained, special mission force. Its purpose:
To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless,
terrorist organization determined to rule the world."

He never gives up, he'll stay till the fights won
G. I. Joe will dare.

G. I. Joe
A real American hero
G. I. Joe!


TRIVIA NOTE: The GI Joe character was inspired by a 1945 movie The Story of GI Joe starring Burgess Meredith as wartime correspondent Ernie Pyle and Robert Mitchum as a mud-soaked, battle-scarred soldier.

The GI Joe toy character was supposedly modeled on a composite drawn from the images of winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

In 1993, to combat society's gender stereotypes, a group of social terrorists switched the talking chips from a Barbie Doll into a GI Joe action figure. Soon after, news reports told of a 7- year-old boy who heard a GI Joe say "Do you want to go shopping?"

(Read: "The Story of GI Joe: Collecting military action dolls" by Linda Rosenkrantz in Antiques & Collecting Hobbies, December, 1989 p21)

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