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*(Stephen Cotter) Billy Williams, a teenager growing up in the Canadian landscape near Lake Huron, Canada. Other cast include Lois Maxwell as Nancy Williams; Susan Conway as Hannah Williams; Buckley Patawabano as Pete Gawa; and Wally Koster as Dennis Mogubgub.

*(Meredith Henderson) Shirley Holmes, the 12-year-old great grand-niece of world famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes who moves from England to Redington, Manitoba, Canada when her British diplomat father is posted to a Canadian embassy. Shirley attended Sussex Academy and pursued an avocation in criminology. Shirley's mother was a Canadian-born virologist who traveled to Rhwana for the World Health Organization but was lost for three years and now feared dead (although Shirley still hopes she will return). Also featured were as Ms. Stratmann, the headmistress of the Sussex Academy; John White as Shirley's streetwise pal Boris 'Bo' Sawchuk (her Watson); Brendan Fletcher as Sterling 'Stink' Patterson; Sarah Ezer as Molly Hardy (Shirley's nemesis); Annick Obonsawin as Alicia Gianelli; Blair Slater as Bart James; Marie Stillin as Ms. Stratmann; The YTV series (produced by Winnipeg's Credo Entertainment) was based on the Sherlock Holmes character created by author Arthur Conan Doyle.

*(Sarah Polley) Sara Stanley, youngster living at Avonlea on Prince Edward Island at the turn of the century. Other cast included Jackie Burroughs as Hetty King; Lally Cadeau as Aunt Janet King; Cedric Smith as Uncle Alec King; Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King; Zachary Bennett as Felix King; Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde; and Mag Ruffman as Aunt Olivia Dale. This 91 episode rural drama was based on the works of popular Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote "Anne of Green Gables."

*(John H. Brennan/costar) Royal Mountie Corporal Clive Bennett, law enforcement officer who shared policing duties with US Marshal Jack Craddock as they maintained law and order in the 1890s northern bordertown where the US-Canadian border ran down the middle of the main street. Sophie Barjac appeared as the lovely Marie Dumont, the town's physician.

**(Shawn Meier) Miles Challenger, a 15-year-old boy living in a Klondike mining town at the turn of the century with a huge and powerful dog companion named Buck. Other cast included Crystal Buble as Emma; Kathleen Duborg as Mercedes Levant; Rachel Hayward as Adoley Thornton; William MacDonald as Christopher Blaser (a.k.a. the “Swede“), a rough-hewn Canadian postman in his 30s who delivers mail to all corners of the Klondike with his dogsled team; and Nick Mancuso as John Thornton. Produced by CineVu in association with TEAM Entertainment and Animal Planet, the 13 episode series was based on the classic Jack London novel The Call of the Wild.

*(Keram Malicki-Sanchez) Johnny Camden, a young Canadian guitarist who forms a Toronto-based pop rock band called "Catwalk." Band members included Neve Campbell as Daisy McKenzie (keyboard); Kelli Taylor as Mary Owned (on bass guitar); Paul Popowich as Jesse Carlson (drummer); Lisa Butler as Sierra Williams (vocalist); and Christopher Lee Clemens as Addie "Atlas" Robinson (rapper vocalist). Joel Wyner appeared as Billy K, the owner of the club where Catwalk performed.

*(Christopher Plummer) Alexander Addington, Toronto-based billionaire who formed an international crime fighting team after terrorist killed his wife. He also had headquarters in Paris, France. Laurence Ashley-Taboulet appeared as his beloved daughter, Suzanne.

*(Nicholas Campbell) Dominic Da Vinci, former police officer of Italian descent who changes careers and now uses his investigative skills as coroner in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Also featured were Gwynyth Walsh as Patricia Da Vinci; Robert Clothier as Joe Da Vinci, Joy Coghill as Portia Da Vinci; Jewel Staite as Gabriella Da Vinci; and Venus Terzo as Angela Kosmo.

*(Nicole Stoffman/costar) Stephanie Kaye, an attractive fourteen-year-old girl who attended Degrassi Junior High along with a number of other students in the fictional town of Degrassi, Canada. Other cast included Stacie Mistysn as Caitlin Ryan; Sarah Ballingall as Melanie Brody; Rebecca Haines as Kathleen Mead; Pat Mastoianni as Joey Jeremiah; Duncan Waugh as Arthur Kobalewscuy, Anais Granofsky as Lucy Fernandez; Amanda Stepto as Spike; Angela Deiseach as Erica, Maureen Deiseach as Heather; Amanda Cook as Lorraine; Cathy Keenan as Liz; Maureen McKay as Michelle Arsepi; Stefan Brogren as Snake; Neil Hope as Wheels; Michael Carry as Simon; Jacey Hunter as Amy; Siluck Saysanasy as Yick Yu; and Irene Courakos as Alexa. When the students graduated the show title changed to DEGRASSI HIGH/SYN/1989-91.

DIAL 999/SYN/1959
*(Robert Beatty) Michael Maguire, Canadian police officer sent to London, England to learn modern police methods.

*(Sam Groom) Dr. Simon Locke, young physician working in the small town of Dixon Mills, Canada with his mentor Dr. Sellers (Jack Albertson). Also featured were Nuala Fitzgerald as Nurse Wynn; Len Birman as Chief/Det. Lt. Dan Palmer; and Larry D. Mann as Lt. Jack Gordon. The series was later retitled POLICE SURGEON when Dr. Locke began to work for the Dixon Mills police department.. The series was produced in Toronto.

