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**(Morris Chestnut) Mal Robinson, a black FBI agent part of team of special Los Angeles-based FBI operatives recruited for a newly formed investigative unit called C-16.

**(Carl Lumbly) Mark Petrie, a perfectionist black plainclothes police detective who worked with female detectives Cagney & Lacey at the 14th Precinct in New York City.

THE CAPE/ABC/1996-67
**(Whitman Mayo) Sweets, black owner of the Moonshot Bar & Grille frequented by local pilots and astronauts. Also featured was Tyra Ferrell as Mission Specialist Tamara St. James.

CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?/NBC/1961-63
**(Nipsey Russell) Officer Anderson, African-American officer on duty at the 53rd Precinct Bronx Police station (1961-62) where the series stars Officer Toody and Muldoon worked. Nipsey Russell died of cancer on October 2, 2005 at Lenox Hill dHospital in New York City.

*(Carl Franklin/costar) Sgt. Mark Walters, a black member of the Caribbean Force, an international crime fighting agency based in Miami. Franklin co-starred with white actor Stacy Keach.

*(Kene Holliday/co-star) Sgt. Curtis Baker, a black deputy working in a small Georgian town of Clinton Corners who had to contend with redneck Chief Roy Mobely and storylines featuring Klu Klux Klan, crosses burning on lawns and other racial hatred. Vernee Watson appeared as his girlfriend, Lucille Banks, the mayor's secretary.

**(Clarence Muse) Sam, a black piano player working in a North African bistro called Rick's Cafe during the days of World War II. Scatman Crothers played Sam in the updated version produced by NBC in 1983. Dooley Wilson played the original Sam, the piano player in the classic 1942 movie Casablanca wherein Humphrey Bogart was wrongly attributed with saying "Play it again, Sam."

*(Kelly Taylor) Mary Owens, a female auto mechanic with a black father and a white mother who played bass guitar for a Toronto-based pop rock group.

*(Flip Wilson) Charlie Richmond, a black middle class employee of the Division of Highways who juggled his work and home life with his lovely wife, Diana played by Gladys Knight. The outspoken Richmond children included Kristoff St. John as Charlie, Jr.(Junior); Fran Robinson as Lauren; and Jaleel White as Robert. Della Reese played Diana's sarcastic Aunt Rachel.

**(Dorian Gregory) Darryl Morris, a tall, black easygoing detective working for the San Francisco Police Department. Darryl learned that the three Halliwell sisters were actually witches with special powers. Instead of reporting this fact to his superiors, Darryl keeps the information on the QT and assists the witches when he can to battle demons and other criminals bent on hurting the citizens of his fair city. Darryl discovered the Halliwell's secret when Inspector Andy Trudeau died saving Phoebe's Halliwell's life from a demon. Phoebe and Andy were high school sweethearts and had been dating before his death. Darryl was Andy's partner and best friend.

**(Paul Winfield) The Mirror, a ghostly black apparition who lived in the smoke-filled mirror of Lillian, the evil step-mother of Snow White. The story line was a continuation of the children's fairy tale of Snow White and Prince Charming but updated with the characters living in the 20th century.

**(Tonya Williams) Jennifer Woods, a black cashier and check-out girl at Cobb's supermarket.

*(Marla Gibbs) Florence Johnston, an executive housekeeper at the Manhattan based St. Frederick's Hotel. Originally, Florence was the wise-cracking housemaid on the situation comedy THE JEFFERSONS/CBS/1975-85. This spin-off series was short-lived, and the Florence character soon returned to THE JEFFERSONS. Also featured was Jordan Gibbs as Dennis, the bellboy.

**(Scatman Crothers) Louie, a neighborhood garbage man in the barrio of East Los Angeles and friend to a crusty old white garage mechanic and an Hispanic youth. Della Reese appeared as Della Rogers the owner of a nearby diner.

**(Michael Boatman) Pvt. Sam Beckett, black Army soldier assigned to fight in the Vietnamese Conflict of the 1960's. He operated the Morgue at China Beach near Da Nang. Also featured was Nancy Giles as Pvt. Frankie Bunsen.

*(Vondi Curtis-Hall/costar) Dr. Dennis Hancock, black physician working at the Illinois-based Chicago Hope Hospital. Also featured was Rocky Carroll as Dr. Keith Wilkes, the cocky Chief of Trauma introduced in 1996. Other cast included Vanessa Williams as Dr. Grace Carr [episodes 46 - 54 ]; and Charlayne Woodard as Gina Wilkes [episodes 55-133].


