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**(Victor Buono) King Tut, the alter ego of a Gotham City professor of Egyptology whose love of all things Egyptian went awry when he got hit on the head and assumed the personality of the legendary King Tut. Clad in the royal costume of an Egyptian Pharaoh, he recruited a group of zany criminals to assist him in his nefarious deeds. Battling this "River Nile Nut" was the caped crime fighter, Batman. Inevitably, amidst a foray of fists and punches, "King Tut" was knocked back to reality and his former self, a mild-mannered college professor. King Tut was one of the many recurring bad guys on this fantasy series.

*(Elyes Gabel) Nuff, a spoiled 3,250 year old mummy of an Egyptian Pharaoh prince that comes to life after a 13-year-old boy named James Barnes (Reece Thompson) reads some hieroglyphics on a sarcophagus that he finds in the house recently inherited from his Egyptology-obsessed great aunt. Before his miraculous resurrection, Nuff had been sentenced to ancient Egyptian purgatory by the gods for the last 3,232 years. Apparently, Nuff was refused entrance into the Golden Palace (Heaven) until he completed a number of tasks (3, 242 plus 10 for bad behavior) that were found written on a thick scroll in his sarcophagus. Not interested in returning to purgatory, Nuff decides to take up residence at the Barnes' new home. To give Nuff a cover story, the Barnes move his sarcophagus upstairs to the attic and tell all the neighbors that Nuff is a foreign exchange student with a bad case of eczema. Other cast included Mark Caven as Set and Earl Pasko as Hep. The half hour live-action Canada/UK comedy co-production (26episodes) was produced by Breakthrough Films & Television Inc. and Winklemania Productions Ltd. in association with the British Broadcasting Corporation. and YTV/A Corus Entertainment Company.

*(Marc Gomes/costar) Colonel Zaid Abdul Rahmad (a.k.a. "Zeke"), an Egyptian language specialist, negotiator and cook assigned to an elite force called Lightning Force. He once infiltrated the Israeli Masad and absconded with secret documents. His father, Mamud Abdul Rahmad is an Egyptian movie star.

*(Cartoon Characters) A group of Egyptian mummies from 1525 B.C. come back to life in modern-day San Francisco to protect a 12-year-old boy named Presley Carnovan (voice of Bill Switzer), who possesses the reincarnated soul of Pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses. The four Mummies have the ability to transform into armor and get special powers when they shout "With the Strength of Ra!" Other characters included Dale Wilson as Ja-kal, a skilled hunter, is the leader of the mummy guardians; Graeme Kingston as the huge, tough guy mummy Armon, who is constantly eating (his right arm is an artificial limb made of gold); Scott McNeil as Rath, the smart, cool-headed mummy who hates violence; Summer Cree as Nefer-Tina, the only female mummy in the group; Scott McNeil as Set; and Pauline Newstone as Heka.

**(Cartoon Character) Imhotep (voice of Jim Cummings), an ancient Egyptian high priest who is brought back to life by Colin Weasler, an evil modern day archeologists who travels to dig at the Temple of Hamunaptra in Egypt to get revenge against Evy O'Connell, a rival colleague at the British Museum of Antiquities in London. Using the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Colin brings Imhotep back to life, but fails to control Imhotep who commands Colin to search for the Scroll of Thebes. To remain alive and to regain full power and dominion, Imhotep must find the Scrolls of Thebes and gain control of the Manacle of Osiris, a mighty device created by Osiris, King of the Underworld to vanquish his foes on Earth. Unfortunately, the Manacle of Osiris has affixed itself to the wrist of Alex, Evy's young son. Fortunately, the archeologist's only defense from Imhotep is the Manacle of Osiris which gives Alex amazing powers and the ability to see visions that keep Evy, and Alex's father Rick one step ahead of Imhotep's quest for the Scrolls of Thebes. Eventually with the help of the Manacle of Osiris, Evy reads a entry in the Book of the Dead that reverses Imhotep resurrection. But half way through the spell Colin Weasler knocks the books out of Evy hands. The book falls into a deep cavern and Imhotep, now weakened escapes with Colin. Still determined, Imhotep, who image is half-corpse and half-skeleton, uses a "Demon-of-the-Week" and the assistance of Colin Wealer to restore his body and his ultimate power. Nicholas Guest supplied the voice of Ardeth Bey, an Arab warrior priest who assisted the O'Connell family and their battle with Imhotep. Ardeth commands the Medjai, a society of guardians sworn to protect the world from the return of the evil mummy Imhotep. THE MUMMY: THE ANIMATED SERIES is a spin-off of the successful theatrical releases The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001) starring Brendan Fraser as Richard "Rick" O'Connell; Rachel Weisz as Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan; Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bey; and Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep.

TRIVIA NOTE: The short-lived 1993 BBC comedy drama UNCLE JACK & CLEOPATRA'S MUMMY (6 episodes) followed the adventures of Paul Jones as archeologist Uncle Jack who goes to Egypt with his niece Helen and uncovers strange things at the Tomb of El Wadi Whant.

*(JoAnna Cameron) Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher imbued with the powers of the ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis when she discovered a 3000 year old amulet during an archeological dig in Egypt. When she willed it, she could transform her mortal body into an indestructible super heroine with the help of an enchanted amulet and the incantation "O Mighty Isis!"

STARGATE: SG-1/SHO/SCI/1997-2007
*(Peter William) Apophis, leader of the Goa'uld, an alien race who visited earth thousands of years ago and established a colony in Egypt. Their intervention into customs and architecture formed the basis of the ancient Egyptian world. The Goa'uld still bear the distinct stamp of Egyptian culture as they travel across the galaxy conquering worlds via a portal device known as The Stargate.

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