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**(Ken Page) Joseph “Joe” Tyson, aka “Cheesecake,” a black, blind and corpulent computer hacker who provided information to John Sable, a black-clad freelance crime fighter. For services rendered, Sable paid off Tyson with “Cheesecakes” (Strawberry is his favorite). The inside of the cheesecake box contained messages in braille.

**(Orlando Brown) Jeff, a black kid and friend of a white kid named Chris who is the son of the local sheriff in the coastal town of Magic Beach, Florida. Jeff and Chris attend Douglas Jr. High School.

**(Denzel Washington) Dr. Philip Chandler, a black physician in residence and one of the several young physicians who worked at St. Eligius Hospital, a run-down hospital in Boston. Alfre Woodard appeared as Dr. Roxanne Turner, an obstetrician-gynecologist who became Dr. Chandler's love interest during the 1985-87 seasons. Also featured were Eric Laneuville as Luther Hawkins and Byron Stewart as Warren Coolidge, two black orderlies. Luther Hawkins later became an emergency medical technician.

**(J. Jay Saunders) Mack, a black assistant to Caucasian salvage magnate and inventor Harold Broderick who owns Jettison Scrap and Salvage Company.

*(Sammy Davis, Jr.) Sammy Davis, Jr., the multi-talented singer and entertainer who hosted this syndicated talk variety show which ran mostly in the evening hours.

*(Sammy Davis Jr.) Sammy Davis Jr., the popular black singer, dancer and all around entertainer who starred in this short-lived primetime musical variety program as well as THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE/ABC/1964-70 (an occasional host); THE NBC FOLLIES/NBC/1973 (a regular on the show); SAMMY & COMPANY/SYN/1975-77 (his own talk/variety show); and BARETTA/ABC/1975-78 (sung the theme song "Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow"). Davis lost his left eye in an automobile accident on November 19, 1954 while driving from Las Vegas to Hollywood. He recovered from his injury at the Community Hospital in San Bernardino. Soon after the accident he began to wear an eye-patch. It was replaced by a glass (actually plastic) eyeball. When he returned to work at Ciro's, he received a ten minute ovation. Mr. Davis Sammy Davis Jr. died in 1990 at the age of 64. Perhaps, his most remembered TV moment occurred on the February 19, 1972 episode of the CBS sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILY when Sammy Davis, Jr. (as himself) comes to the home Archie Bunker to retrieve a suitcase he left in Archie's cab. While there, Sammy encounters Archie's ideas on race including "If God meant us to be together, He'd have put us together. But look what He done? He put you in Africa and He put the rest of us in all the white countries." Astonished Davis said "Well, You must of told Him where we were 'cause somebody came and got us!" Before Davis leaves, he asked to have a picture taken with his new friend Archie Bunker. Just before the camera flash goes off, Davis plants a big kiss on Archie's right cheek.

*(Redd Foxx) Fred Sanford, an elderly black Watts junkyard owner who goes into business with two new partners while his son is away working the Alaskan pipelines. Marguerite Ray starred as a wealthy Beverly Hills widow, Evelyn "Eve" Lewis, who became Fred's girlfriend. Percy Rodrigues played Evelyn's brother Winston, who disapproved of his sister choice in suitors.

*(Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson) Fred Sanford, an elderly black Junk dealer living in Watts who ran his "empire" with the assistance of his grown son, Lamont played by Demond Wilson. Also featured were Slappy White, Dox Bexley and Whitman Mayo as Fred's friends Melvin, Bubba Hoover and Grady Wilson; Nathaniel Taylor as Rollo Larson, Lamont's streetwise close friend; Lynn Hamilton as Fred's love interest, Donna Harris; LaWanda Page as the feisty, bible-pounding Aunt Ester Anderson who called Fred a "fish-eyed fool"; Raymond Allen as Woody Anderson, Ether's husband; and Hal Williams appeared as a neighborhood police officer, "Smitty" Smith. In the spin-off series THE SANFORD ARMS/NBC/1977 Fred and Lamont moved to Arizona and Aunt Ester watched over his investments and collected the monthly mortgage payments from a white widower who put a down payment on the Sanford House, junkyard and boarding house in an attempt to turn the property into a successful inner-city hotel. Whitman Mayo as Grady Wilson and Don Bexley as Bubba Hoover appeared as regulars.

**(Garrett Morris) Garrett Morris, a black comedian who played a number of comic skits on the program including a Puerto Rican baseball player whose catchphrase was "Baseball's been berry, berry good to me". He also played a convict in a sketch who auditioned for a prison talent show with the song which featured the lyrics "I'm gonna get a shotgun and kill all the whitey's I see". In later years, a young comedian Eddie Murphy became a member of Saturday Night Live. His characters included a grown-up version of the Little Rascal black boy named Buckwheat; a black fitness instructor named Little Richard Simmons (a combination of nutrition guru Richard Simmons and rock 'n roller Little Richard); a ghetto children's shw host that parodied Mr. Rogers; and finally a black convict poet who wrote an insightful poem called "Cill My Landlord". In the 1990's black comedians Chris Rock, Ellen Cleghorne and Tim Meadows were regulars.

