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B.A.D. CATS/ABC/1980
**(Jimmie Walker) Rodney Washington, a car-thief turned auto re-possessor who helped the Los Angeles police squad called B.A.D. C.A.T.S. (Burglary Auto Detail, Commercial Auto Thefts). Also featured was LaWanda Page as Ma, the black owner of Ma's Place, a local rib joint and favorite hangout of the policemen attached to Burglary Auto Detail.

*(Demond Wilson) Ray Ellis, a black man who returns to his Washington, D.C. home (which he deserted seven years earlier due to the pressures of married life) to reconcile with his wife and family. Unfortunately, Ray discovered he had just been declared legally dead. Also included were Denise Nicholas as Ray's wife, Olivia; Tony Holmes as their son, Jordan; Kim Fields as their daughter, Angie; Helen Martin as Olivia's mother, Luzelle Carter; and Ed Hall as Army Colonel Wallace Dickey, Olivia's fiance.

**(Francesca P. Roberts) Anita Craig, a black friend and babysitter of single white woman with small child. Alicia & Celicia Johnson were featured as Anita's baby, Danielle. (Vernee Watson-Johnson provided the voice for baby Danielle's thoughts)

BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98
*(Richard Biggs/costar) Dr. Stephen Franklin, black Chief of Staff of Medlab Facility (specialist in Xenobiology) aboard the space station Babylon 5 which orbits planet Epsilon 3. Stephen resigned his position in August 2060 while battling "stim" addiction. Before taking his assignment, Stephen bartered his medical talents in exchange for passage aboard spacecrafts traveling to other worlds, so that he could learn more about various alien races. He practices the religious belief of "Foundationism." His father, Richard Franklin, is General of the 356th Infantry Division of the Earth Force Marines and known by the nicknames "Firestorm," "Hero of the Canal Wars," "Scourge of Janos 7," and "Liberator of the African Block."

*(Olivia Cole) Maggie Roberts, a black hairdresser and maid who worked on the staff of the White House. The miniseries followed the careers of Maggie and her seamstress daughter, Lillian Rogers Parks (played by Tania Johnson and Leslie Uggams) as they served a number of Presidents and their First Ladies over the years (the Taft through Eisenhower administrations). Other cast included Louis Gossett, Jr. as Levi the White House butler/footman.

*(Whoopi Goldberg) Brenda, a black owner of a roadside diner and motel called the Bagdad Cafe' located in the California Mojave Desert. Other cast members included Monica Calhoun as Brenda's boy-crazy sixteen year old daughter, Debbie; Scott Lawrence as her musician son, Juney; and Cleavon Little as Sal, Brenda's worthless ex-husband.

*(Giancarlo Esposito) Paul Gigante, a half-black, half-Italian police detective who moves his family from Washington, D.C. to a mostly white desert community of Bakersfield, California. There, he is teamed with a partner whose police techniques were learned from watching television.

*(Barbara McNair) Musical/variety series hosted by black song stress Barbara McNair.

*(Scoey Mitchlll) Paul Bratter, a newlywed black attorney for Kendricks, Keene & Klein living in lower Manhattan with his wife, Corie (played by Tracy Reed). Other regulars included Thelma Carpenter as Corie's, mother, Mable Bates; and Nipsey Russell as pool hall owner, Honey Robinson.

**(Michael D. Roberts) Rooster, a colorful streetwise personality who provided information to a white undercover detective.

**(Ron Glass) Ron Harris, a handsome, well-dressed black detective working in a run-down Greenwich Village police precinct. His character was an aspiring novelist who eventually had his first book "Blood on the Badge" successfully published. On the series last episode, Harris decided to become a full-time writer.

**(Eartha Kitt) Catwoman, a pur-r-r-r-fectly sinister leather-clad Gotham City criminal who kept crime fighters Batman and Robin on their toes. Earth Kitt inherited the role of Catwoman from two white actresses (Julie Newmar & Lee Meriweather) who previously played this perfidious kitty character.

**(Bokeem Woodbine) Derek, a black police detective working together with police offers from all walks of life in NY’s Battery Park.

**(Terry Carter) Colonel Tigh, a high ranking black officer on-board the space cruiser Battlestar Galactica who helped lead an armada of 220 smaller spacecraft to safety from the evil robot Cylon warriors. Herb Jefferson, Jr. also appeared as Lt. Boomer, a black fighter pilot.

