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Log Lady's Log - Catherine E. Coulson played an eccentric woman named Margaret Lanterman (a.k.a. "The Log Lady") who lived in the Northwest town of Twin Peaks at 1400 River Road on the bizarre prime time drama TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91.

Her nickname was derived from the "log" that she carried around with her, much like a child would carry around a doll. She talked to the log and even told FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) that the Log held many secrets for those willing to listen.

Some of her thoughts included: "Shut your eyes & you'll burst into flames."; "Fire is the devil, hiding like a coward in the smoke."; and "My log does not judge."

Her log (a piece of Ponderosa Pine) was a gift from her firefighter husband on their wedding day. Unfortunately, he died the next day while fighting a forest fire.

A parody of the Log Lady appeared on the cartoon series THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW seen on the NICKELODEON cable channel where a commercial for TWIN PEAKS inspired toys featured a "High Fashion Log for Girls" with the promo "I'm gonna dress mine up like a bride."

The Log Lady was also parodied in the Homestar Runner cartoon, Three Times Halloween Funjob!

In 1992, Coulson had reprised her small-screen role in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me the big screen prequel to the TV series.

In June 1993, the BRAVO Network ran (ad free) weekly episodes of this cult series hosted by the Log Lady in segments written and directed by David Lynch. See also "The Potato Man"

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