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**(Madge Sinclair) Gussie Lemmons, a black restaurant owner and friend of Ohara, an oriental police detective who frequented her Los Angeles establishment.

ON OUR OWN/ABC/1994-95
*(Ralph Louis Harris/costar) Josh Jerrico, a restaurant manager and eldest sibling of a group of black orphans who masqueraded in drag as Aunt Jelcinda to fool Children's Services in keeping his family together. Other Jerrico family members included JoJo Smollett as Jimi; Jazz Smollett as Jai; Jussie Smollett as Jesse; Jurnee Smollett as Jordee; Jake Smollett as Joe; and Jocqui Smollett as baby Jarreau. The six younger Jerrico children were played by the Smollett clan, a New York-based rap/R&B musical family.

*(Shirley Hemphill) Shirley Simmons, a black female cab driver who inherited control of a multi-million dollar corporation upon the death of one of her faithful customers.

ONE WORLD/NBC/1998-2001
**(Harvey Silver) Neal Smith, a black teenager adopted into a multi-racial family supervised by caucasian Dave Blake and his wife Karen. Neal is a natural genius, introspective and has good problem solving abilities that everyone seems to ignore. Actor Harry Silver was actually raised in a foster care system and lived in a group home.

**(Bubba Smith) Robin, a towering black night manager of a "364" convenience store (they only closed on Christmas).

*(Oprah Winfrey) Oprah Winfrey, a talented black female talk show hostess who took her Chicago based program into national syndication in 1986. On February 9, 1987, she broadcast her show to Forsyth County, Georgia, the scene of a much publicized protest march against segregation. Oprah Winfrey earned critical acclaimed for her role in the movie The Color Purple (1985).

**(Vanessa Bell Calloway) Rosalee Clark, black female District Attorney working with an white eccentric Louisiana judge in the city of New Orleans.

*(Bill Cobb/costar) Elmer Greentree, a black psychic/medium who leads a group that investigates the paranormal. Bill Cobbs was born in Cleveland. He worked as an Air Force radar technician for eight years, toiled at IBM in office products and sold cars before heading to New York to begin a career as an actor. He also held regular roles on the TV series I’LL FLY AWAY, THE ‘SLAP’ MAXWELL STORY and THE GREGORY HINES SHOW.

*(Patti LaBelle) Chelsea Paige, former black singing star who owns a trendy Los Angeles night club and apartment building. Other cast include Morris Chestnut as Jeff Carswell Paige‘s young manager-trainee and tenant; Duane Martin as Vidal Thomas, Jeff’s buddy and fellow apartment dweller; and Vivica A. Fox as Charisse Chamberlain, Chelsea’s daughter, a successful fashion stylist

**(Hannah Dean) Gladys, a black housekeeper for a Chicago family of five orphans being raised by their aunt and an inept angel sent from heaven to help them out.

*(Otis Young/co-star) Jemal David, an ex-slave turned bounty hunter teamed with white Virginia aristocrat turned gunfighter in this post civil war western drama.

*(Richard Roundtree/co-star) Isaiah "Ice" McAdams, a black outlaw from the year 1899 who was zapped to the year 1987 when a lightning bolt hit him and his fellow outlaws who had just robbed a bank near Houston, Texas. Isaiah and his fellow time travelers used the gold from their robbery to open up a private detective agency in modern day Houston.

*(Brenda Sykes/costar) Brenda MacKenzie, a black college coed sharing living space with a young white women at the home of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, parents of David and Ricky from the classic situation comedy THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET/ABC/1952-66.

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