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ACAPULCO H.E.A.T./SYN/1993-94 & 96
*(Catherine Oxenberg) Ashley Hunter-Coddington, a former British agent and member of a multi-national group of special agents working for H.E.A.T.--Hemisphere Emergency Action Team.

*(Lester Matthews) Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith, a determined Scotland Yard Detective who foiled the evil schemes of Dr. Fu Manchu. Filmed in England.

*(Richard Greene) Sir Robin of Lochley, aka "Robin Hood," legendary 12th century English hero and freedom fighter of Sherwood Forest who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor on the syndicated adventure THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD/CBS/1955-58. Nobleman Sir Robin of Locksley spoke out against the tyranny of King John who had usurped the powers of the English throne while the true king, his brother King Richard, was in the Holy Lands fighting the Crusades. For his action, Sir Robin of Locksley's properties and lands were confiscated and he was declared an outlaw of the Crown. With the aid of his "merry men," Robin Hood battled the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Wheatley) and all forces that stood in the way of restoring King Richard to the throne of England. Robin's band of merry men included Alexander Gauge as Friar Tuck; Archie Duncan/Rufus Cruikshank as Little John; and Paul Eddington/Ronald Howard as Will Scarlet. The legend of Robin Hood appears in Langland's Piers Plowman and in many other English ballads. Twenty-five years later Mel Brooks created a wild, irreverent spoof of this legendary hero with his sitcom WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN/ABC/1975 starring Dick Gautier as Robin Hood. ROBIN OF SHERWOOD/SHO/1984-86 featured a reworked Robin Hood legend (filmed in Britain) starring Michael Praed (and later Jason Connery), as the rugged swashbuckling medieval hero. A revised version of the Robin Hood legend MAID MARIAN AND HER MERRY MEN/BBC/1989-94 starred Kate Lonergan as Maid Marian and Wayne Morris as Robin of Kensington. This time around Robin was a cowardly tailor from Kensington, and Marian was the brains behind the Merry Men. In May, 1991 the FOX Network aired Robin Hood, a spirited movie presentation with Patrick Bergin as the legendary English outlaw. In the summer of 1991, actor Kevin Kostner starred in the theatrical release Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves which debuted in theaters nationwide. This adventurous adaptation had Robin Hood bathing nude in a Sherwood Forest pond and a feisty Maid Marion kneeing an attacker in the groin. And still another remake starred Matthew Porretta [and later John Bradley] in TNT Network's first original television series THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD/TNT/1997-98.

*(Meredith Henderson) Shirley Holmes, the 12-year-old great grand-niece of world famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes who moves from England to Redington, Manitoba, Canada when her British diplomat father is posted to a Canadian embassy. Shirley attended Sussex Academy and pursued an avocation in criminology. Also featured were Elizabeth Shepherd as Shirley's grandmother Peggy Holmes; Chris Humphreys as Peggy's son and Shirley's dad, Robert Holmes; The series was based on the Sherlock Holmes character created by author Arthur Conan Doyle.

*(Terence Morgan) Sir Francis Drake, 16th century seaman, pirate and explorer working for Queen Elizabeth I (Jean Kent). Filmed in England. Also featured were Jean Kent as Queen Elizabeth I; Richard Warner as Walsingham; Patrick McLaughlen as Richard Trevelyan; Ewan Roberts as Earl of Lennox; and Michael Crawford as John Drake.

*(Christopher Timothy) Dr. James Herriot, a veterinarian living in the rural village in Yorkshire Dales in northeast England from the 1930s to 1950s Also featured were Robert Hardy as Dr. Siegfried Farnon, Herriot's mentor; Peter Davidson as Tristan Farmon, Siegried's younger brother; and Carol Drinkwater and Lynda Bellingham as Herriot's wife, Helen. The series was produced in England and broadcast in America on both PBS and A&E channels.

