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**(Raimund Harmstorf) Raimund, a rugged European with a German accent who helped run a bush country ranch called Freedom Ranch set in the wilds of African continent.

**(Richard Marner) Colonel Kurt Von Strohm, a bumbling, crooked Nazi officer who hung out at Café René when not fighting the French resistance or looting valuable art treasures. Also featured were Richard Gibson/David Janson as Herr Otto Flick, a steely-eyed German; Kim Hartman as Private Helga Geerhart, Flick's attractive assistant; Private Elsa Bigstern; Guy Siner as Lieutenant Hubert Gruber a tank driver who had a crush on René, the café owner; Sam Kelly as Captain Hans Gerring, Von Strohm's friend; Hilary Minster as General Erich Von Klinkerhoffen; Ken Morley as General Leopold von Flockenstoffen; and John Louis Mansi as Herr Engelbert Von Smallhausen, Flick's small sidekick.

*(Inga Swenson/costar) Gretchen Krause, a formidable German housekeeper raised in Bavaria who moved to America and took a job as the Head of Household Affairs at a governor's mansion.

**(Patrick Horgan) Major Strasser, Nazi officer stationed in the Algiers city of Casablanca during the days of World War II. Kai Wulff appeared as Strasser's assistant, Lt. Heinz.

*(Alan Scarfe) Carl Schleimann, a German-born trusted aide of Rafael Cordera, an Ecuadorian-based drug smuggler.

*(Jerry Harrell) Dr. Madblood, a crazed physician (mit a German accent ) who hosted Dr. Madblood's Movie on WAVY-TV on Channel 10, WHRO-TV Channel 15 and on WTVZ-TV Channel 33 in the Portsmouth, Virginia area from 1975 through 1990s. Dr. Madblood (played by Jerry Harrell) resided in Madblood Manor located at 13 Idle Hour Road in the town of Pungo between the Great Dismal Swamp and Virginia Beach. At the close of each show, Doctor Madblood sporting a mound of curly grey-hair, grey beard and reading glasses, looked into the camera and says "Thanks for turning us on."

*(Bernie Kopell) Siegfried, the sinister KAOS agent who battled the secret agents from CONTROL. Siegfried's strong Nazi-like Germanic accent and his "Vee have vays to make you talk! "attitude added to the silliness of his character.

*(Dennis Franz) Lt. Norman Buntz, a short balding detective of German ancestry who worked in a large but unnamed American city. Although street smart, Buntz had no fashion sense.

*(Werner Klemperer/costar) Colonel Wilhelm Klink, an inept career officer in the Luftwaffe assigned to run Stalag 13 in Dusseldorg Germany during World War II. He wears a monocle, and continually reminds everyone that there has never been a successful escape from his facility. In fact, he was elected “Kommandant of the Year” when Stalag 13 was named one of the top ten prison camps in Germany. Klink’s success however, is not because he is such an good administrator, but rather because the POW’s at the camp, especially Colonel Robert Hogan, need a stupid supervisor so they can continue their successful sabotage and rescue missions to the outside world. So as long as Klink is in charge, the POW’s are happy to stay [they operate in a series of hidden tunnels underneath the camp]. Klink’s support staff included his beautiful blond secretaries Helga (Cynthia Lynn) and Hilda Sigrid Valdis) ; and his bumbling chief aide, Sgt. Han Schultz. Klink’s Nazi superiors are the suspicious Major Hockstetter and the overweight General Burkhalter who is always trying to get Klink to marry his sister, Gertrude Linkmeier or threatening to have Klink “court-martialed, shot and sent to the Russian Front.” Klink’s catchphrase is “H-O-O-O-GAN!” Sergeant Hans Schultz is a portly, bumbling German soldier in charge of supervising a group of Allied POWs at Stalag 13 prison camp. He reports to an equally inept superior Colonel Wilhelm Klink. Although Shultz wore the uniform of the Third Reich, he didn't support the Nazi party wholeheartedly. He would rather get back to his wife and children than stand guard in a POW camp. In the meantime, Schultz made the best of his situation by befriending his captives and taking advantage of their generosity (usually chocolate bars or strudel baked by French POW Louis LeBeau) when he overlooked one of their schemes. When faced with such a situation Shultz proclaimed “I see nothing, I hear, nothing, and I know NOTHING!” Schultz admitted “Colonel Hogan, there are soldiers out there. Real soldiers. For me, it is just a job.” and “When it comes to war. I do not like to take sides.” Despite Shultz's easy-going demeanor, he was very careful not to be implicated in any of the POW's activities because he knew his ruthless masters could very easily “shoot a man AND send him to the Russian Front.” In real-life, John Banner (an Austrian Jew) fled Europe after the Nazi's invaded Austria and killed his whole family.

HOLOCAUST/NBC/1978 (Miniseries)
*(Michael Moriarity) Erik Dorf, a German lawyer and son of a baker, living in the 1930s world of Hitler and the rising tide of Nazism At first, Dorf protests the political climate but eventually becomes a "professional Nazi," an efficient bureaucrat and a cold calculating killer of Jewish men, women and children. As the Americans arrives on the scene, Dorf aware that he will be accused of horrendous war crimes falls back on the old excuse "I was only following orders." But even he has a hard time believing his defense. Also featured were Deborah Norton as Marta Dorf, Erik's social-climbing wife; Robert Stephen as Kurt Dorf; Erik's son.

