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*(Robert Guillaume/costar) Bob Ballard, a veteran black police detective teamed with a white partner Richard Capparelli at the eccentric beach community of Venice, California. John Hancock played Hank Bishop, a large black deputy commissioner.

*(Jermain H. Johnson) Booker T. Freeman, a young black youth who lived in a rural southern community of Palmerstown during the depression. The series focused on his relations with a young white boy. Also featured were Bill Duke and Jonelle Adams as Booker's parents Luther (a blacksmith) and Bessie; and Star-Shemah Bobatoon as Booker's older sister, Diana Freeman.

*(Robert Townsend) Robert Peterson, a black college professor and family man. His wife, Jerri (Suzzanne Douglas) was a law student. Their four children were teenagers Michael (Kenny Blank) and Zaria (Reagan Gomez-Preston) and youngsters Nicholas (Curtis Williams) and Cece (Ashli Amari Adams). Derek Sawyer/Bobby McGee as Derek and Carol Woods as Mrs. Wilson appeared as neighbors. During the fall of 1997, Jerri and Roberts take a street-smart foster child T. K. (Tyrone Dorzell Burton) into their home.

*(Countess Vaughn) Kim Parker, a young opinionated black teenager who helps her mother Nikki Parker (played by Mo’Nique) finish her high school education. Unfortunately, now Kim’s flamboyant mother wants to go college-the same college (Santa Monica Jr. College) that Kim is going to attend. Other cast included Mari Morrow as Desiree Littlejohn; Dorien Wilson as Professor Oglevee; Ken Lawson as Thaddeus Tyrell Radcliffe; Lark Voorhies as Chandra; Jenna Von Oy as Stevie Van Lowe; and Yvette Wilson as Andell Wilkerson, the owner of The Den, a favorite hangout. The Kim Parker character previously appeared on the sitcom MOESHA as Moesha Mitchell’s irrepressible best friend. a

*(James Earl Jones) Captain Woodrow "Woody" Paris, a black policeman who taught a night course in criminology at a local university. Lee Chamberlain played his wife, Barbara.

**(Lionel Smith) Aaron "Mac" Macrae, a black attorney and former Vietnam war veteran confined to a wheelchair while working with a motley group of lawyers at a New York City Legal Clinic.

*(Rupert Crosse/costar) George Robinson, a cool black police detective who was always getting into trouble with his white partner, Lennie Cooke.

*(Pearl Bailey) Pearl Bailey, veteran black singer entertainer, hosted this short-lived musical/variety program, which featured her husband, Louis Bellson as the shows bandleader.

**(Bobby Hosea) Maj. MacArthur "Hammer" Lewis Jr., black Marine Corps Executive Officer (XO) stationed at Pensacola Florida military installation (VMFAT-107) and assigned to train a squad of hotshot fighter pilots. Hammer, a Desert Storm vet, plays “bad cop” to get the best performance out of his recruits. Hammer embodies the Marines strict code of honor, discipline and respect.

**(Percy Rodriguez) Dr. Harry Miles (introduced in the 1968-69 season), a black neurosurgeon who lived in the New England town of Peyton Place with his wife, Alma played by Ruby Dee. Glynn Turman appeared as their teenage son, Lew.

THE PJs/FOX/1999
*(voice of Eddie Murphy) Thurgood Stubbs, harried and opinionated black building superintendent for the mythical inner-city housing project (aka "PJs") The PJs was the first black animated puppet series to air on primetime television. Thurgood spent his days contending with his saintly wife, Muriel (voice of Loretta Divine) as well as a bevy of misfit tenants. Called "Fat Albert for grown ups," THE PJs featured racy ghetto humor as well as sophisticated foamation puppet techniques created by Will "Claymation" Vinton (of California Raisins fame).

*(Ice-T/costar) Isaac “Ice” Gregory, black ex-con recruited by FBI experimental unit that uses streetwise felons to bring down criminals in high-risk undercover scams.

**(Michael Winslow) Sgt. Larvelle Jones, black police officer connected with the Los Angles police training academy and responsible for a new class of screw-ups and oddballs who were recently accepted in the facility. Michael Winslow (who can make highly realistic sound effects-sirens, gunfire, etc. with only his mouth) appeared in the original feature film Police Academy (1984) as Cadet Larvelle Jones and continued his role as Officer Jones in a series of successful Police Academy movie sequels.

