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**(Cartoon Character) Aesop (voice of Charles Ruggles), the legendary ancient Greek fabler whose stories such as "The Tortoise and the Hare" were "fractured" in a series of comic retelling that ended with pun-like morals.

*(Jeremy Piven) Trevor Hale, alias Cupid, the Greco-Roman god of erotic love who was expelled from Mount Olympus by the god Zeus for his sin of arrogance. To regain the good graces of Zeus, Cupid, now in the human form, must unite 100 couples in love (without the use of his enchanted bow and arrow). Before he can begin to spread romance, Trevor is placed in a mental institution. After telling his story to psychologist Claire Allen, she releases him into her custody. Taking a job as a bartender, Trevor begins to spin his romantic spells in a bid to get back to Olympus. Note - In Greek Mythology the god of love is called Eros: in Roman myth he is referred to as Cupid, the baby son and companion of the goddess Venus.

**(Julianna Margulies/costar) Carol Hathaway, demure but competent brunette nurse of Greek descent. who manages the emergency department's nursing station at Cook County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Helen Hathaway, played by Giorgi Tarian (first season) and Rose Gregorio (after first season) is Carol's mother. Carol left Chicago for Seattle in the spring of 2000 to be with Dr. Douglas “Doug” Ross, the father of her two children, Tess and Katherine “Kate.”

**(Cesar Romero) Peter Stavros, a Greek oil millionaire tycoon who married Angela Channing the owner of Falcon Crest Winery in the fictional Tuscany Valley of Northern California during the 1985 season. Other cast included Julie Carmen as Sofia Stavros; John Callahan as Eric Stavros.

*(Jon Cryer) Teddy Zakalokis, 23-year-old talent agent of Greek descent working for Unlimited Talent Agency in Hollywood. His family included Erica Yohn as Deena, his Greek grandmother; and Josh Blake as his brother, Aristotle.

*(Kelsey Grammer) Dr. Frasier Crane, radio call-in show psychiatrist living in Seattle. On episode "Beware of Greeks," aired March 17, 1998 Frasier and his family members are reunited with a Greek branch of the family, when Frasier's cousin, Nikos (Joseph Will), is getting married. First, Frasier has to sooth old wounds with Martin's sister-in-law, Zora (Patti LuPone) incurred when Frasier urged Nikos to pursue a career in juggling rather than medicine. See also RUSSIANS - “Frasier”

*(John Stamos) Jesse Katsopolis, an exterminator turned aspiring rock and roll singer who shared a San Francisco home with his widowed brother-in-law, Danny Tanner and his motherless kids. Also featured were John Aprea as Nick Katsopolis, Jesse's father; Yvonne Wilder as Irene Katsopolis. Jesse's mother; Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit as Nicholas "Nicky" Katsopolis, Jesse's twin son; and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit as Alexander "Alex" Kotsopolis, Jesse's other twin son. John Stamos' character was originally called Jesse Cochran until Stamos suggested the character be given a Greek surnames after his grandparents. The Cochran name was inspired by 1950s rocker, Eddie Cochran.

**(Richard C. Serafian) Spiro Papadopolis, a Greek merchant who ran the neighborhood coffee shop in New York City where Foley Square attorney Alex Harrigan and her colleagues hung out.

