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*(James Earl Jones) Gabriel Bird, an ex-Chicago cop who spent 20 years in prison for shooting (accidentally) his white police partner. When his conviction was overturned with the help of a white female lawyer, he began working for her as an investigator. Madge Sinclair appeared as Empress Josephine Austin, an old friend and Gabriel's love interest. The program was later retitled PROS AND CONS/ABC/1991 and teamed Gabriel Bird with Mitch O'Hannon, an over-the-hill white private investigator played by Richard Crenna.

*(Gayle King) Gayle King, the close friend of talk show host Oprah Winfrey took to the air in her own talk show which featured fashion previews, safety and real life issues.

*(Richard Chevolleau/costar) Augur, (real name: Marcus Devereaux) a black computer hacker who genius helps the underground Resistance battle the seemingly peaceful aliens (Taelons) occupying the planet Earth in the 21st century.

*(Taurean Blacque) Henry Marshal, a black executive who worked his way out of the ghetto to become the owner of a chain of ice cream stores. Also featured were Joan Pringle as Ruth Marshal, Henry's wife, the mother of three grown kids and two grandchildren; Kristoff St. John as Adam, a handsome college student. This daytime soap opera was the first to feature black stars in lead roles.

*(George Foreman/costar) George Foster, a retired black boxer who volunteers to spend time helping kids a local middle school. Also featured were Sheryl Lee Ralph as George's guidance counselor wife, Maggie; Lauren Robinson as their daughter Virginia (aka "Vee"); Tony T. Johnson as their son, George, Jr. (aka "Bubba"); Larry Gilliard, Jr. as Lathan; Donniel Spencer as Shasta; Cleandre Norman as Daniel; and LaCrystal Cooke as Vanessa Jasso.

**(Darryl Thierse) Ambrose, a snooty black bookstore employee of white employer George Stoody, a mild-mannered bookstore owner living on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

**(Phil Lamarr) Bob Brown, black man who hung out in front of the Manhattan brownstone and visited with his cabdriver neighbor, George O'Grady.

*(Teresa Graves) Detective Christie Love, a sexy black, Los Angeles policewoman who worked undercover for the Special Investigations Division. Det. Love's conversation was peppered with the phrases like "Your under arrest, Sugah!" Teresa Graves formerly appeared as a comedy regular on the NBC variety program ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN from 1969-70 and was for a time a singer with the Doodletown Pipers.

**(Markus Redmond) Duane, a black lab technician who worked for research and development at CONTROL, a Washington-based espionage agency.

*(Telma Hopkins/costar) Dolores Nixon, black Chicago widow who worked as a social worker. She shares a home with a white fellow coworker with two daughters. Other cast included Merlin Santana as Dolore's fifteen-year-old son, Marcus; and Deon Richmond as her fourteen-year-old son, Darren

*(Vivica A. Fox/costar) Robyn Buckley, black female supervisor of a commercial production company who was at odds with fellow black employee Milo Doucette (played by Duane Martin).

*(Louis Gossett, Jr.) Gideon Oliver, a black New York University professor of Cultural Anthropology who often used his skills to solve crimes. Shari Headley appeared as Zina, his grown daughter. The Gideon Oliver character was featured on segments of THE ABC MYSTERY MOVIE.

*(Sheldon Turnispeed) Jamal Jenkins, a black youngster who along with a group of multi-ethnic kids solved mysteries with the help of a spiritual entity who typed messages to them via a computer owned by Jamal. Also featured was Marcella Lowery as Grandma Jenkins, a post office worker who lives with Jamal in Brooklyn.

*(Nell Carter) Nell Ruth Harper, a plump, strong-willed, black housekeeper working for a white, widowed police chief in the fictional town of Glenlawn. Nell became part of the family when the Chief died and she stayed on to raise his children. Telma Hopkins played Addy Wilson, Nell's best friend. In the Fall of 1986 both Addy and Nell moved to New York City.

*(Gladys Knight) Gladys Knight, black rock song stress who teamed with her backup singers, the Pips (Merald Knight, William Guest, Edward Pattern) in this one-hour summer musical variety program that featured renditions of hit songs comedy routines.

**(Carl Lumbly) Dr. Michael Norris, black chief administrator of Croft University Medical School on the Caribbean island of Jantique (where Norris was born). Also featured was Erika Alexander as Cheryl Carter, a materialistic black woman attending Croft. Filmed on location in Jamaica.

**(Don Cheadle) Roland Wilson, competent black manager/desk clerk working at the "Golden Palace," a small Art Deco hotel in the trendy South Bay section of Miami Beach.