**(Bernard Fox) Malcolm Merriweather, a prim and proper but very friendly Englishman touring America on bicycle. He once served as a butler for Colonel Chumley for eleven years and a valet for the Coldstream Guards. He hails from Heckmondwike, England. His mother was born two blocks from Piccadilly Circus. Malcolm visits Mayberry, North Carolina three times while bicycling across America. On episode No. 89 "Andy's English Valet" Macolm runs up a $40 fine after colliding with a local truck and Andy allows him to work off the damage as a handyman at his house. On episode No. 124 "The Return of Malcolm Merriweather" Malcolm puts his valet experience to work at Andy's house and he does such a good job that Andy's Aunt Bee feels she is no longer needed. The last appearance of Malcolm occured on episode No. 164 "Malcolm at the Crossroads." Malcolm returns to town on his bicycle and takes a cross-walking job recently held by wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass. Malcolm likes to cook and keep falcons.

**(Joseph Maher) Brian Allquist, an elegant but sarcastic Englishman who critiqued television programs for a weekly Chicago magazine. His character left the series in the second season.

*(Frank Thornton) Captain Peacock, the pompous British supervisor who regulated that activities in the men's and women's clothing floor of the London-based Grace Brothers Department Store. Other cast included Molly Sugden as Mrs. Slocombe, the head of the Ladie's Fashion section whose hair color (green, purple, etc. ) changed from day to day; Wendy Richards as her assistant Miss Brahms; Nicholas Smith as Mr. Rumbold, the elderly head of the men's clothing section; Arthur Brough as Mr. Grainger, a men's clothing associate; Trevor Bannister as Mr. Lucas, a men's clothing associate; Mr. Humphries, a gay men's clothing associate; and Harold Bennett as the ancient-yet-frisky "Young" Mr. Grace, the store's owner. These zany Brit characters reprised their roles in GRACE AND FAVOUR/BBC/1992 this time trying to run a country hotel after they discover that the late Mr. Grace used their pension funds from the store to buy a rural establishment. Both series were aired nationally on PBS stations and gained quite a following.

*(Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg) Jonathan Steed and his female partner Emma Peel, two special espionage agents working for the British government. Linda Thorson as Tara King, replaced Diana Rigg during the 1968-69 season. The series was revived as THE NEW AVENGERS/CBS/1978 and starred Patrick Macnee as John Steed; Joanna Lumley as Purdy and Gareth Hunt as Mike Gambit. Actually, the program began in 1961 as an adventure about John Steed searching for the killer of a man's wife. He was later teamed with Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale, an independent investigator with a penchant for leather and motorcycles. By 1966, John Steed worked for the government as a spy. Filmed in England.

**(Alan Napier) Alfred Pennyworth, a British butler in the employ of Gotham City millionaire Bruce Wayne. Alfred was the only one who knew that his employer and his ward, Dick Grayson were in reality the crime fighting dynamic duo known as Batman and Robin. Later in the series Alfred learned the identity of the super heroine Batgirl and kept that little secret under raps as well. Alan Napier had spent his acting career portraying members of the Royal court (kings, prime ministers, etc.) in his native England. It wasn't until he came to America that he ever played a butler (the role of Alfred being his first). Efrem Zimbalist, Jr provided the voice of Alfred in the cartoon series BATMAN-THE ANIMATED SERIES/FOX/1992-93.

*(The Beatles) The Beatles - a.k.a. "the Fab Four," a popular rock and roll group from England featured in this Saturday morning cartoon series. The Beatles included John Lennon, Paul McCarthy, George Harrison, and Richard Starkey aka Ringo. The Beatles voices were provided by Paul Frees (John & George) and Lance Percival (Paul & Ringo).

*(Benny Hill) Benny Hill, a popular pudgy-faced British comic who goofed around in a variety of sometimes ribald, low-brow comedy skits featuring scantily clad females. Despite his lecherous activities and leering ways, Hill's naughty behavior never got nasty and was done in fun. Other cast included Henry McGee, Bob Todd, Jackie Wright and Nichjolas Parsons.

