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Mr. Shepherd - Heavenly guide (Ricardo Montalban) who supervised a recently deceased honeymoon couple on the situation comedy HEAVEN HELP US/SYN/1994.

Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Shepherd - GOOD HEAVENS

Dying in a private plane crash that smashed into the side of the San Antonio Marriott on their honeymoon (hanky-panky at the wheel led to their untimely demise), Doug Monroe, a pitcher for the Florida Marlins (John Schneider) and his new wife, Lexy Kitteridge-Monroe (Melinda Clarke) learned they had died and now must serve as apprentice angels to earn their wings before they can enter into heaven.

Based in a luxurious apartment on phantom thirteenth floor of the hotel in which they had crashed, Doug and Lexy seek out those in need of their services.

Most of the time Doug and Lexy were invisible to the real world, but they materialized, if they became angry or had impure thoughts.

John Schneider as Doug Monroe Heaven Help Us Logo Melinda Clarke as Lexy Monroe
Doug Monroe   Lexy Monroe

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