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L. A. HEAT/SYN/1996
*(Steven Williams/costar) August Brooks, a cool, calm and collected black Los Angeles police detective teamed with a white partner, Detective Chester 'Chase' McDonald. Renee Tenison appeared as Kendra Brooks, August's wife.

L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94
**(Blair Underwood) Jonathan Rollins, a confident, but unseasoned black lawyer hired on board the Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak during the 1987 season.

**(Don Marshall) Dan Erikson, black co-pilot on the sub orbital aircraft the "Spindrift" (Flight #612) which passed through a time warp into a land of beings tens-of-times larger than the crew and its passengers.

**(Penny Johnson) Beverly, the savvy, super efficient black assistant to the insecure, ego-maniacal late night talk show host Larry Sanders.

**(Ernie Hudson) Det. Sgt. Tremaine "Night Train" Lane, black plainclothes officer (who dressed like a pimp) assigned to the 56th precinct in Los Angeles with a variety of other misfit officers.

**(Sanaa Lathan) Briana, a beautiful but sardonic, black booker (that's booker with a "B") who arranges for guests to appear on a late night talk show called "Lateline." Although overworked and underpaid, Briana is very competent and could probably do everybody's job on the show, if necessary.

*(Richard Brooks II/costar) Paul Robinette, a black Assistant District Attorney conducting law in the criminal courts in New York City. He grew up in Harlem, is single and likes tennis. Paul left the D.A.’s office to become a private practice defense lawyer. S. Epatha Merkerson also appeared as Lt. Anita Van Buren, the tough-as-nails black supervisor of police detectives at the 27th precinct who investigate crimes prosecuted by the district attorney's office. She is married to the owner of a hardware store and has two young sons. In the fall of 1999 (the tenth season?) Jesse L. Martin was introduced as Detective. Ed Green, the new partner of white Detective Lennie Briscoe.

*(Glenn Plummer/costar) Reggie. a black helicopter pilot living in Miami's trendy South Beach who assisted his friend and former Army buddy John Lawless, a private eye.

**(Art Duncan) Black tap dancer who was a featured member of the Lawrence Welk family of musical/dance performers. Art Duncan was with Lawrence Welk from 1964 until the program's last show on February 24, 1982.

**(Amanda Randolph) Black maid working for the white Layton family on this short-lived domestic comedy series. Amanda Randolph was known as Sapphire's Mama on the radio and TV series AMOS 'N ANDY/CBS/1951-53 and played Louise, the maid on MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY/ABC/CBS from 1953-64.

*(Louis Gossett, Jr.) Dr. MacArthur St. Clair, a stern black Chief of Cardiology at Webster Memorial Hospital who was always at odds with the hospital's bureaucracy. Sheila Frazier appeared as the doctor's wife, Gloria St. Clair.

**(Sharon Leal) Marita, attractive black administrative assistant/bookkeeper for a horse and tobacco farm owned by the Logan family, Irish-American landowners living near the city of Lexington, Kentucky in the post-Civil War days of 1881. Steven Williams also appeared as Isaac, the trusted black ranch hand.

**(Scott Lawrence) Richard Johnson, black attorney who married white Irish-Catholic Megan Callahan on the 1/5/99 episode of this Boston-based sitcom.

*(Leslie Uggums) Leslie Uggums, talented black singer/entertainer who hosted this musical variety program featuring celebrity guests, The Howard Roberts Singers, The Donald McKayle Dancers and various comedy skits One of the recurring sketches on the program was entitled "Sugar Hill." It featured a middle-class black family living in a large metropolitan area. The family members included Leslie Uggams as Henrietta; Lincoln Kilpatrick as B. J., her husband; Lillian Hayman as Leslie's mother; Johnny Brown as Leslie's brother, Lamar; and Allison Mills as Leslie's sister, Oletha.

**(David Allen Grier) Dave Bellow, the black producer of Morning Chicago, an early morning talk show hosted by Irish-American hostess Bonnie Molloy.

*(Steven Williams) Russell A. “Linc” Lincoln, the black proprietor of Linc's Bar & Grill, a Washington, DC hot spot where “debates flow like the beer on tap and the patrons wouldn't have it any other way!” Pam Grier costarred as Linc’s romantic interest Eleanor Braithwaite Winthrop; Regulars to the bar included George Stanford as Johnnie B. Goode; Joe Inscoe as Harlan Hubbard IV; Golden Brooks as CeCe Jennings; Tisha Campbell as Rosalee Lincoln; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Winston Iwelu; Daphne Reid as Eartha; Tim Reid as Priest; Rodney Choice as Tracy; Jamie Mann as Hugh; and Edward A. Brooks as Kalil.

