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Pee Wee Herman DollPee Wee Herman Doll - The miniature representation of comedian/actor Pee Wee Herman, the star of the Emmy-winning Saturday live-action children's program PEE WEE'S PLAYHOUSE/CBS/1986-91.

The doll is garbed in Pee Wee Herman's trademark clothing (a size-too-small 1950s style gray plaid suit, skinny red bow tie, white socks and shoes) which he later wore in his movies Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985) about a cross-country search for his stolen bicycle and Big Top Pee Wee (1988) with Pee Wee cast in the role of a farmer with a talking pig who joined a circus and fell in love with Gina, a beautiful Italian trapeze artist.

When the FOX network comedy IN LIVING COLOR returned for the 1991 fall season, comedian Jim Carrey portrayed Pee Wee Herman in a mock commercial promoting a new and improved anatomically correct Pee Wee Herman doll with "Turbo Fist" (so it could beat its drum). If you pulled its voice box string, the doll spoke such phrases as "I have the right to remain silent," "I have the right to an attorney," and "What if I did some charity work instead."

The doll (made by Sleazo products) spoofed the fact that earlier that year Pee Wee Herman was arrested in an adult movie house for allegedly "exposing his sexual organ" and masturbating in public. See also  - CHILDREN'S SHOW HOSTS - "Pee Wee Herman" 

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