**(Bernie Casey) Thomas "Ozzie" Peoples, black baseball coach who motivated the players of the Bluebirds, a minor-league baseball team in the working-class town of Bay City, California. Also featured was Mykel T. Williamson as Deejay Cunningham.

**(Traci Bingham) Jordan Tate, black female lifeguard working on the beaches of Santa Monica during seasons 7-8. Jordon became romantically involved with white lifeguard, Mitch Buchannon. She later discovers that she is adopted, that her black Marine father was killed in Vietnam, her white birth mother gave her up for adoption in 1972; and years later her mother tracked her down to inform her she might be susceptible to Huntington Disease (her mother had the brain disease and there was a 50% chance of Jordon inheriting it). Traci Bingham, the first black "actress" to appear as a regular on the series, is half Afro-American, part Cherokee Indian (father is Cherokee) and part Italian. Other cast included Greg Alan-Williams as Sgt. Garner Ellerbee, a black Baywatch lifeguard patrolman who appeared during seasons 1-5. Greg was the first black "actor" to appear as a regular on the series.

**(Dorian Gregory) Diamont Teague, a black agent for a secret organization who interacted with Mitch Bucannan, a white Malibu-based private detective who investigated the bizarre and supernatural (vampires, witches, demons, etc.).

**(Alex Desert) Jake Malinak, the blind black man who operates the newspaper/candy concession stand inside a Bronx diner. He is the reluctant confidant of Dr. Becker, a Caucasian physician who frequents the joint and rambles on about how rotten things are in the world. Once when angered, Jake shouted “Don’t screw with me. I’m blind and I sell chiclets for a living.” Desert’s mother, father, and big brother are all natives of Haiti, but Desert is the first member of his family to be born on American soil. He is also one of the lead singers in Hepcat, a ska/reggae band that has toured the United States and Europe with the likes of music groups The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Specials. Also featured is Dr. Becker's black medical office manager, Margaret Wyborn played by Hattie Winston.. Winston was born in Lexington, Mississippi, and raised in nearby Greenville.

*(Ben Vereen) Ben Vereen, talented black actor and singer hosted this summer musical variety program. Song stress Lola Falana was a regular on the program.

*(Robert Guillaume) Benson Dubois, a wisecracking black butler sent by a wealthy family (See also SOAP) to the governor's mansion to assist in running the household. Benson's talents for organization and problem solving were later rewarded with a promotion to the job of state budget director.

*(Chip McAllister, Guy Killum/co-stars) Luther Cain (a wisecracker) and Anthony "Snake" Johnson (very hip), two black high school basketball players at Buckner high school in Brooklyn, who befriend a white transfer student from California. Also featured was Richard McGregor, as Beat-Box.

*(Kadeem Hardison/costar) Charles Winston, highly responsible, highly meticulous black sportswriter who hangs with three other black single men struggling to make it professionally and romantically in the Windy City (Chicago). Also featured were Dondré T. Whitfield as James Winston, Charles’ brother, an easy-going real estate and ladies man; Tommy Davidson as Mitchell Ford, a twice-divorced high school teacher; Kelly Perine as Dusty Canyon, a weatherman with bad fashion sense; and Rachel Crawford as Terri, the boy’s favorite waitress at their local bar. The program was an African-American version of the successful NBC sitcom FRIENDS.

*(Ethel Waters/Louise Beavers) Beulah, TV's favorite black maid who always rescued the Hendersons, her bumbling white employers from predicaments. The character of Beulah first appeared on the radio program "Fibber McGee and Molly" (voice of white male Marlin Hurt). Later the character starred on radio series THE MARLIN HURT AND BEULAH SHOW and finally BEULAH. Other regulars on the television series included Percy "Bud" Harris & Dooley Wilson as Bill Jackson, Beulah's shiftless boyfriend; and Butterfly McQueen as Oriole, Beulah's friend and fellow maid. Additional actors to perform the voice of the Beulah character on the original radio program included Bob Corley (a white male), Lillian Randolph, Hattie McDaniel and Louise Beavers. Like the earlier Amos and Andy Show, Beulah was also pulled from syndication because of NAACP protests.

