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Random - Inept angel (Jimmy Brogan) who, in order to earn his wings, was assigned to a Chicago woman and her newly adopted family of nieces and nephews after they lost their parents in a plane crash on the sitcom OUT OF THE BLUE/ABC/1979.

Random the Angel with the Richards Family - OUT OF THE BLUE
Random with the Richards Family

Random's charges included Dixie Carter as Aunt Marion; Clark Brandon as Chris Richards, 16; Olivia Brash as Laura Richards, 13; Tammy Lauren as Stacey Richards, 10; Jason Keller as Jason Richards, 8; Shane Keller as Shane Richards, 8.

Posing as a high school teacher, Random lived in the Richard's home as rent-paying boarder and used his magical powers to teach the kids lessons on life. The kids, in turn, kept Random's real identify a secret from their aunt and Gladys the black housekeeper (Hannah Dan).

Random reported his progress to a heavenly supervisor named Boss Angel (Eileen Heckart).

TRIVIA NOTE: Mork of Ork (Robin Williams) is an old friend of Random the Angel. Apparently, the planet Ork is located near heaven. In a crossover from the series MORK & MINDY, Mork visits Random on the show's first episode "Random's Arrival."

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