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**(Timothy Brown) Oliver Harmon “Spearchucker” Jones, African-American football star for the San Francisco 49ers turned doctor and stationed at Mobile Army Surgical Hospital 4077th Division during the Korean War. Spearchucker (whose character also appeared in the 1970 film M*A*S*H that inspired the series) hangs out with white surgeons Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John. His character was written out of the show after the first season when the writers discovered that there were no black surgeons during the Korean Conflict. In the movie Spearchucker was played by Fred Williamson and used as the 4077th ringer for a football game against the 121st Evac. Odessa Cleveland also appeared as black nurse Lt. Ginger Ballis during the 1972-74 season.

**(Francesca Roberts) Kimberly, a black acquaintance of Maggie Day, a white veterinary assistant who is going through a midlife crisis.

*(Earvin "Magic" Johnson) Magic Johnson left the basketball court of the L.A. Lakers to host his very own late night talk show. Also featured was Sheila E. as his musical director and Tommy Davidson as his Ed McMahon like second banana. Despite the show's hyped promotions, Magic's talk show host soon fizzled.

*(Rick Worthy/costar) Nathan Jackson, a black gunfighter who joined forces with a group of gunfighters to help maintain law and order in the frontier town of Four Corners. Carl Lumbly also appeared as Nathan's father, an ex-slave. In his earlier days, Nathan was a slave and stretcher-bearer in the Union Army. He was almost lynched by a bunch of drunken cowhand who thought Nathan had killed their trail boss [he died of gangrene, however]. Just in the nick of time two of his future compatriot Chris Larabee and Vin Donner interrupted the mob's fun and saved Nathan's life. Nathan's choice of weapon is a good knife.

MAGNUM P.I./CBS/1980-88
*(Roger E. Mosley/costar) Theodore "T. C." Calvin, a black helicopter pilot who operated a successful Island Hopping Service among the Hawaiian Islands. T. C., a Vietnam veteran, is a close friend of white private detective, Tom Magnum who also served in Nam. T. C. hometown is New Orleans..

*(Bryant Gumbel) Bryant Gumbel, black host of this children's news program dealing with current events wherein youthful audience members discussed on a variety of topics including drug abuse, birth control, etc.

**(Marlon Archey) Sgt. Bryon James, a black United States Marine officer stationed at Camp Singleton in San Diego, California.

**(Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier) Rosey Robbins, a black piano accompanist for Lebanese nightclub singer, Danny Williams in this short-lived revival of the original MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY/ABC/CBS/1953-65.


*(Malcom-Jamal Warner) Malcolm McGee, a conservative aspiring black sports commentator (who owns a bar) sharing an apartment with Eddie Sherman, his zany tow-truck driver friend (played by Eddie Griffin). Other cast included Angela Brooks as Holly; Jaime Cardriche as Tim; Karen Malina White as Nicolette Vandross (who later joins the police academy).

**(Craig Lamar Traylor) Stevie Kenarben, an asthmatic black boy in a wheelchair who attends a special class for gifted kids (high IQ’s) with friend Malcolm (the show’s featured actor). When Stevie speaks, his breathing is labored and his deliver is slow but clear. On the “Sleepover” episode Stevie invites Malcolm over for a sleepover, and the two sneak out to a late-night games arcade, where Stevie’s wheelchair is stolen (Malcolm ends up pushing Stevie around in a shopping cart). Gary Anthony Williams and Merrin Dungey appear as Mr. & Mrs. Kenarben, Stevie’s extremely overprotective parents.


*(S. Epatha Merkerson/costar) Lt. Margaret Claghorn, black supervisor to a male Los Angeles cop paired with a crime-fighting female robot

*(Avery Brooks) Hawk, an enigmatic, .357 Magnum wielding black man with a mysterious past as a CIA operative who now lived on the streets of Washington, D.C. Moses Gunn played "Old Man", an elderly black man with whom Hawk often confided. The series was a spin-off of SPENSER: FOR HIRE/ABC/1985-88 where Hawk was a friend of a white Boston private investigator.

*(Ji-Tu Cumbuka/costar) Torque, a black secret agent with a large metallic right hand equipped with all sorts of gadgets who worked for an American counterintelligence agency known as UNIT. He worked with white operative, Thomas Remington Sloane.