**(Tyra Ferrell) Wanda Jenkins, black secretary to Liz Gianni, the harried city manager at the Department of City Services of an unnamed metropolis.

CITY GUYS/NBC/1997-2002
*(Wesley Jonathan) Jamal Grant, a black street kid from Harlem who befriends a preppy white teenager (both had been expelled from every school in the greater New York City metropolitan area). Other cast were Steven Daniel as Lionel “El Train” Johnson, Manhattan High’s resident bully with a heart of gold; and Marcella Lowery as Mrs. Karen Noble, Manhattan High’s no-nonsense principal.

*(Blair Underwood) Dr. Ben Turner, talented black surgeon working at Angels of Mercy, a struggling county hospital in Los Angeles. Other hospital staff include Vivica A. Fox as Medical Director Dr. Lillian Price; Michael Warren as chief executive officer Ron Harris; Hill Harper as resident Dr. Wesley Williams; Phil Buckman as resident Dr. Geoffrey Weiss; T. E. Russell as first-year resident Dr. Arthur Jackson, Viola Davis as Nurse Lynette Peeler, and Maya Rudolph as Nurse Grace Patterson.

CLASS OF ‘96/FOX/1993
**(Perry Moore) Antonio Hopkins, bright black student attending Havenhurst College, a fictional Ivy League school in the Northeast. Bridgid Coulter also appeared as Janet Keeler, Antonio’s girlfriend who wealthy black father resented the fact his daughter was dating someone who came from the ghetto.

*(Claude Brooks) Claude, a black college student who turns the house he inherited from his grandmother into a boarding room for a diverse bunch of 20-somethings tenants so he can pay the bills and make ends meet. Also featured were Tembi Locke as Kaylene, a sexy, smart aerobics instructor and wanna-be director who has a love/hate relationship with Claude; and Anthony C. Hall as Shorty, Claude's friend since childhood who keeps him abreast of what's happening in the neighborhood.

*(Ellen Cleghorne) Ellen Carlson, a black single mom working at a TV commercial production service in New York City. Other cast members included Cerita Monet Bickelman as her young daughter, Akeyla; Garrett Morris as Ellen's postal worker father, Sydney; Alaina Reed Hill as her mother, Lena; Michael Ralph as Ellen's ex-husband, Tyrell; and Sherri Shepherd as her sister, Victoria.

*(Gina Torres) Hel, black female warrior who battles to restore Mankind to the surface world long since taken over by monstrous flying creatures called Baileys in the year 2525. Her father died fighting the Baileys and so Hel, guided by a voice she hears through a receptor implanted in her jaw, spearheads an ongoing mission to reclaim the surface of the earth from the deadly airborne creatures. Gina Torres made her television debut as a guest star on the popular ABC daytime drama ONE LIFE TO LIVE and recurred on the show as a number of different characters, ranging from an aerobics instructor to a Spanish contessa. Gina Torres is widely known for her recurring role as Nebula in syndicated action adventure HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEY and appeared as Cleopatra in the enormously popular syndicated action adventure XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. She previously starred in the Fox television movies Dark Angel and M.A.N.T.I.S. and has guest-starred in numerous series, including NYPD BLUE, LAW & ORDER, PROFILER, LA FEMME NIKITA, THE GREGORY HINES SHOW, HOUSE OF BUGGIN’ and SESAME STREET. Gina was born in New York City and grew up the youngest of three children in a close-knit Cuban American family. She is also a gifted mezzo soprano, and trained in opera, jazz and in a gospel choir. Note: The author has placed Gina Torres in the African-American category, because, he feels her on screen appearance (facial features) more closely resembles an African-American.

**(Ozzie Davis) Judge Harry Roosevelt, black court official who presided over the cases of Atlanta-based family law attorney Regina 'Reggie" Love. Ozzie Davis also appeared in the 1994 movie of the same name that inspired the series.

*(Stacey Dash/costar) Dionne Marie Davenport, a black Beverly Hills teenager who frequents the malls of Southern California shopping for clothes with her two close white high school gal pals. Other cast included Donald Adeosun Faison as Murray, the ultra hip black teen who become the unwitting pawn in schemes concocted by ex-girlfriend Dionne and her best friend Cher; and Sean Holland as the hip sidekick and best friend to Murray. Holland has a career as a rap artist and performs under the name Novacain (cq).

*(Sheryl Lee Ralph/costar) Maggie Bryan, (aka "the Cat") a reformed African-American thief from Detroit who joined forces with two other sexy government agents as part of a special counterespionage team coordinated by the brother of the U.S. President.

