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*(Kim Fields/co-star) Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey, a young black girl living at a rural New York private school for girls. After graduation, Tootie lived with her former schoolmates and helped operate a gourmet food/catering store (and later a novelty shop) while going to college.

*(Debbie Allen) Lydia Grant, an extremely talented black dance instructor at New York's High School for the Performing Arts. Gene Anthony Ray also appeared as Leroy Johnson, a talented black student from the ghetto who later became an instructor at the school.

FAME L.A./SYN/1997-98
**(T.E. Russell) T .J. Barron, a gifted, classically trained musician, T.J.'s true passion is to make it as a contemporary arranger/composer. He works at Legacy Music recording studio as both a composer's assistant and general clean-up guy. Although he gets paid nothing, he has the opportunity to watch amazing singers and musicians as they cut albums. This fuels his confidence in his own talent. After work he composes music to accompany Suzanne's lyrics. Deep down, T.J. is falling in love with Suzanne while she struggles to define who she is.

FAMILY MATTERS/ABC/1989-1996/CBS/1997-98
*(JoMarie Payton-France/Noble) Harriette Winslow, an elevator operator for the Chicago Newspaper building who was married to uniformed police officer Carl Winslow played by Reginald Vel Johnson. Also featured were Kellie Shanygne Williams as daughter Laura; Jaimee Foxworth as daughter, Judy; Darius McCrary as son, Eddie; Telma Hopkins as Aunt Rachel, Harriette's widowed sister and aspiring writer; Joseph & Julius Wright as Rachel's little boy, Richie; Rosetta LeNoire as Carl's live-in mom, Mother Winslow; and Shawn Harrison as Eddie's befuddle friend Waldo Faldo. Starting with the show's second season Jaleel White became the focus of the series as their nerdy neighbor Steven Q. Urkel, who was in love with Laura Winslow. White appeared in a number of dual roles included his country cousin, Myrtle and the suave, confident Stefan Urquelle (an exact personality opposite of Steve Urkel accidentally created in one of Urkel's science projects). Later in the series, Michelle Thomas played Myra, a local girl (and fellow nerd) who became Urkel's girlfriend. (Thomas died of stomach cancer on 12/24/1998).

*(Carl Franklin/co-star) Dr. Fred Walters, a black scientist caught in a time warp within the Bermuda Triangle.

*(Moses Gunn/co-star) Moses Gage, a black gold miner in the Dakota Territory of the 1870's who with the help of a white miner friend became guardians to two dozen children whose parents were killed in a mining disaster. Chez Lister played Eli, an orphaned black boy.

**(Ruby Dandridge) Delilah, a black housekeeper who cared for the home and family of a white attorney.

**(Lillian Lehman) Letty Gilmore, the black secretary working at the San Francisco-based law office of Al Cassidy and Danny Messina.

*(Regina Taylor/costar) Sandra Broome, a hard-nosed, tough, and principled black female attorney working for the Manhattan division of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

**(Tangi Miller) Elena Tyler, a 18-year-old black friend of a white 17-year-old pre-med student named Felicity Porter who attends New York University. Elena was raised in one of the poorer neighborhoods outside of New York City. She got a full scholarship to NYU, but it fell through so she struggles to attain a degree and her goals.

**(Bill Overton) Firefighter Cal Dakin, the token black firefighter at Engine Company 23 in Los Angeles.

*The half-hour anthology series featured a program broadcast October 12, 1954 entitled "The Reign of Amelika Jo." The program based on a real story set in the South Pacific during World War II, was cast with a mainly Black & Asian actors. TV Guide magazine remarked that the program was "probably the first all-Negro show ever to go out over the network."

**(Francesca P. Roberts) Mrs. Francis, a black social worker who gave assistance to a fired marketing executive. Later in the series, Mrs. Francis quit her social service agency job to open up an egg roll business.

1ST & TEN/HBO/1984-90
*(O. J. Simpson) T. D. Parker, a former football player turned general manager of the California Bulls, a rowdy football team.

*(Alex Desert/co-star) Julio Mendez, a black research assistant working for a police department in the fictional Central City. He was friend and colleague of police chemist Barry Allan (aka "The Flash"). Julio sported a knotted stringy Jamaican hair style.

