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*(Mike Connors) Joseph R. “Joe” Mannix, a hard-boiled Armenian-American private eye who worked at 17 Paseo Verdes in West Los Angeles. Before opening his own independent agency Mannix worked for the high-tech detective firm known as Intertect.

Joe fought in the Korean War and had a wicked right hook. He was born circa 1932 and grew up in Summer Grove, California. He speaks the Armenian language fluently.

On episode “Wine from the Grapes” Mannix returns to his hometown to investigate the murder of a worker during a labor dispute. This introduces his father Stephan Mannix, a vineyard owner who was born 1898 in Armenia. He dispensed such Armenian proverbs as “There is no reason for war that reasonable men cannot resolve” or “What the eye truly sees, the heart never forgets.” and “With bread all grief is less.”

Other Mannix characteristics: Blood Type AB+; Height: 6’1/2”; Weight: 180 lbs.; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Brown. Joe obtained his Private Investigator’s license in 1956 - #13007. Mannix’s mother died in 1959. The rough and tumble action of this detective program was parodied by radio comedians Bob and Ray in a recurring skit about an extremely polite investigator called BLIMMIX.



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