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*(Rudiger Weigang) Axel, a Czechoslovakian Communist spy who befriends and secretly exchanges information with a British double agent named Magnus Pym (which results in both of them being promoted over and over again). The characters are based on John Lecarre's semi-auto-biographical novel A Perfect Spy.

**(Elmarie Wendel) Mrs. Mamie Dubcek, the oversexed, chain smoking landlord of the Solomon family, a bunch of aliens hiding out on planet Earth. Mrs. Dubcek revealed her ethnic background while talking to the Solomons. She pointed out their last name was obviously Jewish. Harry Solomon then asked her ethnic origins and she told him she was part Czechoslovakian and part Rumanian..sort of a “slavic mutt.” Mamie's daughter Vicki Dubcek (Jan Hooks) fell in love with one of the aliens named Harry Solomon, and later gave birth when she got pregnant after a wild night on the town with alien's superior leader known as "The Big Giant Head" when he visited Earth in human form (played by William Shatner).

**(Dan Aykroyd, Steve Martin) Jorge & Yortuk Festrunk, two newly arrived political refugee Czechoslovakian immigrant bachelors living in New York City whose hormones were set in gear to pick up some beautiful American women. Jiggling with excitement in polyester shirts and tight slacks, their popular catchphrases were "It is certainly not difficult now for any woman to notice our bul-ges."; "Fox-es!"; "You American girls have such big breasts all the time!"; and "We ARE two wild and cra-a-z-z-y guys!" These two swingers were part of a recurring sketch seen during the late 1970's.

*(Peter Bowles/costar) Richard Devere, a Czechoslovakian millionaire in the grocery business who purchased the Grantleigh Manor & Lodge in rural Great Britain. His elderly mother Mrs. Puovivitch also lived at the Manor. When Mr. DeVere moved into the neighborhood, the following ad ran in the local newspaper: "The ancestral home of the fforbes-Hamilton family has been bought by the chairman of Cavendish Foods, Mr Richard DeVere, as a result of bankruptcy proceedings against the estate of the late Martin fforbes-Hamilton."


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