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FAMILY LAW/CBS/1999-2002
*(Cristian Del La Fuentes) Andres Diaz, 25-year-old Chilean-born paralegal working at the legal offices of Holt & Associates in Los Angeles. Andres had an affair with Randi King, the firm's middle-aged defense lawyer who spent a stint of time in state prison for murdering her husband. During the run of the series Andres is faced with deportation and asks the firm to prosecute a man he suspects as being the Chilean Army Colonel who killed his father and tortured his mother 27 years earlier. Note: People Español named Chilean born Fuentes as the "Sexiest Man on the Planet." In Spanish, his name means "Christian in the Fountain."

**(Camillo Gallardo) Kim Selby, Hispanic medical student attending Croft University Medical School on the Caribbean Island of Jantique in the West Indies. The metaphysical loner, Kim comes from a wealthy Chilean family.

*(Bruno Campos/costar) Diego Vasquez, sexy, open-hearted Chilean born artist living at 348 McCord Avenue in Buffalo, New York. When Diego loses his job at the University, his visa is revoked and he is forced to look for new employment or be sent back to Chile. Jesse Warner, his girlfriend and next-door neighbor considers marriage as a way to solve the problem and keep him in the country. Jesse's coworkers said Diego is "like Antonio Banderas, but he wants to have sex with you!" Jaqueline Obradors also appeared in a recurring role as Irma, Diego’s Chilean ex-girlfriend. Bruno Campos, the son of an international banker, Paulo and an actress Thania, was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in Brazil, Toronto and Bahrain and Houston, among other places. He is of German-Portuguese descent.


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