*(Rowan Atkinson) Edmund, (the Black Adder), a lazy, British schemer who manipulates his way to power in roles that spanned from the period 1485 through the Elizabethan times. Other cast included Tony Robinson as Balrick; Brian Blessed as Henry VII; Miranda Richardson as Queen Elizabeth 1; Stephen Fry as Lord Welchett; Patsy Byrne as Nursie; Hugh Laurie as George; Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy, and Helen Atkinson-Wood as Mrs. Miggins. The BLACK ADDER II/BBC/1986 episodes are set in the reign of Elizabeth I with Atkinson playing the great grandson of the original Edmund; in the BLACK ADDER THE THIRD episodes Atkinson plays Edmund Blackadder Esq. the butler to the Prince of Wales during the late eighteenth century; and on BLACKADDER GOES FORTH/BBC/1989. Atkinson plays Captain Blackadder on the Western Front of 1917. An additional BLACKADDER CHRISTMAS CAROL/BBC/1988 special had Atkinson playing Ebenezer Blackadder. Blackadder was first seen in the U.S. on the Arts & Entertainment cable channel in 1986 where it won a Cable Ace award for comedy series. Since then it's also been shown on Comedy Central, and local PBS affiliates.

**(Elaine Bolton) Bridget Muldoon, a proper British girl working as one the "Blansky's Beauties" showgirls featured at the Oasis Hotel in Las Vegas.

*(Lorne Greene) Ben Cartwright, three time widower who lived with his three sons (one from each marriage) on the Panderosa ranch outside Virginia City in Nevada in the 1880s. His sons included Hoss (Dan Blocker) whose mother Inger was Scandinavian; Little Joe (Michael Landon ) whose mother Marie was French Cajun; and Adam (Pernell Roberts) whose mother Elizabeth was from New England. Once Hoss asked Ben "Pa, we have any relatives in England?" Ben replied "Maybe, the name goes way back.

**(Roger Rees) Harrison Cross, the newly elected head of Randolph Harrington College in Boston. Harrison is snotty, presumptuous, progressive and doesn't mind cutting student services to save the college money, no matter how much his staff, especially the school's student liaison complained. Harrison pretends to be from a fashionable section of Hyde Park in London, but in reality he is just a poor Cockney gent who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks (British white garbage). To get an education, Harrison worked in a mill to pay for college expenses at Oxford. When Boyd, the school's student liaison accidentally discovered Cross's secret past, he forced Harrison to sing a verse of "Henry VIII" ("I'm Henry the VIII, I am...") as a provision to keep silent on the matter. Unfortunately, Harrison's wife Lucy Cross (whom Harrison kept hidden away in a Boston apartment out of embarrassment) spilled the beans about their Cockney beginnings during an interview with the local press.

*(Robert Shaw) Captain Dan Tempest, a former pirate living in the West Indies of 1720 who sailed the blue waters of the Caribbean in his ship, The Sultana. Peter Hammond appeared as Lt. Beamish, the newly appointed British governor of New Providence Island. Captain Dan's crew included Paul Hansard as Taffy; Brian Rawlinson as Gaff; Hugh David as Benjy; Alex Mango as Van Bruch; and Wilfrid Downing as Dickon, the cabin boy. The series was filmed entirely in England.

*(Anthony Stewart Head/costar) Giles, a high school librarian of British descent who guided a 16-year-old teenager in her efforts to fight supernatural creatures in the small California town of Sunnydale." Giles, a former museum curator in Britain, was an expert in ancient mythological monsters, including vampires. James Marsters also appeared as William the Bloody a.k.a. "Spike" (because he liked to torture his victims with railroad spikes), an evil punk-rocker-like vampire with a British accent.

*(Wendy Craig) Ria Parkinson, a British housewife in her forties (going through midlife crisis) who considers having an affair with a recently divorced man named Leonard Dunn (played by Bruce Montague). Ria's family members included Geoffrey Palmer as inattentive husband, Ben, a dentist who collected butterflies; Andre Hall as Russell, their teenage son; and Nicholas Lyndhurst as Adam, their other teenager. This series was broadcast throughout America on the PBS stations.

*(Douglas Dumbrille) Inspector Hobson, a British police officer assigned to Singapore who interacted with a slick soldier of fortune called China Smith.

**(Stephanie Beacham) Sable Scott Colby, the English cousin of Alexis Carrington Colby (Joan Collins) and wife of corporate magnate Jason Colby. Also featured were Katherine Ross as Francesca, Sable's sister.

