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**(Marcel Hillaire) Inspector Bouchard, French policeman working for the Tahitian Policia who occasionally interacted with the Captain Adam Troy, a schooner skipper who owned the Bali Tiki Hotel. The hotel bar served two exotic drinks: the Tahitian Madness and the Polynesian Rainmaker ("two of these and you'll swear it rained." Linda Lawson also appeared as Renee, the owner of Renee's bar in Tahiti.

'ALLO, 'ALLO/BBC/1982-92
*(Gordon Kaye) René François Artois, a larcenous French cafe owner who served both the Nazi's and the French resistance during World War II at Café René in the town of Nouvion. Why? Because it made good business. Other cast included Carmen Silvestra as Edith Melba Artois, René's wife; Rose Hill as Fanny Le Fan LeClerc, Edith's bed-ridden mother who lives above Café René; Vickie Michelle as Yvette Carte-Blanche, a lead waitress at Café René; Francesca Gonshaw as Maria Recamier, a René's mistress and waitress at Cafe Rene; Sue Hodge as Mimi Labong, a waitress and secret agent for the Resistance; Kirsten Cooke as Michelle Dubois, leader of the Nouvion branch of the French Resistance; Moira Foot as Denise Laroque of the Communist Resistance; Jack Haig as Monsieur Roger Leclerc, a freedom fighter and master of disguise; Carole Ashby as Louise of the Communist Resistance; and Kenneth Connor as Monsieur Alphonse.

*(Annie Farge) Angel Smith, a pretty Frenchwoman who moved to the United States, married an architect and then faced all the typical adjustments that foreigners face (e.g. language, customs, etc).

*(Merle Oberon) Merle Oberon hosted this anthology series about the French Foreign Legion during World War II. She also appeared in the role of a war correspondent. The program was made for British television.

*(Tony Crane) Remy McSwain, Cajun police detective with a suave, smirky manner who worked for the New Orleans Police Department.

*()Marie De Marigny, the French Cajun mother of Joseph "Little Joe" Cartwright (Michael Landon), the third and youngest son of rancher Ben Cartwright who lived outside Virginia City, Nevada in the late 1800s. In a tale told in flashbacks, Marie gave birth to Little Joe but she died an untimely death from a fall off a horse. Marie, Ben's third wife, first met him in New Orleans. Her ancestry was French-Creole. Trivia Note: On the very first episode of the prequel series The Ponderosa/PAX/2001-2002 Ben's wife dies in an explosion and leaves him with three boys to raise in the year 1849.

*(Miguel Ferrer) Beau Jack Bowman, a former New Orleans police detective now teamed up with a group of frazzled Bay City undercover police officers who were on psychological disability. Beau was part Chicasaw Indian and spoke with a French Cajun accent.

**(Maurice Godin) Marcel, a suave French mineral water executive who frequented the Cafe Americain, a local restaurant in Paris where a multitude of ex-patriots and foreigners mingled. He was fond of a newly arrived American divorcee working at the cafe.

*(Sylvie St. Clair) Sylvie St. Clair, host of this fifteen-minute musical program set in a Paris bistro, owned by St. Clair. Jacques Aubuchon also appeared on the show.

*(Buster Crabbe) Captain Michael Gallant, the commander of a troop of French Foreign Legionnaires stationed in North Africa. The series was also known as FOREIGN LEGIONNAIRE.

**(Hector Elizando) Captain Renault, a gendarme stationed in the Moroccan city of Casablanca during the days of World War II. Arthur Malet appeared as Carl, the maitre'd at Rick's Cafe, a smoky night spot owned by an American expatriate.

*(Robert Conrad) Pasquinel, French trapper living in the Rocky Mountains during the late 18th century. This miniseries (aired from October 1978 through February 1979) was based on James A. Michener's novel Centennial that chronicled the historical events revolving around a region of the Rocky Mountains later to be called Centennial, Colorado. The earlier episodes set in 1795 told the story of French trapper Pasquinel (Robert Conrad) and Scottish trader Alexander McKeag (Richard Chamberlain). (25 Hours)

**(Leon Askin) Pierre, the French chef working at the Racquet Club, the exclusive Palm Springs, California resort owned and managed by Hollywood actor Charles Farrell.

**(Jay Thomas) Eddie Le Bec, a French Canadian hockey player who married Carla Tortelli, an Italian-American waitress working at a Boston Pub. On the episode "Death Takes a Holiday on Ice" (11/9/89), Eddie was crushed to death by a Zamboni machine while rescuing a fellow Ice Show performer. He was dressed as a penguin at the time. Anthony Cistaro also appeared in the series as an amorous, freeloading Frenchman who tried to win the favors of Kelly, the girlfriend of bartender, Woody Boyd. Kelly had met the handsome French gigolo while touring Europe.

**(Pierre Jalbert) PFC Paul "Caje" Lemay, a dark-haired French speaking Cajun American fighting with a U.S. Army Platoon during the days after the D-Day invasion of France The character was originally called Caddy Cadron in the series pilot.

*(George Dolenz) Edmond Dantes, an innocent eighteenth-century Frenchman falsely sent to prison for treason by scheming politicians in the days of Napoleon. Years later he escaped from his captors and with a fortune in gold and jewels found in a cave on the Isle of Monte Cristo, he traveled the road of revenge back to the place of his betrayal and the woman he loved. The TV series highlights the Count's efforts to fight crime and injustice. Other cast included Faith Domergue as Princess Anne; and Nick Cravat as Jacopo. The series was based on the novel The Count of Monte Cristo (1845) by Alexander Dumas. In the 1970s, the Hallmark Company sponsored a TV-movie remake of this classic tale starring Richard Chamberlain as the Count of Monte Cristo.

**(Joanna Going) Josette DuPres, beautiful French fiancée of Barnabas Collins, a wealthy eighteenth-century New Englander who was turned into a vampire. Two hundred years later, after the real Josette DuPres had long passed away, Barnabas Collins rose from the dead to discover a woman named Victoria Winter (Joanna Going in a dual role) who except for the French accent, was identical to his lost love. Also seen on the program was Lysette Anthony as Angelique, Josette's maid, a witch who wanted Barnabas for herself and so cursed him with eternal damnation as one of the undead when he refused her advances. Michael Cavanaugh appeared as Andre Dupres, Josette's father. This primetime series based on the daytime soap opera that ran on ABC from 1966-71. On the daytime version Kathryn Lee Scott played waitress Maggie Evans who resembled Barnabas' lost love, Josette DuPres; and Laura Parker played the role of Angelique, the witch.

*(Jack Scalia/costar) Nick Corsello, private investigator of French descent who also worked as a racquetball pro at a local Los Angeles health club. Nick father was Brian Devlin, a former intelligence officer who ran the Cultural Arts Center. His mother, a French woman named Nicole Corsello, met Brian Devlin during the Korean War but never let him know she was pregnant. Years later, Nick looked Brian up to begin a father-son relationship.

**(Madame Fatime) French concierge who interacted with an unsophisticated veterinarian from Iowa assigned to a U.S. Army veterinary station in Paris, France.

*(Patrick Floershim) Danny Montreau, a French intelligence agent and Colonel in France's Special Directorate who coordinated covert operations of special undercover agent John Phillips, a former spy branded a traitor who lived in Paris, France. Also featured were Jacquie Decaux as Nadia Fares, Phillips' beautiful landlady and artist who operated a garage specializing in exotic cars.; and Christian Burgess as Charles Cabot, Cultural Affairs attache to the U.S. Embassy in Paris. The series was filmed in Paris.  

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