HELEN OF TROY/USA/2003 (Miniseries)
*(Sienna Guillory) Helen of Troy, "the face that launched a thousand ships," and the wife of King Menelaus who was kidnapped by Paris and taken to the City of Troy. This action caused one of the greatest and longest battles in history which culminates in the delivering of the Trojan Horse to the gates of Troy and the final defeat of the Trojans. The cast of characters included James Callis as Menelaus, the King of Sparta who joins forces with his older brother Agamemnon (Rufus Sewell) to attack Troy and retrieve his wife and lost dignity; (Katie Blake) as Clytemnestra, Helen's sister and wife of Agamemnon; Richard Durden as Tyndareus, the King of Sparta and Helen's father (Menelaus gains the throne upon his death); Craig Kelly as Pollux, one of Helen's two brothers (Castor was the other brother); Matthew Marsden as Paris, the Prince of Troy who bewitched by Helen's beauty carried hr off the Troy; John Rhys-Davies as Priam, the King of Troy and father of Paris, Hector, and Cassandra who ignored his daughter Cassandra’s prophecies and refused to hand over Helen to the Greeks thus setting of a war; Maryam D'Abo as Hecuba, Queen of Troy and mother of Paris, Hector, and Cassandra; Emilia Fox as Cassandra, the psychic Princess of Troy; Daniel Papaine as Hector, Prince of Troy and leader of the Trojan army who resented his brother Paris for instigating the war; Stellan Skargärd as Theseus, King of Athens and a legendary warrior (who revealed to Helen she was actually the daughter of Zeus). TRIVIA NOTE: The city of Troy is located in what is now northwestern Turkey. The battle of the Trojans and the Greeks took place in the 12th/13th Century. Interestingly, the story of the battle of Troy which was passed down through the literature in the form of The Iliad written by the poet/storyteller Homer, it was a Roman writer Virgil who created the concept of the "Trojan Horse" after he was commissioned by Augustus Ceasar to a write a tale to celebrate the origins of Rome. Thus, in his work The Aeneid that featured Aeneus, a Trojan warrior who survived the Greek assault and eventually traveled to Italy, th City of Rome was founded by his descendants, twin brothers Romulus and Remus. Taglines for the four-hour (180 minutes without commercials) USA miniseries read: "Helen of Troy...Desire, Obsession, Betrayal"; "Desire is War"; and "Two empires at the edge of war. One woman at the center of it all."

*(Kevin Sorbo) Hercules (Heracles or Herakles), son of Alceme (a human female) and Zeus, the Head God of the Greeks (played by Anthony Quinn) who lived on Mt. Olympus. The series followed Hercules, a half-man, half god as he wandered the landscape of the Ancient World battling evil and myriad grotesque mythical beasts (harpies, giants, centaurs, Cyclopes, the Minotaur, Cerberus, the Hydra etc.). Also featured were Michael Hurst as Aeolus, Hercules human sidekick; Lucy Lawless as Xena, a warrior princess (who got her own spin-off series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS/SYN/1995-2001); Kevin Smith as Hercules brother, Ares, the God of War; Hudson Leick as the comely psycho-babe, Callisto; and Hera the wife of Zeus who hated Hercules. Tawny Kitaen starred earlier in the series as Hercules wife, until she and her children were slain by Hera. In Greek mythology Hera sent serpents to Hercules' cradle to kill him but he strangled them with his mystical strength. At his death, Hercules, the son of God, ascended to Mt. Olympus and reconciled with Hera and married Hebe, goddess of youth and daughter of Zeus and Hera. The story of Hercules continued in YOUNG HERCULES/FOX/1998. Its opening narration proclaimed "In an age of light and darkness, Zeus, King of the Gods ruled the universe. He had a son. Young Hercules. Half-god, half-man, young Hercules longs to find his place in the world. The father he's never known and what it means to be a hero. Before the man became legend, before the legend became myth, came the greatest adventure of them all."

*(Jason London) Jason, a Greek adventurer who travels by boat to Colchis to retreive the Golden Fleece and then returns to take back the throne of Thessaly by killing his uncle King Pelias, who murdered Jason’s father. During his adventures, Jason and his fellow Argonauts encounter many Greek demons including harpies, amazon sirens, and a huge dragon that protects the Golden Fleece. Other cast included John Bennett as Idas; Dennis Hopper as King Pelias; Jolene Blalock as Medea, David Calder as Argos; James Callis as Aspyrtes; Tom Harper as Acastus; Natasha Henstridge as Hypsipyle; Ciaran Hinds as Aeson; Derek Jacobi as Phieas; Mark Lewis Jones as Mopsus; Diana Kent as Polymele; Frank Langella as Aertes; Adrian Lester as Orpheus; Angus MacFadyen as Zeus; Olga Sosnovska as Atalanta; Brian Thompson as Hercules; and Olivia Williams as Hera.