**(Ed Bernard) Joe Styles, a black Los Angeles vice-squad detective and fellow worker of policewoman Pepper Anderson.

**(Robbi Chong) Alexandra "Alex" Moreau, a black psychic and researcher working for the Luna Foundation, a front for the "Legacy House," an organization that explores paranormal and occult phenomena.

**(Jeffrey Joseph) Willie Dawson, a young, black movie house employee who worked around the candy and popcorn counter of the Majestic Theater in Kansas City. Willie was a halfback on his high school football team who wanted to use his athletic abilities to springboard him to college and a better career.

**(Anal Lopez Goran) Poppita "Poppy" Fresh, a student at Kennedy High School. She is African-American and new to the school during the 2000-2001seasons. She hangs out with the "popular" kids including Mary Cherry; cheerleaders Brooke McQueen and Nicole Julian; and football players Josh Ford, and Mike "Sugar Daddy" Bernardino.

**(Sam Laws) Nate, a black house servant for a Manhattan physician. Mike Evans of THE JEFFERSONS had a minor role as Lenny, a medical intern.

*(Lisa Gay Hamilton/costar) Rebecca Washington, a black office manager for Donnell & Associates, a poorly financed legal firm located in the city of Boston. Also featured was Steve Harris as Eugene Young, a burly, bald black attorney who previously worked as a private detective.

*(David Alan Grier) David Preston, a black divorced English professor who took a job at Stuff, a New York gossip magazine. Also featured were Judith Scott as coworker Kelly Freeman; and Deborah Lacey as Mary Ann, Preston's ex-wife.

*(Joe Morton/costar) Lt. Tom Warner, black supervisor of a special unit of undercover detectives working out of a secret warehouse headquarters behind a print shop on Prince Street in the Soho section of New York City. The series was inspired by a real team of policemen started up in 1971 and operated for twenty years.

**(Hal Williams) Sgt Lucien C. "Ted" Ross, a black U.S. Army drill instructor (recreating his movie role of Boot Camp Training Sergeant) in charge of a group of female recruits at Fort Bradley, outside Biloxi, Mississippi. Also featured was Francesca Roberts as black Pvt. Harriet Dorsey; and Damita Jo Freeman as Pvt. Jackie Sims. In the 1980 movie "Private Benjamin" as Damita Jo Freeman played the role of Pvt. Gloria Moe.

**(Erica Gimpel) Angel Brown, black artist/teacher/metal sculptor who was placed under the protection of the Violent Crimes Task Force based in Atlanta, Georgia. on 9/28/96 when her life was endangered by a serial killer known as "Jack of All Trades." Angel is a close childhood friend of Samantha Waters and lives with and cares for her young daughter Chloe, both of whom are primary targets of the illusive "Jack." Angel Brown offered Dr. Waters residence following the murder of her husband, Prof. Tom Waters. After withdrawing from the FBI, Dr. Waters and daughter Chloe lived in seclusion with Ms. Brown on a farm that had been in her family for over 100 years. When "Jack of All Trades" (who killed Sam's husband) threatened their lives, Ms. Brown, Dr. Waters and Chloe were relocated to a VCTF living facility set up in an abandoned Atlanta firehouse Their new home was secured with video surveillance linked directly to VCTF headquarters and protected by FBI agents. The Angel Brown character appeared during the 1996-1999 seasons.

*(Hari Rhodes/costar) William Washburn, a black district attorney at odds with the "By-the-Book" Deputy police Chief of a large metropolitan city.

**(Leslie Silva) Dr. Helen Reynolds, a by-the-book black doctor who operated a low-income medical clinic in the city of Providence, Rhode Island.

*(Bryant Gumbel) Former TODAY host Bryant Gumbel takes the reigns of this hour-long primetime news magazine filled with live interviews and commentary.

**(Joseph Latimore) Darnell Ruggs, a black member of a raunchy bunch of New York City vice-squad detectives.

PUNKY BREWSTER/NBC/1984-86/SYN/1988-89
**(Cherie Johnson) Cherie Johnson, a young black girl and playmate of Punky Brewster, a seven-year old white girl who was adopted by an elderly Chicago photographer and building manager. Susie Garrett appeared as Cheri's grandmother, Mrs. Betty Johnson. She worked as a nurse at Cook County Hospital and raised her granddaughter after an accident killed Cheri’s parents.

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