*(Flip Wilson) Musical/variety program hosted by comedian Flip Wilson, the first black performer to host his own successful variety program. (Flip Wilson died on November 25, 1998 at age 64 from liver cancer).

*(Yaphet Kotto/co-star) Platoon Sgt. James "China" Bell, a former boxer stationed at the U.S. Army base Fort Geller, Texas, the headquarters for the 88th Airborne paratroopers Division. Kennan Ivory Wayans played Pvt. Duke Johnson, an aspiring black boxer who wanted Sgt. Bell to train him to be a professional.

*(Holly Robinson Peete & James Lesure/costars) Malena and Mel Ellis, a newlywed black couple struggling with the realities of married life. Other cast included Edafe Blackmon as Reggie Ellis; and Tamala Jones as Bobbi Seawright, Reggie's love interest.

*(Mother Love) Mother Love, an outspoken black radio personality hosted this daily talk show whose theme was forgiveness. People who had wronged another made videotape apologies to those they have offended. The "victims" had the choice of accepting the apology or sending a video response rejecting their overture.

*(Carl Weathers) Fortune Dane, a black, ex-cop, ex-pro-football player turned special investigator for the mayor of Bay City, California. Adolph Ceasar played Fortunes' father, Charles Dane.

413 HOPE STREET/FOX/1997-98
*(Richard Roundtree/costar) Mr. Philip Thomas, black professional businessman/lawyer who operates a crisis center at 413 Hope Street that caters to inner city youth and their families. Also featured were Dawn Stern as Angelica Collins; Jesse L. Martin as Antonio Collins; Shari Headley as Juanita Barnes; and Karim Prince as Melvin Todd.

*(Tim Reid) Frank Parrish, the African-American Professor of Italian Renaissance History from Boston who moved South to manage the Chez Louisiane, a Creole restaurant willed to him by his father. His staff included Frances E. Williams as the elderly matron hostess, Madame Torchet; Francesca P. Roberts as Anna-May, the head waitress; Tony Burton as Big Arthur, the Creole cook; Don Yesso as Shorty La Roux, the assistant chef; Charles Lampkin as Tiger Shepin; and William Thomas, Jr. as Cool Charles, the handyman. The Chez Louisiane was modeled after the popular New Orleans restaurant Chez Helene where reportedly, actress Francesca P. Roberts worked at Chez Helene to learn a few hostess skills. Also featured were Virginia Capers as Mrs. Bertha Griffin-Lamour, the domineering owner of the local funeral parlor; and Daphne-Maxwell Reid (Tim Reid's wife in real-life), as Hannah Griffin, her daughter, a mortician and embalmer.

*(Will Smith) Will Smith, a black rappin' teenager raised in West Philadelphia and then transplanted by his mother to live with her filthy rich relatives, the Banks, who lived in Bel Air. The family included James Avery as Uncle Philip, a stuffed-shirt attorney; Janet Hubert-Whitten (and later Daphne Maxwell Reid) as Vivian, Philip's wife; Karyn Parsons, as Hillary, their spoiled black valley girl; Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton, their preppie son; Tatyana M. Ali as their younger daughter, Ashley; and Ross Bagley as Nicholas "Nicky" Banks, the Bank's fourth child born later in the series. Also featured were Joseph Marcell as Geoffrey, the family's haughty black English butler; Jeff A. Townes (aka D.J. Jazzy Jeff), as Jazz, Will's friend; Tyra Banks as Jackie Ames, Will's old girlfriend from Philadelphia; Nia Long as Lisa Wilkes, Will's new girlfriend, whom he married in 1995; Don Cheadle as Ice Trey; Brian Mitchell as Trevor; Vernee Watson-Johnson as Vibe; and John Amos as Lisa’s father who married Will’s Mom.

*(Kevin Mambo) Alex Wood, studious black student living in a coed dormitory at the fictional Western Pacific University in Southern California.

**(Jarrod Johnson/co-star) Randy Summerfield, an eleven-year-old black youth and son of a lawyer who explores life with his two white friends, Pete and Nancy.

**(John Amos & Teresa Graves) Black couple (along with four other couples) featured in comedy skits and musical vignettes that focused on particular aspects of married life.

**(John Amos) Bill Bundy, black police officer who along with his white partner Joe Cleaver were assigned to break in rookie Officer Haven, a robot programmed to be the perfect cop.

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