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**(Jaason Simmons) Logan Fowler, a brash and very handsome blond Australian who had moved from down under to Los Angeles, California. He joined the Baywatch lifeguard team in the fall of 1994. During the 1999 season under the new series title BAYWATCH HAWAII Simmone MacKinnon appeared as Allie Reese, a native Australian who came to Hawaii in her late 20s to work at the newly established international lifeguard organization. Allie grew up in Sydney, Australia. She is fascinated with the maritime history of Hawaii and enjoys hunting for shipwrecks and treasure.. Allie works part-time job flying helicopter tours and volunteers to work the city beaches where she can get close to the locals. Simmone Mackinnon’s character of Allie Reese first appeared during the two-part 1998-99 season finale that filmed in Australia.

**(Ernie Dingo) James "Didge" Desmonde, an aboriginal native who assisted the Larsons, an American family doing dolphin research along the Australia coast. The dolphin research (man-to-dolphin communication) was financed by wealthy Australian industrialist Baron Trent (played by Nick Tate).

**(Sherrie Krenn) Pippa McKenna, a young exchange student from Sydney, Australia introduced into this all-female situation comedy during the 1987 season.

**(Elle McPherson) Janine Lacroix, a sexy Australian dancer who moved into Joey Tribianni’s Greenwich Village apartment after his former roommate Chandler Bing moved out to live across the hall with girlfriend Monica Geller. Janine is so attractive and Joey is such a flirt, that their living arrangements became sexually awkward until Janine told Joey she wasn‘t interested in him.

**(Camilo Gallardo) Kim Selby, Australian student attending the Croft University Medical School on the Caribbean island of Jantigue.

*(Helen Reddy) Helen Reddy, an Australian born singer who hosted this summer replacement variety show. Helen is famous for her hit song "I Am Woman (hear me roar)."

*(Jacko/costar) Jetto, muscular in-your-face Australian sidekick of an American agent known as the Highwayman who drives a high-tech twelve-ton eighteen-wheeler black Mack truck that tracks down criminals for the U.S. Government.

*(Lisa Patrick) Lisa Wells, a young, blonde and extremely attractive Australian woman who was the live-in babysitter for a working couple with two teenage sons and a new baby daughter. Lisa originally lived on a sheep station in the Outback before being hired by this New Jersey family living near New York City. Their frisky teenage son was always trying to get "Down Under" with Lisa.

**(Nick Tate) Roger McSwain, a bossie Australian who owned Juan Verde Real Estate Office in Los Angeles.

*(Peita Toppano) Karen Angela Travers, Aussie teacher (she killed her husband) imprisoned at the Wentworth Detention Center in Melbourne, Australia. Her fellow inmates include Kerry Armstrong as Lynette Jane Warner (falsely convicted of kidnapping); Val Lehman as Bea Alice Smith (convicted of murdering her husband); Carol Burns as Frieda “Franky” Joan Doyle (convicted of armed robbery and murder); Collette Mann as Doreen May “Debby Raye” Anderson (convicted of breaking and entering); Margaret Laurance as Marilyn Anne Mason (jailed for soliciting); Mary Ward as Jennie “Mum” Brooks (sentenced to life for killing her husband); and Sheila Florance as Elizabeth Josephine Birdsworth (convicted of mass murder). The prison staff included Patsy King as prison governor Erica Davidson; Elspeth Ballantyne as prison guard Meg Jackson, Fiona Spence as prison guard Vera Bennett; and Don Baker as prison psychiatrist Bill Jackson.

*(Joelene Crongorac & Tamsin West/costar) Linda Twist, 13 year-old Australian teenager who lives in a lighthouse on the coast with her twin brother Peter (Sam Vandenberg & Ben Thomas). Other cast included Rodney McLennan & Jeffrey Walker as their eight-year-old brother; and Richard Moir as their father, Mr. Twist. This 26 part fantasy, comedy series was produced by Australian Children's Television Foundation.

*(Andrew Clarke) Matt McGregor, head of the McGregor clan, Scottish immigrants who settled the Australian frontier of the late 1800s. Living on the sprawling Langara ranch, family members included Joshua Lucas as Luke McGregor; Brett Climo as Colin McGregor; Guy Pearce as Rob McGregor; Jolene Crnogorac as Danni McGregor and Sheryl Munks as Emily McGregor. The McGregor's nemesis was the Blackwood family who owned a nearby ranch. The series is based on A. B. "Banjo" Paterson's ballad "The Man from Snowy River" and the movies The Man from Snowy River (1982) and Return to Snowy River (1988) aka The Man from Snowy River II (1988). The series was filmed in Australia's Snowy River mountains.

*(Linda Newton/costar) Pal Kenzey, only Australian police inspector (from an all-British team) stationed on a moon colony in the twenty-first century at Moonbase One as part of an E. S. L. (European Space Liaison) police force called Star Cops.

*(Tracy Ullman) Rayleen Gibson, a coarse 35-year-old Australian stuntwoman, married to a little person (Mitch) and one of many characters created by white British comedian and impressionist Tracy Ullman.

**(Anthony Wickert) Dan, frontier sidekick of American stagecoach driver Chris Cobb, who owned and operated the Cobb and Company Stage Coachline, one of Australia’s first stage routes established in the 1850s.

**(Antoinette Byron) Bonnie Harper, an attractive lesbian prostitute from Australia who was jailed at Bass Women's prison in America on this tongue-in-cheek look at prison life.  


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