**(Lark Voorhies) Lisa Marie Turtle, a beautiful black teenage girl attending Bayside High School. Lisa originally appeared on GOOD MORNING MISS BLISS/DIS/1988-89 which was revamped into SAVED BY THE BELL. On the spin-off SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS/NBC/1993+ Bianca Lawson played black teen Megan Jones.

**(Mel Stewart) William "Billy" Melrose, a black government executive of a secret government espionage division called the"Agency" who gave assignments to operatives Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

*(Don Franklin/costar) Jonathan Ford, the black commander of the 1000-foot research submarine Seaquest that roamed the oceans of the world in the year 2018 (and later in a smaller vehicle after the Seaquest was destroyed.)

*(Dondré Whitfield/costar) Davis, black secret agent and the “agencies” newest recruit. Davis was handpicked by management to monitor the wildcard behavior of a fellow agent named Monk.

*(Chi McBride) Desmond Pfeiffer, an exiled black Englishman who becomes the trusted aide and confidant of president Abraham Lincoln during the chaos of the Civil War. The historical sitcom drew many negative reviews because of its light-hearted approach to such serious subjects as slavery.

*(Darris Love) Raymond Alverado, black youth and friend of a white girl named Alex Mack. Ray helped keep Alex's "morphing" ability a secret from those who would misuse her special powers (the result of a chemical spill). Also featured was Alexis Fields as Nicole, a pretty black female acquaintance.

**(Phil Morris) Jackie Chiles, black money-hungry New York City defense attorney hired on occasion by Cosmo Kramer to handle a variety of silly cases which often mirrored stories in the news (such as hot coffee spilled in the lap and lawyers getting irrational amounts of money for pain and suffering). The Jackie Chiles character is a comic homage of black attorney Johnny Cochran who defended (and won) the murder case of former pro football player O .J. Simpson accused of killing his wife, Nicole (“If the glove won‘t fit, you must acquit”). Chiles appeared in the episodes “The Maestro”; “The Caddy”; “The Friar’s Club”; “The Abstinence”; and on the “The Finale” - the last two episodes of the series wherein Jerry Seinfeld and pals were arrested under the Good Samaritan Laws of Latham,. Massachusetts for standing by and mocking–not helpinga citizen being attacked. Unfortunately, Jackie Chiles lost the case and his clients were sentenced to prison for up to 5 years. But Jackie did get to sleep with a woman (Teri Hatcher) whom Jerry tried to bed unsuccessfully. As Jackie left Jerry to his jail sentence, he commented "They are real!" - referring the the woman's breasts").

**(Bruce A Young) Captain Simon Banks, black police supervisor in the town of Cascade, Washington who monitors the activities of Jim Ellison, a former US Army Ranger turned police detective imbued with heightened sensory perceptions.

*(Roscoe Orman/costar) Gordon, one of the first black cast members working in the magical neighborhood of Sesame Street. Other black residents included Alana Reed as Gordon's sister, Olivia; Loretta Long as Susan; Miles, Gordon's adopted son (Gordon's real-life son, Miles); David Langston Smyrl as Mr. Handford who began operating Mr. Hooper's Store in 1989; and as of 1993 Angel Jemmott as Angel, the day car center worker; with Syvae and Rachael McDaniel as her daughter Kayla; and Jou Jou Papailler as Jamal, her park ranger husband. Harry Belafonte was the first of hundreds of stars to visit Sesame Street. In 1973 song stress Lena Horne performed "It's Not Easy Being Green" and pointed out "Its the same for me as it is for Kermit". TRIVIA NOTE: Soon after its premiere in 1969 SESAME STREET was banned for a month in Mississippi because of its racially mixed cast.

7 DAYS/UPN/1998-2001
*(Don Franklin/costar) Captain Craig Donovan, a black military advisor for a clandestine time travel project-code named “7 Days” that can send one person back in time for exactly seven days.

7TH HEAVEN/WB/1990-2007
**(Dorian Harewood) Reverend Morgan Hamilton, a black minister and friend of white preacher Eric Camden in the town of Glenoak, California. The reverend’s wife, Patricia “Patty” Morgan (Olivia Cole) was once married to a white man who is now crippled. The Morgan‘s have four children - Keisha, Nigel, Lynn and John Hamilton (Chaz Lamar Shephard), a friend of Matt Camden both of whom work as orderlies at a local hospital. John has hopes of becoming a singer.

704 HAUSER/CBS/1994
*(John Amos/costar) Ernie Cumberbach, a liberal African-American auto mechanic who moved into the former house of Archie Bunker in Queens. His family members included Lynnie Godfrey as Rose, his deeply religious wife and T. E. Russell as their ultra-conservative son Thurgood Marshall "Goodie" Cumberbach who dated a Jewish girl.

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