BEULAH LAND/1980 (Miniseries)
**(Dorian Harewood) Floyd, black slave living on a Georgian plantation during the early-to-mid 1800s who was eventually touched by the events of the Civil War.

BEVERLY HILLS 90210/FOX/1990-2000
**(Cory Tyler) Herbert, the first black regular on the series who befriends a bunch of white yuppies in the 1992 season. Michael Anthony Rawlins as Jordon Bonner appeared in a recurring role during the 1992-1993 season.

*(Natalie Cole) Natalie Cole, the black hostess of this talent show that featured a hunt for wanna-be-singers with weekly winners and semi-final competitions.

*(Barbara Meek/costar) Connie Duncan, aka "Ma," a black woman who runs an interracial foster home in Brooklyn, New York. Gabrielle Carmouche appeared as Kateri, a studious young black girl who lived at the foster home.

**(Ralph Wilcox) Raymond McKay, a jive-talking black business associate of Edward "Big Eddie" Smith, the owner of the Big E Sports Arena in New York City.

**(Napoleon Whiting) Silas, a black house servant for the Barkley's, a wealthy western family living on a large Ranch outside Stockton, California in the late 1880's.

*(Bill Cosby) Chet Kincaid, a bachelor physical education teacher and coach who worked in a lower-middle class Los Angeles high school. Chet's family members were Lillian Randolph & Beah Richards as his mother, Rose; Lee Weaver as his brother, Brian; and Olga James as his sister-in-law, Verna.

**(CCH Pounder) Nurse Lucy, the no-nonsense black head nurse employed at the psychiatric section of Riverside Hospital in Oakland, California.

B. L. STRYKER/1989-90
**(Ossie Davis) Oz Jackson, a loyal older black friend of white New Orleans cop, B .L. Stryker living in Palm Beach, Florida. Oz was an ex-prizefighter with at least one fight left in him (so he thought).

**(Ray J Norwood) Bryan Lanier, a black streetwise teenage hipster with a heart of gold who takes Chinese style martial arts lessons from Master Li and Tom Chang at their wharf-side studio in San Francisco. TRIVIA NOTE: Raised in Southern California, actor Ray J is a McComb, Mississippi native. He is the brother of singer/actress Brandy and probably best known for his role on his sister’s series MOESHA playing her cousin (later revealed to be her brother). Ray J and his family created the Norwood Kids Foundation, a charitable organization that has provided activities through performing arts for more than 250 disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

BLAKE'S 7/BBC/1978-81
**(Josette Simon) Dayna Mellanby, a black female weapons expert whose family was wiped out by an evil futuristic Federation. Bent on revenge, she joined forces with resistance fighters in the third season of this British science fiction series, syndicated on the PBS Network in the late 1980's.

**(Adilah Barnes) Eve Munroe, a sarcastic but highly efficient black secretary at Blue Skies Trading Company, a outdoor-goods mail-order catalog business.

**(Bubba Smith) Lyman "Bubba" Kelsey, a black support team member for an elite police squad which operated a super-helicopter named Blue Thunder.

*(Al Fann/costar) Det. Walt Stratton, black homicide detective working with the Metropolitan Police, Westside Division of the LAPD. Walt was near retirement and always wore a fedora hat. Also featured was Lorraine Toussaint as Dr. Mary Rocket, a black psychiatrist who consulted on homicide cases.

**(Davis Roberts) Mr. Johnson, an old blind, blues guitarist who encouraged and advised an up-and-coming white rock n' roller living in rural Trinity, Tennessee in the early 1950's.

**(Telma Hopkins) Isabelle, attractive aspiring black actress who lived at the Susan B. Anthony Hotel for women in New York City. She later became the hotel manager.

**(Tasha Smith) Tasha King, a salty administrative assistant for the student union at Randolph Harrington College in Boston. Her razor wit was the foil for Boyd, a white country bumpkin coworker. She called everyone "Baby" as a sign of affection. Garrett Morris (of “Saturday Night Live” fame) appeared as Tasha’s grandfather, the legendary blues singer who composed the classic “Drop Dead Willy.”

