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*(Weaver Levy/costar) Oliver Kee, Chinese-American seaman who plyed the waters of the South Seas with Captain Adam Troy, a schooner skipper. Sondi Sodsai (Miss Thailand of 1960) and Lani Kai appeared as Sondi and Kelly, two attractive young Tahitian women featured during the 1960-62 season.

*(Glen Gordon) Dr. Fu Manchu, an evil, oriental scientific genius operating out of Macao whose nefarious goals included the destruction of western democracy. Hot on his heels was the determined Scotland Yard inspector Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith. The series was based on the character created by novelist Sax Rohmer in the early 1900's.

*(Lucy Liu) Ling Woo, an icy, cold Chinese-American female lawyer with long raven tresses who worked at the law firm of Fish & Associates in the city of Boston. Early in the series when Ling entered a scene the "Dum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum" music that accompanied the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie The Wizard of Oz (1939) filled the air. Ling was no-hold-barred and very quirky. She sued God, the Environment; and a woman for having real breasts. She also liked to suck fingers and give "hair" during sex (dragging her long hair over her partner's body to stimulate them). Actress Lucy Lu grew up in Queens, New York and spoke Chinese until she went to school.

*(Cartoon Character) Charlie Chan (Voice of Keye Luke), an oriental detective who solved criminal cases with the aid of his rather large clan of relatives. This animated Hanna-Barbera production was based on the famous detective stories of Earl Derr Bigger's inspired by the real Honolulu police detective, Chang Apana. Keye Luke actually played Charlie Chan's number two son in the 1940 film adaptations. Other voices and characters included Robert Ito as Henry Chan; Stanley Wong and Lennie Weinrib as Stanley Chan; Virginia Ann Lee and Cherylene Lee as Suzie Chan; Brian Tochi as Alan Chan; Leslie Kumamota and Jodie Foster as Anne Chan; Michael Takamoto and John Gunn as Tom Chan; Jay Jay Jue and Gene Andrusco as Flip Chan; Debbie Jue and Beverly Kushida as Nancy Chan; Leslie Kawai and Cherylene Lee as Mimi Chan; and Robin Toma and Michael Morgan as Scooter Chan. See also THE NEW ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE CHAN.

**(Sammee Tong) Peter Tong, outspoken Chinese houseboy who cared for the household of Hollywood attorney, Bentley Gregg. Peter's relatives included Victor Sen Yung (of BONANZA fame) as cousin, Charlie Fong (earlier called Charlie Ling); and Beal Wong as Grandpa Ling "a 70-year-old juvenile delinquent" who limited English vocabulary included the words "Hello, Joe" and "Nice."

**(Rachelle Guzy) Caroline, a little abandoned oriental girl living at an interracial foster home in Brooklyn, New York.

*(Russell Wong) Tom Chang, a San Francisco narcotics cop who travels undercover to China only to be falsely accused by his corrupt partner for smuggling heroin. Consequently, Tommy served five years in jail in Hong Kong. Upon his release Tommy returns to San Francisco to put his life back together and to reunite with his wife, Beth (Ona Grauer) and pre-teen daughter Claire (Valerie Tian). The problem is that Beth is now re-married to a Caucasian guy who believes that Tommy is bad news and doesn't want him visiting Claire. Meanwhile, Tommy needs to work, so he takes takes room and board at a wharf-side Chinese martial arts school (Ba Gua Zhang style) run by his former teacher Master Li (Mako). Now, in between training martial arts to a group of multicultural teenagers with their own set of problems, Tommy hires himself out as bounty hunter to make ends meet and to collect the funds needed to wage a legal battle that will one day undue a court issued restraining order and give him visitation rights to his daughter (and maybe a second chance with his wife). On the job, Tommy and Master Li espouse such philosophical sentiments as "We must move the way life flexible," or "Everything unfolds as it should. Patience is always rewarded." TRIVIA NOTE: In the original pilot, Russell Wong's character was named Tom Ballard. See also - "Vanishing Son"

**(Maggie Han) Cookie, beautiful Asian assistant of part-time San Francisco-based private eye who ran a used record store on the side.

**(Victor Sen Yung) Hop Sing, a hot-tempered Chinese cook who worked for the Cartwright family on the Ponderosa ranch near Virginia City, Nevada in the late 1800's. Hop Sing was fond of reminding his employers "You listen Hop Sing. Hop Sing 'A' number one cook. Will cook whatever you like." Victor Sen Yung also appeared as Asian cousin Charlie during the 1961-62 season of BACHELOR FATHER/NBC/CBS/ABC/1959-62. Gareth Yuen played the role of Hop Sing on the prequel series PONDEROSA/PAX/2-0001-2002 that told the story of the Cartwright family in the early days of 1849 as widower Ben Cartwright first established his Ponderosa ranch.

**(Ivan Shaw) Adam Webster, a 16-year-old adopted Chinese son who dates the daughter of one of Daniel's parishioners (who harbors anti-Asian prejudices).

**(Leon Lontoc) Henry, oriental manservant and chauffeur for Los Angeles millionaire police detective, Captain Amos Burke. Henry often drove his employer to the scene of a crime in a Rolls Royce.

**(A Martinez) Benny Silva, part-time Hispanic gym manager and leg man for beautiful divorced ex-cop turned private eye.

**(Brian Fong) Officer Fred Sing, Chinese-American policeman and expert motorcycle rider working for a special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department.

**(James Wong) Des, a happy go-lucky Asian-American living in an apartment owned by a free-wheeling African-American guy who rents out rooms to make ends meet. James Wong is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with an engineering degree, pursued acting and comedy and is proficient in the martial arts (Kenpo Karate, Judo, Aikido, Chinese Wu Shu and Japanese Sword) as well in the musical arts.

**(Rodney Ueno) Chuck, Asian mail room clerk working in the mayor's office of an unnamed metropolis.

**(Lydia Lei & Patricia Ayame Thomson) Allison Ling, Chinese-American secretary of Harrison K. Fox, a San Francisco-based attorney whose father Harry Fox frequently burst in on Allison and interrupted her while working on legal matters.

**(Liam Dunn) Smitty, an Oriental-American bellboy who worked at the Manhattan apartment building of Ms. Diana Smythe, an English divorcee new to New York City.

**(Rosalind Chao) Miss Chung, a Chinese-American elementary school teacher of black student, Arnold Jackson during the 1982-83 season.

**(Richard Loo) Hu Fang, the evil leader of the Hill bandits who teamed with a group of renegade pilots (The Flame Dragons). Hu Fang's plans to conquer a region called Kunsang in China were thwarted by American pilots known as the Flying Tigers. Other cast included Ding Howe ("Good Friend" in Chinese) a U.S. pilot born in China who returned from America to fight Hu Fang and his minions; Rob Lee as Wing Lee, a Chinese mechanic working for the Flying Tigers; Victor Sen Yung, as General Ching, a Chinese leader who battled Hu Fang; and Spencer Chan as Lum Chow, the proprietor of the Gentle Dragon bar.

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Customer: How do you get your shirts so clean, Mr. Lee?
Mr. Lee: Ancient Chinese Secret
Mrs. Lee My husband, some hot shot. Here's his ancient Chinese secret. Calgon. Calgon's two water softeners soften wash waters so detergents clean better, In hardest water, Calgon helps detergents get laundry up to 30% cleaner. [yelling] We need more Calgon!
Customer: [to Mr. Lee] Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh!
Announcer: Calgon helps detergents get laundry up to 30% cleaner.

-- 1972 Calgon TV Commercial


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