**(Kelly Lester) Hester Sue Terhune, an African-American cook at the Sleepy Eye School for the Blind that Mary Ingalls attended. Hester later moved to Walnut Grove to work along with Caroline Ingalls at Mrs. Oleson's restaurant worked. The Hester Sue character appeared during the 1979-83 seasons.

**(Hill Harper) Tommy Greer, a black TV soundman working in Los Angeles at Channel-3 news room.

*(Halle Berry/costar) Emily Franklin, a brainy black teenage girl who lived with Trish Carlin, the owner of the New York City-based Carlin Agency who groomed a group of young aspiring models. Emily saved her model earnings so she could train to be a doctor.

*(Dondré T. Whitfield) Curtis Cook, an upwardly mobile African-American living in a gated, planned suburban community with his wife, Tamara (played by Kira Arne) and a bevy of goofy neighbors including a bigoted Italian-American man who thinks all blacks are thieves or worse.

*(Queen Latifah/costar) Khadijah James, editor of Flavor magazine (a periodical for black women) who shared a Brooklyn apartment with her cousin and office manager Synclaire James (Kim Coles). Other cast included Erika Alexander as divorce lawyer Maxine "Max" Shaw; Kim Fields as sexpot Regine Hunter; T. C. Carson as neighbor Kyle Barker; John Henton as building superintendent Overton Wakefield Jones and Synclaire's boyfriend; and Cress Williams as Terrence "Scooter," Khadijah's boyfriend. Queen Latifah (real name: Dana Owens) was born in East Orange, New Jersey. Incidentally, the name "Latifah" is Arabic for "delicate and sensitive."

**(Nell Carter) Sgt. Hildy Jones, black police officer working with (but not for) the larcenous sheriff Lobo, transplanted from Orly, Georgia to Atlanta Georgia.

**(Diahann Carroll) Ida Grayson, a black frontier woman who purchased a hotel in the town of Curtis Wells and renamed it "The Lonesome Dove". Billy Dee Williams played Ida's husband Aaron Grayson, an Indian Scout.

**(Tracy Reed, Clifton Davis) Black regulars on the romantic comedy anthology series. Tracy Reed went on to star in BAREFOOT IN THE PARK/ABC/1970-71 and Clifton Davis starred in THAT'S MY MAMA/ABC/1974-75 and AMEN/NBC/1986-91.

LOVE & WAR/CBS/1992-95
*(John Hancock/costar) Ike Johnson, the black bartender and owner of the "Blue Shamrock, a seedy restaurant/bar located in downtown New York City." After Hancock (as well as his character, Ike) died of a heart attack, Charlie Robinson joined the cast as Ike's surly brother Abe, an unemployed Detroit auto worker who showed up to claim Ike's inheritance which included ownership of the Blue Shamrock. Both Ike and Abe co-owned the bar with a white female partner who bought interest in the place to manage the restaurant concession.

**(Ted Lange) Isaac Washington, an out-going black cruise ship bartender and unofficial big shoulder on which many troubled passengers laid their problems. Phil Morris (the son of actor Greg Morris of CBS TV series MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE fame) appeared as Chief Purser Will Sanders in the revival series LOVE BOAT: THE NEXT WAVE/UPN/1998.

*(Harrison Page & Janet Maclachlan) Ferguson & Jackie Bruce, a black couple from Passaic, New Jersey who moved to an all-white Los Angeles suburban neighborhood of Sherwood Forest Estates. Ferguson worked as an efficiency expert at Turner Electronics (as did his white next-door neighbor Charlie Wilson, a middle-class Republican shop steward. See also THE HUGHLEYS.

**(Alan Abelew) Jaytee Drumm, black student who interacted with English teacher Lucas Tanner, assigned to Harry S. Truman Memorial High School in Webster Groves, Missouri.

*(Karyn Parsons/costar) Margot Hines, a beautiful, sassy black female sharing an apartment with an equally outrageous white female artist named Georgette (both of whom have no visible means of support). Other cast include Sullivan Walker as Hal Gardner, the owner of a seedy club frequented by Margot and her friend George; Fab Filippo as fledgling musician Hamilton Ford Foster; Khalil Kain as social climber Lance Batista; and Concetta Tomei as Margot’s meddling mother Ann Hines-Davis-Wilson-Jefferson-Ali.

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