*(Boris Karloff) Colonel March, an intrepid, one-eyed Scotland Yard inspector based in London who worked as the head of Department D-3, the office of Queen's complaint's. Colonel March wore a black eye patch over his left eye.

*(Alan Mowbray) Col. Humphrey Flack, a witty, portly British military officer who spent his retirement years traveling the globe and outwitting swindlers and conmen who preyed upon the poor (while keeping a percentage of the profits for expenses, don't you know). Frank Jenks also appeared as Uthas P. (Patsy) Garvey, the sidekick of this elderly modern-day Robin Hood. In 1958 a filmed version of this series (originally aired live on the Dumont Network) was created for syndication. The later version was titled COLONEL FLACK (aka THE FABULOUS FRAUD). The idea for the series was based on stories written by Everett Rhodes Castle that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post magazine.

*(Nigel Terry) Sir Thomas Gray, twelfth-century Lord who shared his castle with four sibling. The family was a medieval Cartwright clan (a la "Bonanza") who often got involved in the social problems of the people in the nearby English countryside during the year 1350 A.D. Sir Thomas' grown children included Jonathan Firth as his son Richard, a knight; Glenn Quinn as his son Cedric, a knight; Tim Killick as young son Armus, an aspiring knight; and Ione Skye as Eleanor, the Lord's only but spirited, feminist daughter. Also featured were Cherie Lunghi as Lady Elizabeth, a local landowner and love of Sir Thomas' life; James Faulkner as the evil Sir John Mullens; and Paul Brooke as the Friar. The series was filmed in Kent, England at Allington Castle and Penshurst Place.

*(Will Lyman) William Tell, the historical Swiss freedom fighter was relocated to medieval England for his thirty minute British adventure series. Also featured was David Barry Gray as his son Matthew Tell; and Jeremy Clyde as Governor Gessler. The series was called WILLIAM TELL in England.

**(Ronald Howard) Wing Commander Howard Hayes, an English landowner who owned/operated a game ranch in the heart of Kenya, Africa with the help of his American foreman, the world champion rodeo cowboy, Jim Sinclair. The program was filmed at Africa, U.S.A. near Los Angeles.

**(Hedley Mattingly) District Officer Hedley, a British game warden who interacted with American veterinarian who worked at the Wamaru Study Center for Animals in Africa.

*(Patrick McGoohan) John Drake, an international security investigator who worked with governments of the world in affiliation with NATO. The John Drake-like character later resurfaces in SECRET AGENT/SYN/CBS/1965. Both series produced in England.

*(David Frost) British writer, satirist who hosted this syndicated talk show where he (with clip board in hand) interviewed vis-a-vis such celebrities as Billy Graham, Burt Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and The Rolling Stones. He concurrently hosted a similar talk show in Britain which necessitated him flying back and forth from American and England. He was fond of saying the words "Marvelous," "Terrific," and "Smashing".

*(David Niven) David Niven, British host of this dramatic anthology series which ran during the summer of 1959.

**(Jane Carr) Louise Mercer, a counselor with a British accent working as a group leader for a singles support group (the One-to-One Club) that met every Friday night at 9PM at the Rego Park Community Center in Manhattan. Seemingly obsessed with the intimate problems of her self-help group, she often asked "Could it be something...sexual?" Louse was born in Cheshire, England. She now lives in apartment 5G in Manhattan. Her family included her ex-husband and her never-seen son Nigel. Louise spent time in a mental hospital recovering from her broken marriage. Some notable facts about this over-sexed Brit: She is a former Miss Cheshire beauty pageant winner and is a close friend with the Queen of England.

*(Glynis Barber/costar) Det. Sgt. Harriet "Harry" Makepeace, a British policewoman working with an elite Scotland Yard undercover unit. in London, England. Harry (actually Lady Harriet, a member of English royalty) was paired with Lt. James Dempsey, a streetwise American cop from New York City who got transferred out of the U.S. for his own protection.

