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Tom the Angel - Bumbling apprentice angel who always needed the help of his earthly brother, Dick Smothers on the sitcom THE SMOTHER BROTHERS SHOW/CBS/1965-66.


Originally Tom (Tom Smothers) was lost at sea. But, a few years later he returns as an angel in training, looking to earn his wings, but first he who must pass his probationary period by performing good deeds on earth.

Tom took up residence with his swinging bachelor brother, Dick whose guidance and advice was always sought by Tom to get him out of his blundered schemes.

Dick worked for Pandora Publications for publisher Leonard J. Costello (Roland Winters). Unfortunately, Tom's angelic problems often spilled over to Dick's work schedule, which forced him to take time off and potentially threatened Dick's professional chances for advancement in the organization.

Others on hand were Harriet MacGibbon as Mrs. Costello; Marilyn Scott as their daughter, Diane Costello; and Ann Elder as Janet, Dick's girlfriend. Tom reported back to heaven to a never-seen supervisor named Ralph, (The Temporary Assignment Angel) who contacted Tom by phone.

"The Smothers Brothers Show"
(Theme Song Lyrics)

Tonight you'll meet two brothers
Who just happen to be us

Though Tom is slightly different
The problem we will now discuss.

Brother Tom was lost at sea
Without his water wings

And now he is an angel
And tries to do amazing things.

That’s right. Brother Dick
It's no trick if you see

Lot's of different faces
That look a lot like me.

An angel on a visit
To his brother here below

Can cause a lot of trouble

There's miracles in sight
But they always fall apart

On The Smothers Brother's Show

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