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Earl the Angel - Craggy, tobacco-spitting, ill-shaven good ol' boy of an angel featured on the detective drama SAVING GRACE/TNT/2007+.

Leon Rippy as Earl the Angel - SAVING GRACE - Images courtesy of TNT
Earl the Angel

Earl (Leon Rippy) was an angel of God sent at the eleventh hour of a  person's life when it was certain they were going to Hell, but still had a chance to redeem themselves.

One such client was Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter), a hard-drinkin', freely fornicatin' feisty, foul mouthed, self-destructive detective who worked for the Oklahoma City police department.

Grace first met Earl when she ran over a pedestrian on the road while speeding drunk one night behind the wheel of her car. When world-weary Grace cried out for God's help, Earl appeared and said "Whadday need?" He then told, Grace, "You're headed for Hell, Grace. God sent me to help you. I'm just FedEx delivering the message."

Grace wasn't sure what to make of Earl who then told her "You want God's help or not?...I'm busy. There's a lot of people going to Hell these days." At first, Grace thinks Earl is a nut job, and pulls her gun out and instructs the man to kneel on the ground.

Instead, Earl unfurls a big pair of shiny-feathered wings, transports Grace to the top of a precipice that looks like the Grand Canyon, asks is she wants salvation and then returns her back to the highway. Astonished ("Holy, Shit!"), Grace slowly begins to believe. With Earl's help, Grace just might make it back to the right path.

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