**(Peter Palmer) Oscar Heinz, a German immigrant with a limited English vocabulary who worked at a small gas station owned by the Kallikak family in the town of Nowhere, California.

*(Lawrence Welk) Lawrence Welk, German-American bandleader Born March 3, 1903 in Strasburg, North Dakota, who successfully entertained the American public for 27 years with his bubbly blend of "Champagne Music", Big Band swing and Dixie Rag Time until his retirement from television in 1982. When he was young he made a deal with his father to work the family farm until he was twenty-one, if he could get two things: an accordion and his father's permission to leave the farm for a career in music. He got both and leaving home speaking no English, he quickly began playing in hotels, ballrooms across the country. Some of his earliest band names were "The Hotsy, Totsy Boys," "The Welk Novelty Band," and "The Fruit Gum Orchestra". In 1951 KTLA-TV telecast his weekly performances at the Aragon Ballroom at Pacific Ocean Park (destroyed by fire in 1970) on local Los Angeles television. The Dodge Corporation, his sponsor, got the ABC network to put his program on nationwide starting July 2, 1955. During the 1956-59 he had an additional program LAWRENCE WELK'S TOP TUNES AND NEW TALENT on the ABC network. In 1971, the ABC network executives dropped his program because they thought his musical format only catered to "old folks". The cancellation brought one million protest letters from devoted fans. Taking his TV family of over 200 into syndication, his Saturday night program ran for an additional 11 years until their last TV program on February 24, 1982. The last song performed was Irving Berlin's "There's No Business Like Show Business." His California license plate "A1-AN-A2" echoed his classic opening line as he conducted his orchestra.

**(David Byrd) Hans, a proud German chef working in the Glen Brook Grill in the town of Glen Brook, Illinois. His character was introduced during the second season.

**(Sig Ruman) Schultz, German immigrant attending night classes in Chicago to improve his English.

**(Frederick Jaeger) Professor Friedrich Bhaer, a German-born teacher engaged to Jo March, a headstrong New England writer and one of the four sisters featured in the Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women. On the two-part NBC TV Movie version of LITTLE WOMEN that aired in on October 2 & 3, 1978, William Shatner appeared as Professor Bhaer. One year later David Ackroyd stepped into the role of the Professor when NBC created a sequel one hour dramatic series LITTLE WOMEN/NBC/1979 based on its earlier 1978 adaptation.

**(Shannon Kenny) Liesl, a sexually active German female from Munich with an addiction for picking pockets. She is the friend of reporter Nora Wilde on episode No. 37 "Liesl Weapon."

**(Hans Gudegast) Captain Hauptman Hans Dietrich, a Nazi German military officer stationed in the desert of North Africa during World War II. Under the command of Rommel, "The Desert Fox," Capt. Dietrich pursued a group of Allied armored jeeps (“The Rat Patrol”) which roamed the sand dunes disrupting Rommel's elite Afrika Korps.

**(Arte Johnson) Comical Nazi soldier with helmet and glasses who popped out from behind a potted-palm tree and smirked "Ve-e-r-ry interesting-but stupid!" This character was one of many that appeared on the zany blackouts, sketches and one-liners on the program.

**(Mike Myers) Dieter, a brooding Germanic man dressed in black shirt and pants who concluded his avant-garde talk show by performing an improvisational dance filled with jerky robotic movements. He was fond of saying to his guests "Would you like to touch my monkey?" Myers' off-beat Bohemian character was inspired by an art student he once knew in Toronto who took texture courses and was graded on touching Styrofoam, and rice pudding. Dieter thought everything from North America was bourgeois and cracked mocking comments like "It was Cher or Larry Storch who said F TROOP was both crime and magic." When bored, Dieter said "Let's go touch monkeys. Let's go to the zoo and touch them because they are warm and furry." Then just as quickly he would say "Did I ever tell you I hate you." While working as a waiter Dieter would begin to take a customer's order then say "Your order had become tiresome. Now I would like to dance". And then he'd be gone.

*(Guntar Hauer) Lt. Germany's GSG-9 Electric Engineering Demolitions CQB. Guntar was killed in Iraq during SOF Inc.'s 1st mission. He was the most educated man out of the group and a much missed member of the team. His skills were hard to replace.

*(Jeffrey Kramer) Ted Stein, high school science teacher of German descent who worked in Boston. Ted inherited a Victorian lodge located off Highway 15 in Massachusetts from his grandfather Emil Stein, and soon discovered the property’s groundskeeper was the original Frankenstein Monster created by Gustav Frankenstein, Ted’s great-great grandfather. Ted now helps recreate a special serum that the Monster needs to survive (he has to take it every 50 years or he deteriorates).


**(Nicole Nagel) Kate, a statuesque yet intimidating German woman introduced on episode No. 17 "Love & Divorce American Style." Kate's insatiable appetite for thrills and danger, at times, threatened the very life of her boy friend Jack (the publisher of a trendy San Francisco magazine) who first met Kate on the ski slopes. Kate's character was phased out after the first season.

*(Sid Caesar) The Professor, a seemingly educated man (he actually knows nothing) wearing a crushed top hat and disheveled formal wear who smoked a stubby cigar and spoke with a German accent in a recurring skit on the show. Some sample Professor characters included Professor Von Houdinoff-an expert on Magicians, Professor Von Sedative-an expert on Sleep Theory, and Professor Sigmund Von Fraidy Katz-a zany psychiatrist.


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