*(David Ramsey/costar) Pastor Randolph, an idealistic black minister who takes over the pulpit of a South Central Los Angeles church and begins professing his message of faith by welcoming gay members into the congregation and handing out condoms to his flock. Other regulars included Guy Tory as Little T; Roz Ryan as Mrs. Dixon; Tracey Cherelle Jones as Cassie; Alexia Robinson as Mona Phillips; Rose Jackson as Vera Hudson; and Jazsmin Lewis as Venita Stansbury.

**(Cleavant Derricks) Jeff Mussberger, black reporter for "Sports Central," broadcast on the ASCN (All Sports Cable Network). Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Jim Brown and George Foreman were seen during the comic interview segment "Sports Chat."

*(Esther Rolle, John Amos) Florida and James Evans, a poor black married couple who lived in the Chicago projects. Their family included Jimmie Walker as teenage son James "JJ" Jr.; BernNadette Stanis as daughter Thelma; and Ralph Carter as their younger son, Michael. Other cast members included Ja'net Dubois as neighbor Willona Woods; Janet Jackson as Penny Gordon, Willona's adopted daughter; and Johnny Brown as building super Nathan "Buffalo Butt" Bookman. The Florida Evans character first appeared on the CBS situation comedy MAUDE from 1972-74 where she worked as the maid for an outspoken white female named Maude Findlay. (Esther Rolle died on November 17, 1998 at age 78 from complications due to diabetes). Good Times inspired the UK sitcom known as The Fosters that aired on London Weekend Television from 1976-77. The program followed Samuel Foster (Norman Beaton) and his wife, Pearl (Isabelle Lucas) as they set up housekeeping in a tower block in London after emigrating to England from Guyana with their three children, Sonny (Lenny Henry), Benjamin (Lawrie Mark) and Shirley (Sharon Rosita).

GOOD Vs EVIL/USA/1999-2000
*(Richard Brooks/costar) Henry McNeil, a black man from the 70's who teams with Chandler Smythe, a white reporter killed by a demonic-looking gang member. Together as heavenly agents for the “Corp,” they travel the streets of Hollywood fighting evil Morlocks. Deacon Jones as himself narrated the program storyline.

*(Sherman Hemsley) Willie Goode, a black man paroled from Federal Prison after 15-years who appears on the doorstep of his son Franklin (played by Dorien Wilson) to live under a mandatory house arrest. Unfortunately, his son is now the dean of Chapel Hill University and the chemistry between the long lost street-smart father and his now respectable son, is to say the least, uncomfortable. Also featured were Alex Datcher as Barbara Goode, Franklin‘s wife; and Bianca Lawrence as Bianca Goode.

**(Ernie Hudson & Penny Johnson) Thad and Bailey Alford, the new African-American next-door neighbors of Grace Kelly introduced on episode No. 20 "Love thy Neighbour. Grace's mother-in law, Jean thinks Thad is a thief, and her grown son Jimmy (Grace's ex-husband) assumes he's the plumber because he is black. After an awkward dinner conversation involving racism, Grace becomes fast friends with Thad's wife, Bailey.

*(Whitman Mayo) Grady Wilson, an elderly black man who moved from Watts to Santa Monica to live with his daughter and her family. Other cast included Carol Cole as Ellie Marshall, his daughter; Joe Morton as Hal, her schoolteacher husband; Rosanne Katon as their daughter, Laurie; and Haywood Nelson as their son, Haywood. The Grady character was a spin-off of SANFORD AND SON/NBC/1972-77. When this short-lived series was canceled, his character was reinstated on THE SANFORD ARMS/NBC/1977.
*(Madge Sinclair) Madge, the trusted black secretary of Joe Kelley, a 66-year-old man elected to the Senate in Washington, D.C.`

*(Gregory Hines) Ben Stevenson, a black, widowed book publisher/editor from Chicago who tries to get back into the dating game after 20 years while trying to balance job and his family life, namely his 12-year-old son Matty Stevenson (played by Brandon Hammond). Also featured were Wendell Pierce as Carl Stevenson, Ben’s brother; and Bill Cobbs as James Stevenson, Ben and Carl’s father.

GROWN UPS/UPN/1999-2000
*(Jaleel White) J. Calvin Frazier, an ambitious single 24-year-old black professional (he works in a box factory) whose life and romances are eyed with envy by his white married best friend.

*(Bumper Robinson) Jared, a conservative black bachelor sharing an apartment with Sean, a white free-spirited musician. Suddenly, the two have to contend with Jared's 6-year-old brother (played by Maestro Harrell) who moves in on the both of them.

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