*(Cartoon Character) Dudley Do-right, true blue Northwest Canadian Mountie, (voice of Bill Scott) who spent his time saving his girlfriend, Nell Fenwick (voice of June Foray) from the evil Snidely Whiplash (voice of Hans Conreid). The series originally aired as segments of both ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS and THE BULLWINKLE SHOW cartoon series on ABC/NBC from 1959-64. This 30-minute series was created by Bill Scott and Jay Ward Production.

*(Paul Gross) Benton Fraser, a dedicated Canadian Mountie Constable who always wore his bright red Royal Canadian Mountie uniform while chasing criminals with his partner, an Italian-American Chicago police detective. He also had a wolf sidekick named Diefenbaker. Fraser was stationed at the local Canadian Consulate in Chicago, Illinois. His dead father, Robert Fraser (a Mountie killed in the line of duty) revealed himself to Fraser from time to time to guide him through his troubles. Leslie Nielsen also appeared as Mountie Sgt. Buck Frobisher, a klutzy but competent Mountie who was once a close friend to Benton's father. TRIVIA NOTE: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police organized in 1873 as the Northwest Mounted Police to bring law and order to the Canadian frontier. It became known as the R.C.M.P. in 1920 and acts as the country's federal police force in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec, who have their own provincial law enforcement authorities. The R.C.M.P. investigates such major crimes such as money laundering, counterfeiting, organized crime, drug offenses, etc. The R.C.M.P. motto (commonly thought to be "We always gets our man") is actually "Maintiens le droit" (Uphold or Maintain the Right).

THE KIDS IN THE HALL/HBO/1990-92/CBS/1992-95
*(Kids in the Hall) Kids in the Hall, a Canadian improvisational group who hosted a half-hour series of comedy sketches. The members included Bruce McCullough, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley, Scott Thompson, and Mark McKinney. Reruns of the program were aired on the Comedy Channel beginning in 1991.

*(Al Waxman) Al King, the loud-mouthed, opinionated owner of King's Variety Store in Kensington near Toronto, Canada. Other cast included Fiona Reid as Kathy King, Larry's wife; and Helene Winston as Gladys King, Larry's live-in mother. The series was produced in Canada.

*(David Stratton) Lt. Winston Churchill Staples, Canadian Forces 7th field regiment, engineer, and demolition expert. He went Iraqis hunting during Desert Storm when he should have been behind the lines observing. He was also team medic. As he said "I blow'em up, I sew'em up".

*(David Niven) William Stephenson, Canadian recruited as a spy by Winston Churchill to work undercover during World War II for the Allied Powers.

*True stories of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they hunt down and get their man even if its not on a horse.

*(Jerry O'Connell) Andrew Clements, (a.k.a. "Ultraman") a teenager from the town of Briarwood, Canada who becomes endowed with superpowers after being exposed to a scientific experiment. Other cast included Derek McGrath as Dr. Benjamin "Dr. J" Jeffcoate, Andrew's scientist next-door neighbor; Wanda Cannon as Andrew's mother, Stephanie Clements; Marsha Moreau as his kid sister, Erin Clements; Christopher Bolton as Kirk Stevens; and Elizabeth Leslie as Mrs. Shellenbach.

*(Winston Rekert) Dr. Michael Terry, Canadian psychologist who takes juvenile offenders to his ranch outside Vancouver, Canada to help rehabilitate them. Other cast included Samuel Sarkar as Vic, an Indian ranch hand; Antoinette Bower as Fox Devlin, the ranch manager; William S. Taylor as John Philip Reid, the Vancouver cop responsible for remanding the juveniles into Terry's custody; Suzanne Errett-Balcom as Rachel Woods, a social service agency worker; Peter Williams as Pin, Michael's West Indian friend and street contact; Barbara Tyson as Eleanor James; Jim Byrnes as Kevin; Philip Granger as Walt; and Alex Bruhanski as C.C. Dechardon; The series was produced for CTV television in Canada.

*(Dave Foley) Dave Nelson, a newly hired news director for WYNX, an all-news radio station in New York City. Dave told his fellow employees that he came from the Midwest where “real Americans live” to cover up his Canadian heritage (His mother is Canadian). He left Canada at the age of 5 and has vague memories of a very clean day care center. He kept his “Canadianness” a secret because he feared the kids would think he was a “spy.” When the staff discovers his birth certificate and hear Dave’s rationale for keeping his heritage a secret, his boss says “You poor misguided Canadian should be afraid we were going to kick your ass!”

*(James Newell) Canadian Mounted police officer, Douglas Renfrew who patrolled the Yukon territory with the aid of Constable Kelly (Dave O'Brien).

*(James Newell) Douglas Renfrew, Canadian mounted police officer, who patrolled the wilderness of the Yukon with the help of Constable Kelly (Dave O'Brien). The series was based on the stories by Laurie York Erskine.

*(Gilles Pelletier) as Corporal Jacques Gagnier, a member of the famed Canadian Mounted Police who tracks down the bad guys with Constable Scott (John Perkins) and Constable Mitchell (Don Francks). They patrolled the Shamattawa region in the Canadian Northwest.

*(Richard Simmons) Sergeant William Preston, Canadian Mountie who patrolled the rugged Northwest with the help of his horse, Rex and his malamute dog, Yukon King.

*(Justin Louis) Victor Torres, an ex-con investigative reporter for the Montreal Tribune newspaper. Other cast included Sophie Lorain as police reporter Sylvie Belanger; Dorothee Berryman as managing editor Francine Primeau; Jack Langedijk as city editor Bob Vanverdan; Arthur Grosser as veteran reporter Bill Rack; Vittorio Rossi as local fence Dino Moroni (who framed Torres for armed robbery); Ellen Cohen as reporter Rachel Kane; and Vlasta Vrana as Lt. Drabeck. The series (produced for CDT) was filmed on location Montreal, Canada.


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