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**(Patton Oswalt) Spence Olchin, a short dark haired Albanian-American who works as a Toll Collector for the New Your Transit System. Spence is single, He lived at home until his thirties. Then he got his own apartment whihc he shared with an adorable pug dog which he calls Alan. Spence is considered a nerd because he likes science fiction and comic book conventions. For a time, Spence dated a girl named Denise. At first, she was frightened of Spence's dog. Spence later moved in with Danny Heffernan (Gary Valentine), the cousin of Doug Heffernan, Spence's friend from High School. Because Spence and Danny live together some think they are gay. One such person was Zana (Sanya Mateyas), a beautiful blond Albanian woman from the home country. Both Spence and Danny vied for her attention. Spence had the advantage of speaking fluent Albanian, but Danny cooking skills helped him in the competition. In the end, Zana chose another male friend. She did, however, introduced the boys to a gay Albanian friend  whom she thought might have a lot in common with them. In the series finale, Spence and Danny reunited and became roommates again. Ann Meara played the role of Spence's mother, Veronica, an Orthodox Albanian who had a fling with Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller), the widowed father of Carrie Heffernan, Doug's wife. Veronica married Arthur. Their marriage lasted one year.





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