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Kraft Angels - Celestial mascots featured in a series of successful ad spots for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a Kraft Product sold in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angels - KRAFT

Created by the J. Walter Thompson Ad agency (associated with Kraft since 1922), the angelic "Taste of Heaven" campaign debuted in November 1994, first in Canada and then worldwide. The marketing campaign focuses on the lives of angels with all-too-human foibles and how the rich and creamy qualities of Philly Cream Cheese impacts on their existence. The taglines for the ads: "a little taste of heaven" and "When it's Philadelphia, it's Heaven."

From 1994-1997 five commercials aired in Canada with titles like "Heaven", "Crumbs," "Empty," "Midnight Snack," and "Cloud". They all featured an angel enjoying her Philly Moment.

In other countries, the ads reflected the cultural norms regarding angelic beings. In Japan, the angels are depicted at "aspirational or more perfect characters" while in markets like Canada or United Kingdom, the angels are more like down to earth, folksy, best friends. In a German TV spot a male angel and female angel discover the beauties of teamwork in the high-tech heavenly kitchen. In Brazil, a local TV personality joined the cast of angels to promote the product. In 1999, Caroline Quentin from the UK television sitcom, MEN BEHAVING BADLY played a gluttonous angel.

Over time, the Philly Angel has gained a manservant in Canada, and angel friends and/or angelic children in other markets. In 2002, two sassy and street-wise angels, Danni and Bev, were introduced in the UK.

Actress Linda Kash is best known as Canada's beloved Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel which has become one of Canadian advertising's most successful campaigns now in its 12th year.

Ms. Kash, the daughter of Canadian singer Maureen Forrester, is best known for her heavenly role as the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel, an advertising campaign she's very proud to have been a part of for 12 years. She says she gets a kick out of being recognized for that role. And yes, she even has three varieties of cream cheese in her refrigerator - regular, light and whipped. You may remember Linda Kash from the 'Lip Reader' episode on SEINFELD that aired in season four.

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Other actresses to appear as Philly angels include Krista Sutton who appeared with Cindy Crawford in widely-seen hit TV commercials for Special K cereal and Kelly Hu (from NASH BRIDGES and MARTIAL LAW) who appeared as a Philadelphia Cream Cheese "angel" in Italy, where she became popular in her role as the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Girl, doing eleven commercials over a six-year span.

In 1999, marketers used their "Taste of Heaven" campaign to launch the a product of snack bars regionally in the U.S. In a spot called "Good Dog" we the Philly Angel and her wing-clad West Highland Terrier, Fluffy, appear in a heavenly kitchen. Fluffy sits as the angel retrieves a snack bar from the fridge; he's awaiting a treat for his efforts. But his mistress is blissfully unaware, finishing her Philly Snack Bar as Fluffy flutters off into the ether. The angel remembers her dog and says, "Here you go Fluffy," but he's not around. She looks up and says, "Don't make me come up there." A voiceover intones: "Treat yourself to the rich, creamy cheesecake taste of Philadelphia Snack Bars."

Print ads also supplemented the TV commercials. One ad declares, "Sweet. Decadent. Heaven works in mysterious ways," Another ad reads: "New Philadelphia Snack Bars. Richly rewarding. For the highly deserving."

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel
"A Little Taste of Heaven"

To celebrate the national launch of its new snack bars, a Fleet of Philly Angels sporting halos gave away more than 300,000 bars in September, 2000, in eight markets including Chicago, Boston and Detroit. They toured office buildings, soccer games, downtown malls and office areas, flower shows and art fairs--with insulated sample bags to keep the bars chilled.

The Fleet of Angels later toured San Francisco, Washington and New York City's Bryant Park from April through June 2001. Actress Peri Gilpin, (best-known as "Roz" on NBC's hit show FRASIER) kicked off the festivities at Bryant Park, which had been transformed into a heavenly oasis. Later campaigns featured such products as a Chocolate Decadence bar with chocolate graham crackers, chocolate cheesecake filling and drizzle topping.

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1872, a Chester, New York dairyman developed a cheese made of cream. By 1880, the brand "Philadelphia Cream Cheese" was first distributed. The name "Philadelphia" referred to the other quality products that came from that city at the time.

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