**(Trina McGee-Davis) Angela Moore, an attractive black teenage girlfriend of Shawn Hunter, a white youth living in Philadelphia. The Angela character debuted during the 1997 season. Angela and Shawn have developed an on again/off again romance but in the meantime they have enjoyed kissing each other on a number of occasions.

*(Oprah Winfrey) Mattie Michael, a black woman and co-owner of a restaurant living in a Chicago tenement in the 1960's. Olivia Cole appeared as Miss Sophie, Mattie's business partner and Brenda Pressley costarred as their friend, Etta Mae Johnson. The series was based on Gloria Naylor's inspired 1989 TV-movie "Women of Brewster Place".

*Musical/variety program originally called BROADWAY MINSTRELS featuring an all black cast. After two weeks on the air it changed it's title to BROADWAY JAMBOREE and starred both black and white performers. Black entertainers included the Melodeers quintet, the Deep River Boys, Theodore Hines, Maxine Sullivan, Tom Fletcher and the dance team of Carl & Haryette.

*(Ernie Hudson/costar) Toby Baker, a black detective working undercover with a group of police officers who (including himself) were on psychological disability.

**(Mykel T. Williamson) Gus Butterfield, a young black teacher with a Masters in Biology who was given a basketball and told to teach gym class until there was an opening in the science department at Benjamin Harrison High School (aka "The Bronx Zoo") in New York City. Also featured were Tyra Farrell as Roberta, an administrative worker; and Gail Boggs as Roz, a troubled student who was called crazy by her peers.

*(Klea Scott/costar) Nona Valentine, African-American uniformed police officer assigned to the 74th precinct in Brooklyn, New York. Also on the beat was Richard T. Jones as Officer Clement Johnson.

*(Randy Brooks)/costar) Ronald Holmes III, the token black member at Pi Nu Fraternity, the zany frat house nicknamed "Le Dump" on the campus of Larry Krandall College. Also featured was LaWanda Page as Hattie. Randy Brooks has also played a number of daytime opera characters including Hayes Grady on “All My Children” (1996); Marshall Lincoln Kramer III on “Another World” (1994-95); Eric Royal on “Generations” (1990-91); Desmond on Days Of Our Lives” (1988); and Nathan Hasting on “The Young and the Restless.”

*(Dave Chappelle/costar) Dave Carlisle, a single African-American who co-owned a fledgling film and video company with his white married friend, John Butler. Richard Roundtree played Dave's dad Henry, who owned the building where the two friends' office was located.

**(Charles Robinson) Newdell, a tough-minded black make-up man who worked for a talk show host at WBFL-TV in Buffalo, New York. Meshach Taylor also appeared as Tony, station crew member. On one episode, Bill Bittinger, the station's opinionated talk show host had a run in with Newdell. That night Bill had a dream inhabited by a number of stereotypical black images like Zulu warriors, and nasty black hookers who chased Bill through a nightmarish landscape accompanied by Ray Charles' tune "Hit the Road Jack."

*(Royale Watkins) Royale Watkins, a black computer programmer leaves Hollywood to return home to help his Washington, D.C.-based family contracting business after his father had a heart attack. Regulars included Paul Winfield as the family patriarch Russel Watkins; Natalie Desselle as Tammy Watkins; J. Lamont Pope as Randal Watkins; Denise Y. Dowse as Sylvia Watkins; Geoffrey Owens as Robert Watkins; and Jeremy Suarez as the youngest sibling Ryce Watkins.

*(James Black/costar) Michael Hailey, a black scientist teamed to a squad of special researchers who track down and contain new strains of viruses threatening to wipe out mankind.

*(Jimmy Walker) Sonny Barnes, small-time conman who got sentenced to community service helping a social worker care for four orphans living with her in Philadelphia. Other cast included Vonetta McGee as social worker Mimi Shaw; Larry Williams as Rudey Baker; Aaron Lohr as Nickky Robinson; Tyren Perry as Trish Reagan and Marie Lynnwise as Sue Ann Tyler. The series was loosely based on the film "Bustin' Loose" (1981) staring Richard Pryor and Cicely Tyson.


**(Ralph Wilcox) Raymond St. Williams, hip black youth who worked at Mr. Cabell's shoe store with a twenty-year-old Jewish guy named Lenny Markowitz.

*(Byron Allen) Byron Allen, black comedian who hosted this weekly hour talk show. 

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