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**(Darryl Sivad) T. J., a nattily dressed black fashion editor working for the Comet, a Los Angeles based celebrity tabloid.

**(Cress Williams) Antwon Babcock, black police detective assigned to the SIU division of the San Francisco Police Department. His character was introduced in the fall 2000 season. On the episode #617 "Blood Bots' (aired 3/30/01) Antwon accompanied a group of officers to a warehouse to find a techno geek whose robot robbed a convenience store and killed the clerk on duty. While busting into a warehouse, a rigged strobe light designed to blind the officers to booby traps, flashed brightly in the officers eyes. Immediately Detective Babcock retreated from the scene saying: "I gotta get out of here." One of his fellow officers (Det. Dominguez) discretely noted later that Antwon's actions reflected someone who exhibited signs of epilepsy.


*(Don Franklin/costar) Alex Wheeler, a black narcotics officer working in Las Vegas as part of a five man undercover team known as the Nasty Boys.


*(Nat "King" Cole) Nat "King" Cole, a popular black singer who hosted this short-lived musical/variety program. Nat "King" Cole became the first major black performer to headline a "network" variety series.

THE NEW ADAM-12/SYN/1989-90
*(Peter Parros/costar) Gus Grant, a black uniformed policeman and former football player who patrolled the streets of Los Angeles with his white partner.

*(Sheryl Lee Ralph) Vicky St. James, an attractive black hairdresser who operated the New Attitude hair saloon with her younger sister, Yvonne played by Phyllis Yvonne Stickney. Also featured were Ja'net Dubois as Irma; Morris Day as a Lamarr, a flamboyant hairstylist who worked in the corner of the saloon; and Earl Billings, as Leon, Vicki's landlord.

*(Ron Glass/costar) Felix Unger, fastidious black fashion photographer sharing a New York apartment with Oscar Madison (Demond Wilson), his sloppy sportswriter roomie. This series was a black remake of “The Odd Couple,” the popular 1970s comedy starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman about two divorced men sharing an apartment in the Big Apple.

**(Joe Morton) Mitch Cotter, a black managing editor for the New York Reporter newspaper.

*(Malik Yoba/costar) Detective J.C. Williams, a hip African-American police detective based at New York City's Fourth Precinct. He romances fellow officer Detective Nina Moreno (played by Lauren Velez).

**(Khandi Alexander) Catherine Duke, a black co-anchor at WNYX, an all-news radio station in New York City. Catherine is single, intelligent and constantly quarreling with her pompous co-anchor Bill McNeal. Eventually Catherine left WNYX for a job in London. When Bill died of a heart attack, she returned to the states for his funeral. Catherine had secretly yearned for Joe Garelli, the station’s blue-collar Italian-American engineer.

**(Arjay Smith) Jared, a young black student attending Gerald R. Ford, an urban middle school.

*(Charlie Robinson/co-star) Mac Robinson, an easy-going black court clerk who worked in Manhattan's night court system with a cast of zany fellow workers. He later married a Vietnamese girl whom he first met when stationed in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Paula Kelly played defense/legal aid attorney Liz Williams during the 1984 season. In the fall of 1986 Marsha Warfield starred appeared as Roz Russell, a poker-faced black court matron. Bumper Robinson was featured as Leon, a black street urchin whom Judge Harry Stone wanted to adopt.

*(Derwin Jordan/costar) Raleigh Jordon, former weapon systems engineer and computer expert who took a job at the House of Soul where Caucasian musician Johnny Domino (a.k.a. the superhero NightMan) performs. Jordon uses his high-tech talents to assist NightMan battle sinister villains. Born and raised in Montreal, Jordan abandoned his business and accounting background to enroll in York University's Theatre Programme. He also appeared in roles on "Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict," "Fast Track," "La Femme Nikita" and "Top Cops.”

9 TO 5/ABC/1982-83/SYN/1986-88
**(Art Evans) Morgan, a grey-haired black Jamaican who worked as company mailman/messenger for Barkeley Food International based in New York City. Later in the series he became an American citizen.

**(Richard Cummings, Jr.) Bernard, the black brother of Chris Stevens, a white radio D. J. working at KBHR in the town of Cicely, Alaska. Bernard was introduced in first-season ending episode "Aurora Borealis". While working on an elaborate metal sculpture in honor of the Northern Lights, Chris and Bernard discovered, through a bizarre twist of fate, they had the same biological father.

*(Dennis Haysbert/costar) Dr. Theodore Morris, mysterious black U.S. Government scientist who monitors the progress of a white accident victim (hit by a subway car) whose brain was harvested and placed inside a genetically bio-engineered replacement body. Theo is a man of power, intellect and immense self control but with a potential dark side that keeps his charges in line.

*(Arnetia Walker/costar) Annie Roland, black nurse who worked at Miami Community Medical Center with a group of overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated "Florence Nightengales". Her husband was a fireman.

*(Robert Hooks/costar) Jeff Ward, a black police officer and one of three plainclothes detectives who worked the streets of New York City.

N.Y.P.D. BLUE/ABC/1993-2005
*(James McDaniel/costar) Lt. Arthur Fancy, a hard-nosed black precinct supervisor of a group of veteran New York City homicide detectives. The fiery "N-Word" episode sparked racial tensions when Lt. Fancy confronted the prejudices of white detective Andy Sipowicz. Born March 25, 1958, the Emmy nominated actor, James McDaniel grew up in Northwest Washington. His theatrical acting credits (over 75 of them) included an Obie Award-winning performance in "Before It Hits Home", his originating role of Paul Poitier in "Six Degrees of Separation," and a role in the film "The Soldier's Story" (1984). Another black detective named Baldwin “Dee” Jones [named after author James Baldwin] joined the show during the 2000 season.

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