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David and Larry the Angel Soft Spokes-angelsDavid and Larry - Celestial mascots for Angel Soft Tissue ("The Unofficial Toilet Paper of Mom's") who have appeared in Angel Soft Tissue "Bathroom Angels" campaign created by New York-based Omnicom Group's DDB Needham in 2004. Apparently, when spokes-angels David and Larry are not servicing the needs of God and the other holy of holies of heaven, they spend their time as guardian angel spokespersons for Angel Soft Tissue. As the tagline for the ad reads: "The Angel Soft Bathroom Angels are always ready to come to the rescue of your bathroom disasters."

In one spot, David and Larry pop into a bathroom and discover there is no more angel soft tissue. David, who is wearing a white beret says, "Bon Jour, Laurance." Larry asks, "So what's with the accent." David responds, "Oh, I just came from his French Lesson." Larry then asks David, "So what would the French paper that made just right, soft but not too soft. "Angel Soft", answers David. "And what would the call a toilet paper with an extra layer to get the job done", quizzes Larry. "Angel Soft", replies David....and did you know," he continues. "that the separate first male and female bathrooms were in Paris in 1739?" Larry quips "Nice, but let's go."

Later, as they stroll the hallways of heaven Larry says "Oui Oui" ("Wee Wee") to which David replies "Hey, you're speaking French." But Larry quickly retorts, "No, I really got to go!" The tagline for the ad reads "Angel Soft. Comfort where you want it."

David and Larry Shooting the Breeze
What do David and Larry do when they're not preventing
bathroom disasters? Let's listen in:

David: You know we've been working together a long time.
Larry: Yeah, it seems like an eternity
David: I feel like I hardly know you.
Larry: What do you want to know.
David: Where are you from?
Larry: Flushing.
David: Favorite Movie?
Larry: "Heaven Can Wait"
David: Favorite TV show?
Larry: "Charlie's Angels"
David: Favorite Marx Brother?
Larry: Harpo
David: Color?
Larry: White
David: Band?
Larry: Come on Man, White Snake.
David: You and your hair bands. Play any cards?
Larry: I got a royal flush once, oh yeah I did play cards.
David: Favorite food?
Larry: Don't tell anyone. Deviled eggs. I can't stop eating them.
David: Like dogs?
Larry: I had a beagle once...and a Shih Tzu (laugh)
David: Anything going on in the paper?
Larry: Oh, I think there's a white sale (laugh)

Larry and David

In keeping with the Angel Soft Tissue corporate theme, the company sponsors the Angels in Action® Program which began in 2000. It recognizes Children and teens, ages 8-18 and rewards them for performing exemplary acts of service to benefit their community, a charity or cause. In 2005, Jennie Garth (of Beverly Hills 90120 fame) became the spokesperson for the annual Angel Soft Angels in Action Program.

Another Angel Soft ad campaign called "Bathroom Moments" featured humorous vignettes including:

  • a little boy peeing into the toilet, but his aim is not yet perfected
  • a man scratches his back with a stiff blue brush to relieve an itch on his back not realizing it has been in the toilet
  • a man mistakenly brushes his teeth with diaper lotion rather that toothpaste
  • a family conducts a funeral for the family fish, only to discover it's still alive as the water swirled down the bowl
  • a women in one toilet stall becomes upset when she thinks another women in the next stall if flirting with her ("Mind if I come over?" The other replies, "I'd rather you didn't."), until we see that woman is talking on a cell phone
  • a woman falls into the toilet because her husband left the seat up
  • a father uses a whole roll of toilet paper to dry off his baby boy when he discovers there are no towels in the bathroom
TRIVIA NOTE: In years past, when an angel was used in commercials, more often than not they were seen on the shoulder of a person whispering in their ear to be good and not follow the advice of the devil perched on the other shoulder. Ads using this old formula were created by Lay's Potato chips with Bert Lahr and Tootsie Pops commercials with Earl J. Waggedorn as the kid tormented by the devil and an angel as he tries to lick to the center of Tootsie Pop.

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