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*(Shanesia Davis-Williams/costar) Marissa Clark, a beautiful black but blind receptionist who assists a young stockbroker with a magical newspaper that reveals tomorrow's news today. Davis, who is sighted, researched her role with the Chicago Guild of the Blind. Gary purchased Marissa a seeing-eye dog named Spike from profits won in an OTB parlor playing the horses with paper's information.

EARTH 2/NBC/1994-95
**(Sullivan Walker) Yale, a black cyborg serving a group of space station personnel who fled the confinement of space station life to live on the surface of a seemingly uninhabited planet G-889 (a.k.a. "Earth 2").

**(Cicely Tyson) Jane Foster, a black secretary and assistant to a New York City social worker working in the slums. This was the first series to feature a black actress in a dramatic continuing role and reportedly, the first actress to wear an Afro hairstyle on a primetime program.

*(Lee Weaver/co-star) Ricardo Williams, an elderly black resident of Shady Grove retirement home who shared an apartment with a white roommate. He later relocated to a Beverly Hills mansion when his roommates' niece invited both of them to live with her and share her good fortune.

*(Greg Gumbel) Half-hour weekly newsmagazine featuring interviews with black entertainers, sports figures and business leaders. Other hosts included Tom Joyner, Darryl Dennard and Debra Crable and Elliott Francis.

**(Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) Eli Cartwright Goggins III, an African-American in a wheelchair who becomes the newly hired supervising manager of the Stuckeybowl Bowling Alley. To get the job, Eli lied that he had all sorts of bowling alley experience. Ed Stevens, the owner of the bowling alley investigated Eli's background and despite all the lies about being qualified, Ed hired Eli because he liked Eli's confidence and positive get-things-done attitude. The Eli character joined the series in the fall of 2002.

THE EDGE/FOX/1992-93
**(James Stephens III) James Stephen III, black comedian part of this mostly white sketch comedy series filled with celebrity and commercial satires.

*(Lightfoot Solomon Michaux ) Lightfoot Solomon Michaux, the first black evangelist to regularly appear on network television on this half-hour religion program broadcast from Washington, D.C.

**(Marsha Warfield) Dr. Maxine Douglas, black physician who operated an inner city clinic in downtown Miami, Florida.

*(Samuel E. Wright/co-star) Officer Turk Adams, a tough, black ghetto policeman assigned as a partner to Enos State, a gullible small town southern white cop transplanted into the urban hustle Los Angeles.

*(Joe Morton/co-star) Michael James, a black lawyer based in Pittsburgh who was "a passionate advocate and a spellbinder of juries." Lynn Whitfield had a recurring role as TV anchorwoman, Maggie Mayfield.

**(Ron O’Neal) Lt. Isadore Smalls, black New York City police detective (introduced during the 1986-87 season) who monitored the activities of Robert McCall, an ex-CIA agent turned street vigilante.

*(Eriq LaSalle/costar) Dr. Peter Benton, a brusque, perfectionist black surgeon working at emergency room at Cook County General Hospital in Chicago. Gloria Reuben also appeared as Jeanie Boulet, a black physician's assistant diagnosed as HIV positive who continued to work despite her condition. Michael Beach had a recurring role Jeanie Boulet’s husband who had contracted the HIV virus and passed it on to her. Originally, Jeanie Boulet, a married therapist, provided home care for Dr. Benton's ailing mother and found herself falling in love with Benton. In the second season, her character was promoted to a physician's assistant and soon ended her romance with Benton. During the third season, Jeanie's discovered she was HIV-positive. Also featured were Connie Marie Brazelton as Nurse Conni Oligario; Deezer D. as Nurse Malik; Yvette Freeman as Nurse Haleh Adams; Lisa Nicole Carson as an old friend of Dr. Benton's; and CCH Pounder who appeared as Dr. Angela Hicks (Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder was raised on a sugar plantation in Guyana). Michael Michele joined the cast in the 1999 season as Dr. Cleo Finch, an independent, assertive second-year resident. in emergency medicine and pediatrics.

*(Susan Taylor, Felipe Luciano) Weekly all black upscale magazine-of-the-air program featuring styles, business, stars, and politics. Program began on May 5, 1983 at WPIX, New York and was later syndicated nationally.

**(Ossie Davis) Ponder Blue, the black philosophical owner of a local rib joint and friend of white high school football coach living in Evening Shade, Arkansas. Ossie Davis also narrated the series.

**(Percy Rodriguez) Malcolm Gibson, a black executive and member of the board (the only black one) for the Los Angeles based conglomerate, the Cardway Corporation. Also featured was Brenda Sykes as Summer Johnson, the black roommate of secretary Gloria Dalessio,

**(Carl Lumbly) Mayor Christian Davidson, black politician who interacted with an undercover police investigation concerning corrupt cops.

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