*(Peter Wyngarde) Jason King, British mystery writer who teamed with special Interpol operatives Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) and Rosemary Nicols as (Annabell Hurst) to investigate cases for Department S. The team reported to Sir Curtis Seretse (played by Alaba Peters). The series changed its title to JASON KING in its second year.

*(Hazel Court) Jane Starrett, an English duchess living in London with her American husband Dick, an insurance investigator for a multinational company. Michael Shepley also appeared as Inspector Stark, from Scotland Yard.

*(Diana Rigg) Dianna Smythe, an English divorcee who relocated to New York City to begin her life over as a fashion illustrator at Buckley's Department Store on Fifth Avenue.

*(Barry Evans) Dr. Michael Upton, madcap medical student constantly in trouble at St. Swithin's Teaching Hospital in London. Other cast included Robin Nedwell as Dr. Duncan Waring; Geoffrey Davies as Dr. Dick Stuart-Clark; Ernest Clark as Professor Geoffrey Loftus; the anatomy instructor and the medical student's nemesis; Ralph Michael as The Dean; George Layton as Paul Collier; Martin Shaw as Huw Evans; Simon Cuff as Dave Briddock; Jonathan Lynn as Danny Hooley; Richard O'Sullivan as Dr. Bingham and Donna Reading, Sammie Winmill, Siobhan Quinlan, Madeline Smith as the many duty hospital nurses. The success of this series spawned DOCTOR AT SEA/LWT/1974; DOCTOR AT LARGE/LWT/1974; and DOCTOR ON THE GO/LWT/1975. The series was based on the books of Richard Gordon, whose memories of medical school in London inspired DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE, its sequels and the many theatrical films starring Dirk Bogarde. This British export was aired in America and became very popular for several season.

**(Craig Ferguson) Mr. Nigel Wick, a pompous, unfeeling supervisor of British descent working in a Cleveland Department Store. Later in the series, he entered a clinic to battle his drug addiction. During his childhood Nigel lived in a coldwater flat in East London with an alcoholic mother. He mused about all the men that visited his mother saying "They all can't be uncles."

*(John Mills) Dundee, a British barrister based in Sausalito, California who traveled the West of the late 19th century helping clients, assited by a younger American apprentice, The Culhane.

*Den and Angie Watts, the owners of the Queen Victoria Pub (aka "The Vic") located in Walford E20 (in the East end of London), where all of the local neighbors Albert Square mingled and shared their successes and problems on the popular British soap opera. The initial focus of the series was the Fowler family and their day-to-day struggles with unemployment, overcrowded living conditions, teenage pregnancy, mental breakdown, etc. This British import first aired nationally on the PBS networks in 1988 and later on the BBC Cable channel. The Vic was previously run by the womanizing Den Watts, his vixen wife, Angie; then by Frank and Pat Harris; Eddie Royle, and Sharon Watts (Den & Angie's daughter). Another popular British working class pub was the Rover's Bar located at No. 11 Coronation Street in Weatherfield, England on the soap opera CORONATION STREET/GRA/1960+.

EDWARD & MRS. SIMPSON/SYN/1980 (Miniseries)
*(Edward Fox) King Edward VIII, the English monarch who abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, ("The woman I love.") an American socialite whom Edward married in 1937. Also featured was Marius Goring as King George V, Edward's father; and Peggy Ashcroft as Edward's mother, Queen Mary.

EDWARD THE KING/SYN/1979 (Miniseries)
*(Timothy West) King Edward VII, the son and successor of Queen Victoria (Annette Crosbie). Charles Sturridge played the role of Edward in his teenage years. Also seen were Robert Hardy as Prince Albert; Edward's father; Deborah Grant and Helen Ryan as Edward's Danish wife, Alexandra and John Gielgud as Benjamin Disraeli, British statesman and 1st earl of Beaconsfield.

**(Alex Kingston) Dr. Elizabeth Corday, a spirited surgeon from England working in the emergency room at Cook County General Hospital. She was romantically involved with Dr. Peter Benton, an African-American coworker and then married Dr. Mark Greene who later died from brain tumor complications. They had a child. Alex Kingston grew up on the outskirts of London, England. She researched her role as Dr. Corday by spending time with surgeons in a London hospital. 

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