*(Woody Strode/costar) Lothar, the faithful black servant of Mandrake, a 12th century boy taught the secrets of Theton the Master of Magic. Together Mandrake and Lothar battled evil. In the NBC TV movie pilot "Mandrake" (1/24/79) Ji-Tu Cumbuka played the role of Lothar.

*(Michael D. Roberts/costar) Tyrone C. Earl, a black Vietnam veteran buddy and assistant to white Professor Jonathan Chase who could morph into an animal.

**(Gail Fisher) Peggy Fair, a black widowed secretary and girl-Friday to Los Angeles private detective of Armenian descent, Joe Mannix. Mark Stewart played Peggy's young son, Toby.

*(Carl Lumbly) Dr. Miles Hawkins, a black scientist paralyzed by a bullet to the spine during the Los Angeles Riots who developed an exo-skeleton suit to enable him to walk and fight crime. Miles had a secret headquarters underneath his home that housed, The Chrysalis, his futuristic car/hover craft. Also featured were Galyn Gorg as police Lt. Leora Maxwell. The series was based on the made-for-TV movie pilot "M.A.N.T.I.S." (1994) which featured a predominantly black supporting cast including Carl Lumbly. When the show turned series, the amount of black cast diminished greatly.

**(Phil Morris) Jerry Stockton, black chauffeur for the Stonehills, a zany wealthy white family who live at Marblehead Manor.. Rodney Scott appeared as Jerry’s brother Dwayne, the estate handyman. (The Stonehill’s other support staff included Dyana Ortelli as Lupe, their hispanic cook. )

**(William Allen Young) Reverend Howard Bouchard, a compassionate black chaplain working at the fictional penitentiary known as Mariah State located in the Northeast section of the U.S.A.

*(Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis) Husband and wife team of Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, formerly of the "Fifth Dimension" pop group, hosted this summer musical variety program.

*(Ray Aranha, Barbara Montgomery) Nick and Olivia Williams, black landlords who rented out their Harlem Brownstone to two white couples.

**(Harold Sylvester) Griff, a black shoe salesman occasionally featured on this dysfunctional situation comedy during the 1994-97 seasons. Griff works at Garry's Shoes with Al Bundy, a frustrated married white shoe salesman.

*(Arsenio Hall/costar) Lt. Terrell Parker, a black streetwise Los Angeles police detective who assisted the cases of Captain Sammo Law, an Asian-American cop on loan from Shanghai, China.

*(Martin Lawrence) Martin Payne, a boisterous, macho black deejay at WZUP radio station in Detroit. Other cast included Tisha Campbell as his long-suffering but devoted girlfriend, Gina Waters (she married Martin in the spring of 1995); Carl Anthony Payne as his pal Cole; Thomas Mikal Ford as his other pal Tommy; Tichina Arnold as Tommy's girlfriend, Pam (who disliked Martin with a passion); Jonathan Gries as radio station engineer Sean McDermott; Garrett Morris as radio station manager Stan Kemrite; and LaWanda Page as Evelyn. From time to time Martin dressed in drag to portray his mother and his zany female neighbor Sheneneh.

**(John Amos) Gordon "Gordy" Howard, a black weatherman for Minneapolis television station WJM-TV, Channel 12. Gordy later moved onto become a sportscaster in a major market.

**(Kene Holliday) Tyler Hudson, a black private eye who assisted Atlanta based father/daughter law team. Later in the series, the Tyler Hudson character was replaced by Clarence Gilyard Jr. who played Conrad McMasters, a former police deputy turned investigator.

**(Lincoln Kilpatrick) Lt. Michael Hoyt, a black Los Angeles police detective who was often involved with investigations of millionaire private detective, Matt Houston.

**(Felton Perry, Chelsea Brown) Jimmy and Tag, two hip young blacks who assisted psychiatrist, Matt Lincoln with a troubled teenager hotline.

*(Montel Williams) Matt Waters, a tough-talking black science teacher working in an inner-city high school in New Jersey. Waters had just retired from the Navy SEALS and decided to teach and straighten out kids gone bad. Montel Williams, a former Navy officer and motivational speaker also hosted the syndicated daytime talk show THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW.

