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**(Hal Lindsay) Mr. Van Zandt, one of the Dutch businessmen who purchased the Cleveland-based Winford-Lauder Department Store. Victor Raider-Wexler also appeared as Paul Van Houten. On the May 8, 1996 Episode "Buzz Beer" Winford-Lauder is purchased by a Dutch concern. The initial business transactions left everyone’s job safe until the May 26, 1999 episode "Brotherhood of Man" when Mr. Van Zandt offers Drew Carey a promotion if he keeps quiet about plans to close Winfred Louder. Luckily, after a fancy dance number Drew convinces Mr. Van Zandt not to close the store.

*(Helen Hunt/costar) Jaime Stemple-Buchman, public relations executive living with her husband Paul Buchman in a New York City high-rise apartment building. During one episode, Paul and Jamie discovered that they were actually distant (4th) cousins. In seems somewhere in the past, an Irwin Buchman and a Hester Stemple married. Hester was of Dutch heritage (from Holland). Jaime’s relatives include Carol Burnett (1994-95) and Penny Fuller (1995-99) as her mother, Therese and John Karlen as her father, Gus. See also section on JEWISH - “Mad About You”

*(Derek de Lint) Derek Rayne, professor of anthropology with a Dutch accent who worked for the Luna Foundation, a front for "The Legacy House," an organization that investigates strange artifacts and paranormal phenomena. Derek de Lint was born in The Hague, in the Nederlands.

VAN DER VALK/THA/1972-73/1977/1991-92
*(Barry Foster) Van der Valk, Dutch police detective investigating corporate and governmental crimes. Also featured were Susan Travers (and later Joanna Dunham) as his wife, Arlette. Meg Davies played Arlette in the 1990s series. The program is based on the writings of crime author Nicholas Freeling.

See also Belgian and Luxembourgers


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