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Teen Angel - Enchanted teenager with fluffy wings and a happy-go-lucky demeanor on the situation comedy TEEN ANGEL/ABC/1997-98.

Steve and Marty - TEEN ANGEL
Steve and Marty, the Teen Angel

In reality, Teen Angel was a 15-year-old youth named Marty DePolo (Mike Damus) who one day found a six-month-old hamburger under the bed of his best friend Steve Beauchamp (Corbin Allred). Instead of tossing the burger, Marty ate it.

The next thing Marty knows, he's in heaven being fitted with the wings of a guardian angel. His first task was to return to Earth and help his friend Steve cope with the social rigors of high school, especially confrontations with the school bully.

Teen Angel reported his progress to a disembodied supervisor called The Head (Ron Glass) who claimed to be Rod, the "cousin" of God. He popped in on Teen Angel at the most unlikely places.

Others with whom Teen Angel interacted were Steve's single mom, Judy Beauchamp (Maureen McCormick); her daughter, Katie (Katie Volding); Steve's Aunt Pam (Conchata Ferrell), a postal worker; and Jordon Lubell (Jordon Brower), a cool kid in school whom Steve befriends with the help of Marty.

During Marty's assignments on earth, he gives Steve a great singing voice for a talent show; poses as Jessica, Steve's dream date; helps Steve get on the wrestling team; wins the lead role in the school play "Mutiny on the Bounty"; turns the family dog into a handsome suitor for Steve's mom, Judy; and brings one of Katy's dolls to life to baby sit her so Steve could go on a date.

Grateful for all of Marty's help and friendship, Steve throws Marty a sixteenth birthday party Marty, of course, invites such dead historical notables as Beethoven and Abraham Lincoln to join the festivities.

TRIVIA NOTE: Jason Priestley (of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 fame) starred as fledgling angel Buzz Gunderson, a biker in a black leather jacket from the 1950s who was sent on assignments to help the living on earth in a short lived serial drama TEEN ANGEL (1989) and TEEN ANGEL RETURNS (1990) featured on THE NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB.  

Jason Priestley as TEEN ANGEL - The New Mickey Mouse Club (1989)

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