**(Carl Franklin) Detective Jerry Cross, a black San Pedro policeman who was fellow officer of Jim McClain, a veteran white cop newly returned to the force from retirement.

**(Terry Carter) Sgt. Joe Broadhurst, a black NYPD detective who assisted a transplanted New Mexico sheriff on his assignments at the Manhattan 27th precinct.

ME & MRS. C/NBC/1986-87
*(Misha McK/costar) Gerri Kilgore, a young black female with a prison record who was taken in by Mrs. C, a 62-year-old white widow.

*(James Earl Jones) Lou Garfield, a black ex-cop who made sure that a mother and daughter team of private eyes didn't get too deep into trouble.

*(Steve Harvey) Steve Tower, a video store owner and widowed father of three children, Artis (Chaz Lamar Shepherd), William, (Wayne Collins) and Andrew (Benjamin D. LeVert). Other cast were Madge Sinclair as Mary Crock, Steve's mother-in-law, and Wendy Raquel Robinson as Steve's girlfriend, Amelia.

*(Melba Moore) Melba Patterson, a divorced black woman who worked as Deputy Director of Tourism (Manhattan Visitor's Bureau) for New York City. Jamilla Perry played Tracy, Melba's nine year old daughter. Melba's best friend was a white woman on whose parent's estate Melba grew up as daughter of their housekeeper. Melba Moore also starred in a syndicated musical video series in 1982 called MELBA MOORE'S COLLECTION OF LOVE SONGS.

*(Melba Moore, Clifton Davis) Melba Moore and her husband Clifton Davis hosted this summer replacement musical/variety program.

*(Ving Rhames/costar) Charlie Hazard, a black criminal lawyer working in Baltimore (fired by his law firm after 10 years) who opened his own private practice. Candy Ann Brown played his wife, Margaret.

*(Voice of Keith Diamond/costar) Agent J, a cool heroic African-American MIB rookie who (with his white partner Agent K) monitors outer space aliens that either lived peacefully on Earth in an assortment of guises or threatened to conquer the planet. This animated series was based on the theatrical film Men in Black (1996) starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

*(Joe Morton) Dr. Grote Maxwell, black physician assigned aboard Mercy Point, a 23rd century medical facility that is part of the colony known as Jericho, an outpost located on the furthest explored point in the galaxy across the Saharactic Divide. Grote is the primary alien physiologist, specializing non-human patients. Gay Thomas-Wilson also appeared as Dr. Rema Cook, a well-respected psycho-surgeon from Earth.

*(Philip Michael Thomas/costar) Detective Ricardo Tubbs, a sexy, smart and very cool black ex-New York Policeman who relocated to Miami to find the murderers of his brother and later joined the Miami police force, assigned to narcotics. Olivia Brown played detective Trudy Joplin, a fellow black officer.

*(Klea Scott/costar) Emma Hollis, Special Agent for the FBI who assisted Frank Black, a serial killer profiler. Hollis' character was introduced during the 1998 season. CCH Pounder has also appeared in the role of Dr. Cheryl Andrews.

*(Rondell Sheridan) Dr. Ron Aimes, an African-American child psychologist who shares an office with a orthodontist. Also featured were Wendy Raquel Robinson as Ron's wife, Rachel; Bobby E. McAdams II as their precocious ten year-old son, Trevor; and Camille Winbush as their cute younger daughter, Emma.

**(Julius Carry) Perry, a black divorced friend of a white NYU film professor and his younger brother. Also featured was Wesley Jonathan as Connor, Perry’s teenage son.

*(Kevin Peter Hall/costar) Dr. Elvin "El" Lincoln, a seven foot, four inch black scientist who could shrink to the size of a Ken doll. Elvin was one of four genetic misfits who teamed up to fight crime and investigate the extraordinary.

*(Greg Morris/costar) Barney Collier, a black electronics expert sent on assignment by the U.S. government as part of an espionage unit known as the Impossible Missions Force.

*(Phil Morris/costar) Grant Collier, a black electronic wizard in possession of the "greatest inventive mind to come out of MIT in twenty years" who now worked with the IMF. Phil Morris was the real-life son of Greg Morris, who played Barney Collier on the original series.

MR. RHODES/NBC/1996-97
**(Ron Glass) Ronald Felcher, a black instructor at an old conservative prep school who interacts with newly hired Caucasian writer/teacher (Mr. Rhodes).