*(Telly Savalas) Lt. Theo Kojak, a plainclothes detective of Greek descent working at the 13th Precinct in the Manhattan South division of the New York Police Department. Hanging on the wall behind his desk was a portrait of his father, a Greek soldier bearing the name Captain Theocradus Kojakzakilas. Kojak satisfied his cravings for cigarettes with lollipops. His catchphrase is "Who love ya, baby?" Telly Savalas' brother, George appeared as co-worker Detective Stavros, a plant loving plainclothes officer. During the first two season, George was billed as Demosthenes. Also featured were Penny Santon as Theo's sister, Sophia; Janice Heiden as Sophie's daughter, Alexandra; Gigi Semone as Theo's niece, Ellena; Michael Mullins as Theo's nephew, Johnny; and Eunice Christopher as Johnny's mother, Mary. The Kojak character also starred in three made for TV movies including The Marcus-Nelson Murders (1973), the pilot for the series.; Kojak: The Belarus File (1985); and Kojak: The Prince of Justice (1987), where Kojak has been promoted to Inspector. On the ABC revival series (a part of THE ABC SUNDAY MYSTERY MOVIE) Candace Savalas played the role of Pamela, Kojak's secretary.

*(Nia Vardolos) Nia Portokalos Miller, a young Greek female in her thirties who finally finds the man of her dreams, but he's not Greek. Nia's family reluctantly accepts Nia's W.A.S.P. teacher/husband Thomas Miller (Steven Eckholdt) into the family, but can't help themselves from being meddlesome and pointing out that Nia should have kids, lots of kids. The rest of the Portokalos clan included Michael Constantine as Gus, Nia's very proud but emotional father who runs a Greek restaurant called Dancing Zorba's and who gives Nia a house for a wedding present (conveniently located across the street from him); Lainie Kazan as Maria, Nia's worrysome but loving mother; Louis Mandylor as Nick, Nia's overprotective brother who works for Gus as a cook (he tells Nia's husband he will kill him if he hurts his sister); Andrea Martin as the free-spirited gypsy-like Aunt Voula; and Gia Carides as Nikki, Nia's big-mouth cousin with big hair. MY BIG FAT GREEK LIFE is based on the box-office hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) starring Nia Vardolas and John Corbett which was inspired by Nia Vardolos' autobiographical one-woman play of the same name. Much of the cast of the movie reprised their roles in the series. Steven Eckholdt replaced John Corbett as Nia's husband Thomas Miller. Note: In the film Nia's name was Toula and Thomas Miller was Ian Miller.

*(Leon Belasco) Mr. Appopolous, the owner of the Appopolous Arms at 121 Broadway in New York City. Mr Appolpolous rented his basement apartment out to two sisters, Ruth and Eileen Sherwood. On the two-hour 1958 CBS special "My Sister Eileen" Joseph Buloff played the role of Mr. Appopolous.

NYPD BLUE/ABC/1994-2005
**(Sharon Lawrence) Sylvia Costa, a beautiful female lawyer of Greek descent working for the New York District attorney's office. She married Detective Andy Sipowicz, a dedicated homicide detective of polish descent on May 23, 1995 and later had a baby named Theo. Before their dating days, Sipowicz had called Sylvia a "pissy little bitch." Sylvia was later shot and killed in the court house in May of 1999. Her last words to Andy "Take care of the baby."

THE ODYSSEY/NBC/1997 (Miniseries)
*(Armand Assante) Odysseus, King of Ithaca, who lead his troops to victory in the Trojan War, but then suffers years of torment and tribulation making his way home to his loyal wife and son. Based on Homer’s classic epic poem, the cast included Greta Scacchi as Penelope; Isabella Rossellini as Athene; Bernadette Peters as Circe; Eric Roberts as Eurymachus; Irene Papas as Anticlea; Jereon Krabb as King Alcinous; Geraldine Chaplin as Eurycleia; Christopher Lee as Tiresias; Vanessa Williams as Calypso; Nicholas Clay as Menelaus; Adoni Anastassopoulos as Perimides; Paloma Baeza as Melanthe; Ron Cook as Eurybates; and Reid Asato as Cyclops.

