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*(Jenny Gago/costar) Teresa Robles, an attractive Hispanic female undercover operative of the Drug Enforcement Agency working to make a "difference in the world". Bad guys on the series included Miguel Sandoval as Rafael Cordera, the head of an Ecuador-based crime family; John Vargas as Ricky Prado, Cordera's Lieutenant; Roya Megnot as Isabella Solana, a sexy but deadly daughter of a crime family; and Joseph Gian as Severo De Lasera.

**(Teresa Parente) Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardenal, a Chicago area broadcaster (from Ecuador) working for Channel 83 and/or WHBZ who always shows up at news events that revolve around the antics of the Bundy family. The Miranda character is credited inconsistently, e.g. Miranda Cardinal, Miranda Veracruz de Cardinale, and Miranda Vera Cruz de la Hoya Cardenal. Miranda first appeared on episode "Business Sucks - Part 1" that aired 10/02/94. Teresa Parente also appeared as Mariana on the short-lived 1994 PBS summer series THE STEVEN BANKS SHOW.






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