*(Clarence William, III/costar) Linc Hayes, a tough black and very cool (he always wore sunglasses) undercover cop. Linc was one of three teens employed by Los Angeles police Captain to form a special youth undercover police squad. All three were on probation for some offense.

MODELS, INC./FOX/1994-95
**(Garcelle Beauvais) Cynthia Nichols, a sassy, aggressive black fashion model who graduated from Princeton University and was now working for Models, Inc., a Los Angeles Modeling Agency. Beauvais was born in Haiti and has herself been a model for catalogs and cosmetic companies.

*(Brandy Norwood) Moesha Denise Mitchell, a black 16-year-old girl living in Leimert Park Section of Los Angeles under the watchful eyes of her protective parents. Also appearing were William Allen Young as her father, Frank; Sheryl Lee Ralph as Dee, her stepmother; Countess Vaughn as Kim Parker, Moesha's zany friend; Lamont Bentley as Hakeem Campbell, Moesha's next-door neighbor and best friend; Fredo Starr as Quinton "Q" Brooks, Moesha's boyfriend; Marcus T. Paulk as Myles Mitchell, her little brother; Shar Jackson as boy-crazy Niecy Jackson; and Yvette Wilson as Andell, who runs Moesha's favorite hangout, The Den. On the 1998-99 season premiere Moesha actually meets Brandy (as herself) at a concert. (as everybody thinks Moesha looks like Brandy except for Moesha). Brandy Norwood was a triple-platinum, Grammy-nominated teen singing sensation before she signed on to do this African-American sitcom. See also THE PARKERS

**(Darryl Thierse) Michael Bradley, black lawyer and adviser to politically ambitious Maryland clan.

MOVIN' ON/NBC/1974-76
**(Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier) Moose, a black gypsy truck driver seen frequently on the 1975-76 season of this transportation adventure.

MR. T/NBC/1983-86
*(Voice of Mr. T) Animated cartoon featuring Mr. T, as a black coach of a U.S. gymnastics team that battled evil around the world.

*(Alison Stewart) Alison Stewart, black reporter and producer for MTV News and one of the network's two black on-camera personalities (veejay Bill Bellamy is the other)

**(Vanessa Williams) Lila Marquette, black legal office receptionist for white defense attorney. DB Woodside later appeared as the firm's new black associate.

**(Julius Carry) Mitchell Baldwin, the new black President of news at the CBS network Washington, DC. headquarters that produces FYI "For Your Information" a newsmagazine anchored by veteran journalist Murphy Brown. The Mitchell Baldwin character was introduced on episode No 105 "Black, White & Brown; and on episode No. 129 "Black and White and Read All Over" anchorwoman Murphy Brown begins to date Mitchell.

*(Adam Wade) Adam Wade, the first black man to host a network game show. The program (a revamped version of a 1955 game show) featured four contestants who competed to identify missing lyrics in a song.

**(Willie Best) Charlie, a black handyman and elevator operator at the Albright's apartment building in New York City. Willie Best also played a handyman on the comedy series THE STU ERWIN SHOW/ABC/1950-55.

**(Wilson Cruz) Enrique “Ricky” Vasquez, a student at Liberty High School in Pittsburgh. He's gay, overly romantic, half-Hispanic, half-Black, left-handed, a Catholic, a good dancer, and loses his voice when he gets nervous. Ricky friends at school included Angela Chase [he's hot for Angela's boyfriend Jordan]; Brian Krakow, a nerdy genius and fellow outcast; and Rayanne Graff, a troubled female student who abuses alcohol and sleeps around. To keep his mind off the fact that he has an abusive uncle [who later kicks Ricky out], Ricky gets involved in such activities as sewing and acting with the school's drama club. After Ricky's family abandoned him [they left town without telling him] he moved in with Mr. Richard Katimski, the new closet-gay English teacher and moderator of the drama club. Ricky first admitted he was gay to yearbook staffer Delia Fisher [she has a crush on Ricky despite his homosexuality].

*(Justin Pierre/costar) Ivar, a black Moorish Prince who assisted a group of Irish teenage warriors battle evil sorcerers in ancient Celtic Ireland. Ivar was also known as The Mystic Knight of the Water.

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