*(Bronson Pinchot/costar) Balki Bartokomous, a Greek shepherd from the Isle of Mypos who moved to America to share a Chicago apartment with his distant cousin, Larry Appleton (Mark Linn-Baker). Balki's favorite phrase: "Don't be ridikalas!" Pinchot described his accent as "part mangled Israeli, part Greek" TRIVIA NOTE: Bronson Pinchot's father is Russian and his mother is Italian. His name "Bronson" was chosen by his father after the name of Bronson Alcott Pirch, Louisa May Alcott's father).

**(Tom Laguna) Stavros, a Greek-American apartment landlord who interacts with one of his residents, a cooking show host known as The Platypus Man.

**(Oded Fehr) Dr. Nicholas Kokoris, a Greek surgeon working at the Presidio Medical Group, an outpatient clinic adjacent to a hospital in the city of San Francisco. Nicholas recently moved to the United States from Greece to join Presidio Med. Besides joining a team of dedicated physicians, Nicholas had an ulterior motive in coming to America – to continue an affair with one of the group's married physicians (Oncologist Dr. Rae Brennan) whom he met during volunteer service in a war zone. Actor Oded Fehr was born in Israel, served in the Israeli Navy for three years, and lived in Europe (Germany and England) before coming to Los Angeles. Fehr played the role of Egyptian warrior priest Ardeth Bey in the feature film The Mummy (1999), and its sequel The Mummy Returns (2001).

*(John Belushi) Pete Dionasopolis, owner of the Olympia Restaurant whose menu is very limited. A typical response to an order would be "No fries, chips. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger! Pepsi, Pepsi!" Dan Aykroyd appeared in the skit as George, a burger griller at the Olympia Restaurant ("No cheeseburger, no hamburger, no burger").

**(Richard Kline) Larry Dallas, a conniving, womanizing used-car salesman of Greek descent who lived in the Roper Apartment Building in Santa Monica, California. Larry's best friend was Jack Tripper an aspiring chef who lived in the same building with two lovely single females. On episode "Opening Night" we learn that Larry's last name Dallas is short for Dallipoulos. Kopi Sotiropulos played Larry's Greek uncle.

*(Lucy Lawless) Xena, a warrior princess wandering the ancient world of Greece with her less aggressive but competent companion Gabrielle (played by Renee O'Connor). Xena originally was a vicious killing machine (Inspired by a raider named Cortese who attacked her hometown of Amphipolis) but through the intervention of the legendary hero, Hercules (Anthony Zorbo) Xena chose to walk the path of peace, using her talents to protect the oppressed and the needy. According to the series script: Cyrene is her mother; Toris and Lyceus are her brothers; Atrius is her father; her son Solon (fathered by Warlord Borias) was left in the care of Centaurs; and Xena possessed fighting and healing special skills taught to her by M'Lila and Lao Ma. Like Hercules Xena battled a number of mythical beasts and rough gods and goddesses and encountered such historical figures as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. Other cast included Ted Raimi as Joxer, a wanna-be warrior who tried from time to time to help Xena; Hudson Lieck as Callisto, a warrior Queen whose family was killed in an raid headed by Xena (for this Callisto swore revenge); Bruce Campbell as Autolycus, the alleged King of the Thieves; Salamoneous, a Greek hustler and pitchman; and Kevin Smith as Ares, the God of War (rumored to be Xena's real father).

*(Alex Karras) George Papadopolis, an ex-pro football player of Greek descent who adopted a young black boy named Webster Long after the boy's parents (George's old football teammate and his wife) were killed in a car accident. Susan Clark (Karras's real wife) costarred as George's wife, Katherine Calder-Young Popadopolis, an omsbudsman for the city of Chicago. George and Katherine first met on a cruise to Greece and immediately got married. Later in the series, Jack Kruschen appeared as George's father "Papa" Papadopolis.


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