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**(Leland Crooke) Paul "Gumbo" Beausolei, the black owner of the Gumbo Bar & Grille frequented by Seamus O' Neill, a white New Jersey assembly-line worker who moved to Key West after he won the lottery. Also featured were T. C. Carter as Abednigo "JoJo", a dreadlocked Rastafarian illegal alien from Jamaica; and Ivory Ocean as King Cole, a blind newspaper editor of The Meteor.

*(Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell ) Kenan Rockmore & Kel Kimble, two good-natured black teenagers hanging out a local grocery store and getting into all sorts of mischief. Also featured was Vanessa Baden as Kyra Rockmore, Kena's mother; and Ken Foree as Roger Rockmore, as his father.

KID 'N PLAY/NBC/1990-91
*(Cartoon Characters) Kid 'n Play, two black rappers who starred in this Saturday morning cartoon based on the real life rap stars Christopher Martin (Kid) and Christopher Reid (Play), the stars of the 1989 film "House Party." The animated program also featured Herbie, their manager; and three dancers Lela (Play's sister), Marika and Downtown Patty.

**(Peter Parros) Reginald Cornelius III (a.k.a. "RC3"), a streetwise black mechanic and sidekick to Michael Knight who assisted the members of the Foundation for Law and Government during the last season of this adventure series.

*(Don Franklin, Calvin Levels/costars) Calvin Garvey and Mark "Burns" Johnson, two black members of the Knights, a controversial community-watch program designed to fight street crime and keep the city safe.

**(Lynne Moody) Patricia Williams, the wife of Frank Williams (played by Larry Riley), a black doctor in a federal witness protection program who moved next door to the Ewing family during the 1988 season. The Williams were the first black characters to appear on this successful primetime soap opera. When Patricia was killed by a drunken driver, the series introduced Tracy Reed as Charlotte Anderson, an unmarried black high school English teacher.

**(Andre Braugher) Det. Winston Blake, a black New York City policeman teamed with Paco Montana, his Hispanic partner. both of whom assisted Inspector Theo Kojak a Greek-American police detective stationed at Manhattan South.

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