**(T. J. Storm) Bayu, black heathen warrior companion of the mighty Conan the Barbarian who traveled the ancient world in search of adventure. Bayu comes from Xuchotl, an abandoned city in a remote mountainous region south of Cimmeria known as the Black Kingdoms. Bayu met Conan in an episode entitled "The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar." At the end of the episode Bayu decides to team up with Conan, Otli, and Zzeben to help them overthrow the evil forces of Hissah Zul.

**(Paula Newsome) Faye Reynolds, black female and one of a number of support staff working for a New York Advertising firm that acted as the backdrop for this white sitcom.

*(Moses Gunn/costar) George Beifus, black ex-boxer who trained and managed an aspiring white boxer name Johnny Captor.

*(Tierre Turner/co-star) Lucas Adams, a streetwise black youth arrested for shoplifting and later placed in the custody of an asthmatic Irish cop.

**(James McDaniel) Franklin Rose, a black uniformed policeman working in Los Angeles. Vondie Curtis-Hall also appeared as Cdr. Warren Osborne, a black executive working for an eccentric white Los Angeles police commissioner.

**(Joe Keyes) Joe, the free-thinking, liberated black cook hired to work at Grant's Toomb, a tavern in New York City.

*(Bill Cosby) Comedy/variety program hosted by Bill Cosby.

*(Bill Cosby) Hilton Lucas, a laid-off black airline worker living in Queens, New York who tries to keep himself occupied during his idle hours but ends up driving his family crazy. Phylicia Rashad, once again played Cosby's wife on the series. Also featured were T'Keyah Crystal Keymah as their daughter, Erica; Doug E. Doug as their annoying neighbor, Griffin, and Jurnee Smollett as Jurnee.

*(Bill Cosby) Guy Hanks, a black police criminologist and forensic expert who took early retirement after winning the Lottery, but who continued to consult with the New York City Police Department on difficult cases. Also featured were Lynn Whitfield as Guy's girlfriend, Barbara Lorenz; and Dante Beze as Dante, Guy's streetwise young assistant.

*(Bill Cosby) Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, a New York City obstetrician married to an attorney named Clair played by Phylicia Ayers-Allen (later known as Phylicia Rashad when she married NBC sportscaster Ahmad Rashad). The Huxtable children included Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra; Lisa Bonet as Denise; Malcolm Jamal Warner as Theodore; Tempestt Bledsoe as Vanessa; and Keshia Knight Pulliam as Rudy. Later additions through marriage were Geoffrey Owens as Sondra's husband Elvin Tibideaux; Joseph C. Philips as Navy Lt. Martin Kendall, Denise's husband; and Raven-Symone as Olivia Kendall, Martin's little girl from another marriage. Other visitors to the household were Clarice Taylor and Earl Hyman as Cliff's parents Anna and Russell Huxtable; Carl Anthony Payne II as Theo's friend, Cockroach; and Deon Richmond as Rudy's little friend, Kenny.

*(Jennifer Lewis/costar) Rosetta Reide, a black gay family court judge working in an unnamed urban center. Also featured were Robin Givens as investigator Susanne Graham; Nia Peeples as public defender Veronica Gilbert; and Jeffrey D. Sams as assistant district attorney Ed Moore.

COVER UP/CBS/1984-85
**(Mykel T. Williamson) Rick, black globe-trotting assistant to a beautiful white fashion photographer whose job was actually a "cover" for espionage operations.

*(Moses Gunn) Jebediah Nightlinger, a black ranch foreman who helped a widow care for a group of orphaned young boys in the New Mexico Territory of the 1880's. The series was based on the western film "The Cowboys" (1972) starring John Wayne and Roscoe Lee Browne.

THE CREW/FOX/1995-96
*(Rose Jackson/costar) Jess Jameson, a black flight crew member working for Regency Airlines in Miami. Dondré T. Whitfield also appeared a Mac, an employee at the Mambo Lambo, the Regency gang's favorite after hours hangout.

*(Nia Peeples/costar) Lily Gannon, a hard-core, by-the-numbers black social worker who coordinated daily operations at the Crisis Center in San Francisco. Tess Robinson also appeared as a black female attorney who provided legal services for needy clients at the center.

*(Marjean Holden) Dr. Sarah Chambers,

**(Jeffrey D. Sams) Champ, black male who interacted with Trevor Hale, a white man who believes to be Cupid the God of Love.

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